Monday, May 21, 2012

May 19, 2012

Incident Date:
Saturday, May 19th 2012


10:20am              1700 Blk Sunnydale Ave       Warrant
Officers Uang and Hopkins were dispatched to a report of an assault.  Dispatch advised the officers that one of the suspects involved in the incident was wanted on an outstanding warrant.  The officers made contact with the suspect and the second individual that was involved in the incident.  Both parties claimed the altercation was verbal only.  The officers confirmed the outstanding warrant and took the suspect into custody without further incident. Report 120397020

12:56pm              Santos & Brookdale Ave       Resisting
Officers Trail, Uang and Hopkins were on patrol when they spotted three suspects loitering in an area known for criminal activity.  The suspects looked directly at the officers, who were in a marked police vehicle.  The officers spotted a fourth suspect peeking out from behind the building line.  The officers reversed their vehicle to get a better look, and the fourth suspect took off running.  The other three suspects also took off running.  One of the suspects had his forearm pressed up against his waistband, and the officers believed he was trying to conceal a firearm.  The officers gave chase, ordering the suspects to stop running.  The suspect the officers believed had a gun gave up and got on the ground.  The officers detained him pending further investigation.  Several other officers responded to the area to assist and searched the area for anything the suspect might have discarded, including a gun.  Two more suspects arrived on scene and appeared to be searching in the area where the suspect had been running.  The officers were not able to locate any evidence.  The suspect was cited for delaying peace officer duties.  Report 120397484

3:12pm                Norton & Mission St              Warrant
Officer Duffin and several other Ingleside units responded to a report of a suspect swinging a knife at people.  The officers searched the area, but were unable to locate the suspect.  During the search, Officer Duffin contacted five subjects that were loitering in a private parking lot.  The officer advised the individuals that they needed to move on.  Officer Duffin began walking towards his car when he was flagged down by a passerby.  He told the officer that one of the subjects had bumped into his vehicle and bent the vehicle’s mirror. The passerby did not want to press charges and left the scene.  The officer contacted the subject that the passerby had pointed out.  A records check of the subject revealed that he was wanted on an outstanding warrant.  The subject was taken into custody without further incident.  Report 120397779

Other incidents:  

10:58am              600 Blk Velasco Ave              Mischief
Officers Conceicao and Trujillo took a report regarding a broken window. The victim left his home with no damage. Upon his return, he discovered the front window had been broken.  The window is covered with iron bars, and no entry made.  Report 120397133

11:32am              100 Blk Laidley St                  Burglary
Officer Hornstein responded to a report of burglary.  The victim had come home and parked his vehicle in his garage.  At this time, he saw his bicycle.  He secured his garage for the night.  The following morning, the victim returned to his garage and notice the manual latch for the door opener had been pulled.  The victim discovered that his bicycle had been stolen.  Report 120397183

12:10pm              San Bruno & Wabash Ter     Theft
Officers Trujillo and Conceicao responded to a report of theft.  The victim was seated on a MUNI bus holding her cell phone in her hand typing a text.  The suspect walked by her and grabbed the phone out of her hand.  The suspect exited through a rear door on the bus and fled.  Surveillance from the MUNI bus is pending.  Report 120397218

8:44pm                200 Blk Lowell St                   Theft
Officers Chan and Pereira were dispatched to a report regarding stolen property.  The victim was inside his residence when he needed to make a phone call.  The victim realized he had left his cell phone in his vehicle that was parked out front.  The victim went to his car and realized that his phone was gone, as well as his iPod.  The victim tracked his iPod via the GPS function, and traced it to a residence.  The victim responded to the residence and talked to a male that answered the door.  The male claimed to know nothing about his property, but the victim was suspicious.  The officers responded to the address but were unable to make contact with anyone at the residence.  The victim had left his vehicle unlocked, so there was no damage found.  Report 120398595

11:29pm              Bayshore & Arleta Ave         Robbery
Officers McCall and Lozano responded to a report of robbery.  The victim was sitting on the rear of a MUNI bus looking at his iPhone.  The victim was approached by the suspect, who demanded his phone.  The victim thought the suspect was joking, but then the suspect tried to grab the phone out of the victim’s hand.  The victim held tight on to the phone.  The suspect pulled the victim towards the exit door and tried to push him off the bus.  The victim dropped the phone and grabbed a rail to avoid being pushed off.  A second suspect approached the victim and pried his hand from the rail.  This suspect punched the victim in the face several times.  The suspects fled.  The victim suffered from a black, swollen eye and a small cut to his temple.  He refused medical treatment.    MUNI was able to pull the video from the bus, which was seized as evidence.  Report 120398824


  3:45am          400 Blk Vienna St                  Vehicle accident
10:00am          Lyell & Still St                        Vehicle accident
10:50am          Mission & Crescent St            Vehicle accident
11:30am          300 Blk Naples St                  Stolen vehicle
  2:51pm          Monterey & Ridgewood         Vehicle accident
  2:55pm          Murray & Justin Dr                 Vehicle accident (H&R)
  6:10pm          London & Geneva Ave           Stolen vehicle
  6:21pm          200 Blk Precita Ave                Stolen license plate
  6:33pm          100 Blk Cuvier St                    Recovered vehicle