Thursday, May 31, 2012

May 30, 2012

Incident Date:
Wednesday, May 30th 2012


0:10am                Unit Blk Santos            Robbery
Officer Pedersen and several other Ingleside officers responded to an address to attempt to arrest a suspect who was wanted for robbery.  They arrived at the residence, knocked at the door and were escorted inside by one of the tenants.  They located the suspect and took him into custody without incident.  Report 120426572

7:00pm                3300 Blk Mission          Robbery
Officers Castillo and Leong were sent to investigate a possible robbery and shoplifting.  They met with the reportees who had a female detained.  One of the reportees had been assaulted by the suspect as they attempted to take her into custody.  Although he had a bandage on his cheek area, he refused medical assistance.

Both reportees stated that they saw the suspect enter the store, placed several items into a bag and exit the store without making any attempt to pay for the items.  They detained her and she struggled with them as they attempted to escort her back inside the store.  The officers took pictures of the injury to the reportee and provided all parties with follow up information.  The suspect was transported to Ingleside station and booked at the instruction of Sgt. Weggenmann.  Report 120429639

7:46pm                500 Blk Carter              Traffic Violation
Officers Hom and Gomez were on patrol when they affected a traffic stop on a vehicle which was speeding.  They made contact with the driver who presented a California Identification Card as identification.  A record check revealed her driver’s license was suspended.  She was given a citation and the vehicle was towed to Auto Return at the instruction of Sgt. Riskin.  Report 120429645

11:22pm              Unit Blk Santos             Robbery Arrest
Sgt. Alvarez and several other Ingleside officers were on surveillance in search of robbery suspects.  They had made several contacts with the particular suspects at a known address and were aware that most of them were on probation with an active search condition.  They knocked on the door of the address and were escorted inside by a tenant.  All parties in the home were detained and a search of the premise located a large amount of US Currency.  The officers then came into contact with the wanted suspect.  He was taken into custody without incident and all other parties were issued Certificate of Release forms.  The officers took pictures of the evidence and the home which they booked into evidence.  Report 120426572

Other incidents:  

12:00pm              100 Blk Andover          Burglary   
Officer Rueca was sent to investigate a burglary.  The victims advised that they locked and secured the home and when they returned found the front gate damaged and front door open.  They said that several items were missing.  Officer Rueca’s investigation determined the front gate to be the point of entry and exit as he could see it had been damaged and forced open.  He was unable to locate any other sign of forced entry.  He took pictures of the damage and the condition of the home which he booked into evidence.  He attempted to lift any fingerprint evidence to no avail.  He provided the parties with follow up information and an additional loss form.  He did not contact CSI due to the lack of physical evidence.  Report 120425596

1:00pm                Unit Blk Liebig             Vandalism
Officer Bernard was dispatched to a possible burglary.  He met with the reportees who stated they locked and secured their bedroom door and when they returned found the door damage.  Although some items were out of place, they did not believe that anything was missing.  The reportees said they share the home with other family members but did not see anyone enter the room or remove any items.  The officer provided them with follow up information.  Report 120388477

4:00pm                1300 Blk Alemany        Graffiti
Officers Frisk and Campion-Healy responded to the vandalism of a home.  They spoke with the victim who stated that when she left her home this morning she noticed someone had graffitied one of the sides of the building.  She did not see anyone vandalize the property and was unable to provide any further information.  The officers provided her with follow up information and booked all items into evidence.  Report 120426572


  6:11am          Huron/Lawrence         H&R
  7:45am          600 Blk Portola          H&R
10:24am          Unit Blk Trumbull       Recovered vehicle: 1995 Honda Prelude 4D, green
  2:30pm          Unit Blk Madrid         H&R