Monday, May 21, 2012

May 18, 2012

Incident Date:
Friday, May 18th 2012


2:20am                Bosworth & Rousseau           Robbery
Officer Jones was dispatched to a report of a robbery.  The officer contacted the victim, who was not injured.  The victim was walking home from the BART station when he was approached by a suspect.  The suspect asked the victim for a cigarette, which he gave to the suspect.  The suspect asked for a second cigarette, which the victim also gave him.  The suspect walked off.  Shortly after as the victim continued walking, a vehicle pulled up alongside him, and a second suspect got out.  The first suspect appeared again, and both approached the victim.  One of the suspect’s asked the victim, “do you want to die?” and grabbed the victim’s backpack off of his shoulder.  A third suspect yelled to “take everything”.  The two suspects went through the victim’s pockets, taking his cash, credit cards and iPhone.  There were two other suspects in the car, and all suspects fled together.  The victim walked to a nearby residence and used the phone to call police.

Officer Dominguez had responded on scene to assist and spotted a vehicle matching the description given by the victim.  The officer conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle and detained the five suspects aboard.  One of the suspects was in possession of the victim’s ID.  The victim was able to positively identify all five suspects.  The officers located the victim’s backpack inside the vehicle.  The suspects were arrested and the vehicle towed.  Report 120393595 ***BEST ARREST OF THE DAY!!!***

9:19am                Sunnydale & Hahn St           Warrant
Officers Obot, Johnson and Phillip were on patrol when they spotted a suspect known to them from prior police contacts.  Officer Obot believed that the suspect was on probation, and confirmed her probation status through a records check.  The check also revealed that the suspect was wanted on an outstanding warrant.  The officers contacted the suspect and took him in to custody without further incident.  Report 120393915

6:14pm                1300 Blk Geneva Ave            Warrant
Officers Antonian and Gomez were on patrol stopped at a red light.  The officers watched as a suspect ran down the sidewalk.  The suspect looked directly at the officers, and continued running into the street, crossing to the median, clearly outside of a marked crosswalk.  The officers contacted the suspect and advised him of the reason for stopping him.  A records check of the suspect revealed that he was wanted on an outstanding warrant.  The suspect was arrested without further incident.  Report 110108241

Other incidents:  

9:33am                Unit Blk Phelan Ave              Stolen Property
SFCCPD Officer Smith contacted a victim.  The victim told the officer that his textbook had been stolen. The victim discovered that the book had been sold back to the bookstore.  The victim was able to recover his textbook.  The witness who sold the book back to the suspect provided a description.  Report 120393921

10:48am              Bayshore & Leland St           Theft
Officer Giannini took a report regarding theft.  The victim said she was on the MUNI, when she got off at her stop.  The victim was approached by the suspect.  The suspect talked to the victim about good and bad luck.  A second suspect approached the victim and asked if she knew of a Dr. in the area.  The victim told the suspect that she did not, and continued walking home.  The first suspect stayed with the victim and continued talking to her about luck.  A third suspect approached the victim.  The first suspect pointed to the third suspect’s wrist and referred to the bracelet she was wearing as the “lucky bracelet”.  The group was now approached by the second suspect again.  The first suspect asked the second if she knew where she could also get a lucky bracelet.  The second suspect answered that she had one for $56,000, which she was trying to sell to the Dr. she was looking for.  The suspect then offered the victim the bracelet for $24,000. The victim said she felt sorry for the suspect and agreed to buy the bracelet.  The victim walked to her bank and withdrew $24,000 from her checking account.  The victim handed the money to the suspect, and the suspect gave her the bracelet.  The suspects left the area.  Report 120394032

12:22pm              3700 Blk Bayshore Ave          Robbery
Officers Pai and Wong responded to a report of a robbery.  The victim was seated on the MUNI bus, holding her iPad on her lap.  The victim was focused on her computer, but noticed a suspect standing next to her.  Suddenly the suspect grabbed the iPad out of the victim’s hands with force.  The victim struggled to keep her hands on her iPad, but was unable to hold on to it.  The suspect fled off of the bus.  Report 120394305

