Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Incident Date:
Tuesday May 26th, 2012


3:54pm       4900 blk Mission          Warrant Arrest
Officer Hurwitz and Tam were on patrol when the observed a car driver right through a stop sign. The officers made a stop on the car to issue a citation. When the officers walked up to the car they made contact with the driver and a passenger. The officers noted the passenger looked familiar. The officers conducted a warrant check and discovered that the passenger had an outstanding $5000 warrant for vehicle theft. The suspect was arrested and booked at Ingleside Station. Report number 120417747

5:05am       1600 blk Dolores           Hot Prowl Burglary
Officers Ferronato and Anderson were sent on a hot prowl burglary in progress. As the officers entered the house they found a male subject on the floor and another standing holding a folding chair. The victim told the officer that he was in his bedroom sleeping with his wife and their young child. The victim told the officers that they heard noise from downstairs. The victim went down to investigate and was face to face with an unknown suspect who was telling the victim that he was going to burn his house down as in front of the stove. The victim was in fear that this crazed suspect was going to start a fire; picked up a folding chair and told the suspect that if he did not stop and step away from the stove he would be hit. The victim repeated this to the suspect several times, and then struck the suspect getting him away from the stove thus eliminating the threat. It was at this time the officers arrived and took custody of the suspect.
The victim and his family were safe with no injuries. The suspect suffered a fracture on his hand. This arrest is the ***Best Arrest of the Day***. The credit for the arrest goes to the victim, job well done. Report number 120416614

8:20pm       200 blk Cayuga            Warrant Arrest
Officers Burke and Campos were working plain clothes detail. The officers were armed with information regarding gang members hanging out in this area. The officers responded to the area and immediately found a group of subjects. The officers recognized several of the subject’s they they had dealt with in the past. The officers conducted a warrant check on the subjects and discovered that one of the subjects was wanted on a drug warrant with a $41,000 bail. The subject was arrested and booked at Ingleside Station. Report number 110364261

9:05am       Ingleside SIT                 Investigation/Arrest
Sgt O’Brien was investigating two burglary cases from SF City College. The officer was able to recognize the suspect by the description given in the reports. After an exhausted investigation the officer responded to the suspects address. When the officer arrived to the location she was let into the home. Inside the home the officer located property from two separate incidents. The suspect was booked on two counts each of 2nd degree burglary and possession of stolen property. Another burglar gets booked by the Ingleside SIT team solving two cases! Report numbers 120289853 and 120393921

Other Incidents:

12:00am     Unit blk Surrey             Burglary
Officer Gomez was dispatched to investigate a burglary. The victim told the officer that he went out last night and returned at midnight. The victim told the officer that he did not notice anything unusual and went to sleep. The victim told the officer that when he went into the garage he noticed damage to the door and his $2,000 bicycle missing. Report number 120418193 

7:30am       Unit blk France            Vandalism
Officer Najarro was sent to investigate a vandalism incident. The victim flagged the officer down and told him that he parked his car last night and that when he returned in the morning he discovered that an unknown suspect had broken a window on his truck and damaged the steering column. Report number 120416692
8:50am       50 Phelan                      Theft from Auto
SFCCPD officer Wong responded to a theft case. the victim told the officer that he parked and locked his car before class and that when he returned he discovered his window broken and his MP3 and GPS missing. There were no suspects observed. Report number 120417167

11:03am     900 blk Ellsworth          Vandalism
Officers Phillips, Hart and Johnson were sent to investigate a vandalism incident on MUNI. The MUNI driver told the officers that while operating the bus an unknown suspect was crossing the street mid block. The driver stopped the bus to avoid hitting the subject. The driver told the officers that the subject walked past the door and struck it with something he had in his hand and causes it to shatter. The subject then walked away. Report number 120416965  

  1:44am          Unit blk Lisbon           Traffic Accident: Hit and Run
  4:00am          Alemany/Mt Vernon   Traffic Accident: Hit and Run
  8:33am          200 blk Santa Rosa    Traffic Accident: Hit and Run
  5:10am          200 blk Brookdale      Stolen Auto: 1987 Toyota Corolla, 2dr Blk
  6:00pm          Tompkins/Folsom       Stolen Auto: 1989 Chevy 1500 PK, White
  7:30pm          800 blk Peru               Stolen Auto: 1995 Honda Accord, 4dr Blk