12:53pm              1400 Blk Dolores St                Burglary
Officer Conceicao was dispatched to a report of burglary.  The victim left his residence for about four hours.  When he returned, he found his front door had been broken and was left ajar.  The victim entered the residence and discovered several items missing.  The victim called the police and then his insurance company.  While on the phone with the insurance agent, the victim heard a male voice saying, “police, we’re here!”  The victim responded by saying, “yup”, and walked towards the front door.  The victim found no one there and went outside.  The victim saw a man, possibly the suspect, running from his residence down the street.  The suspect waived at a vehicle as if to tell him to keep driving.  The victim lost sight of the victim and returned back to his residence.  Officer Conceicao arrived a short time later.  Report 120394474

2:22pm                4600 Blk Mission St                Threats
PSA Heckenberg-Tognozzi took a report of threatening phone calls.  The victims received phone calls from two suspects.  The suspects threatened to beat up the victims and made threats to kill them.  Report 120394640

3:17pm                500 Blk Amazon Ave               Burglary
Officer Padilla responded to a report of burglary.  The victim left his residence very early in the morning.  When he returned just a few hours later, he discovered that his computer had been stolen.  The victim had left his front door unlocked when he left so the suspect did not have to force entry.  Report 120395024

5:35pm                Unit Blk Elk St                        Theft
Officers Chan and Kerlegan were dispatched to a report of theft from a vehicle.  The victim parked and secured her vehicle, leaving it unattended for less than two hours.  When she returned, she saw that the vehicle’s front window was smashed.  Her purse had been stolen from inside the vehicle.  Upon contacting her credit card company, the victim was informed that the suspect had already attempted to use the card at a gas station.  Report 120395284

5:36pm                1800 Blk Sunnydale Ave          Vandalism
Officers Obot and Johnson responded to a report of vandalism.  The victim went to the bus stop to pick up her daughter.  Her daughter and a couple other kids had been fighting, and the victim advised them not to fight anymore.  The victim took her daughter back home.  A short while later, the victim heard loud banging on her front door.  The victim opened the door and saw the suspect standing on her front step.  The suspect began to yell profanities at the victim about the victim talking to the children at the bus stop.  The victim closed the door for fear of being harmed by the suspect.  There was silence for about 15 minutes, so the victim believed the suspect had left.  Suddenly, the victim heard loud banging again, and opened her front door.  This time the suspect was with a group of subjects, who tried to entice her to a physical fight.  Several from the group told the victim that she was going to have to move because they would keep coming to her residence to break the windows.  The victim retreated back inside.  She then heard glass break and realized that one of the suspects had broken her front window.  The victim called 911.  Report 120395234

6:20pm                Unit Blk Athens St                    Burglary
Officers Khan and Dilag were dispatched to a report of burglary.  The victims left their residence to go on a several day vacation.  When they returned, the victims found the front door slightly ajar.  They pushed open the door and saw damage to the door frame, and pieces of wood on the floor.  The victims entered the residence and went up to the second story.  The victim’s personal belongings were obviously disturbed and several items had been stolen.  CSI was contacted and responded to the scene to process fingerprints possibly left by the suspect.  Report 120395400

7:45pm                Unit Blk Allison St                    Weapon
Officers Paras and Shugars responded to a report of a person with a gun.  The victim told the officers that he was attempting to open the door to the residence where his family lives.  The victim was using a screwdriver because he did not have keys.  The suspect ran from a downstairs unit and approached the victim.  The suspect had a gun in his hand and yelled profanities at him.  The suspect then retreated back to his unit.  The victim had to go to work so waited several hours before contacting police.  The officers contacted the suspect.  The suspect said that he was asleep when he suddenly heard loud banging.  The suspect‘s grandmother lives in the upper unit, so the suspect feared for her safety.  The suspect grabbed his air gun and went upstairs to investigate where the banging was coming from.  The suspect was relieved to see that he knew the victim, and that the banging was not coming from someone trying to break in.  The suspect made a comment to the victim that he might have hurt him defending his grandmother if he had not realized who he was.  The suspect then returned downstairs.  The victim did not want to press charges.  Report 120395585    


  3:15pm          Alemany & Santa Rosa Ave               Vehicle accident (H&R)
  5:14pm          Ottawa & Alemany Blvd.                   Vehicle accident (H&R)
  9:10pm          Brazil & Mission St.                            Vehicle accident (H&R)