Tuesday, May 15, 2012

May 14, 2012

Incident Date:
Monday, May 14th 2012


There were no arrests reported today.:  

Other incidents

3:03am       600 Blk Chenery St                Mischief
Officers Peregrina and McMilton were dispatched to a report of an argument over breaking windows.  Dispatch provided a description of the suspect involved.  Upon arrival, the officers spotted the suspect and detained him.  The officers found a broken window at a nearby Laundromat.  The suspect denied being involved in the incident and described six other suspects he claimed were responsible for the damage.  The officers contacted the witness who told them that he heard an argument in front of his residence and looked out front.  The witness saw the suspect and heard him refer to “busting the door”.  The witness did not see the suspect break the window.  The officers took pictures of the damage to document the incident.  Due to a lack of evidence, the suspect was released from the scene.  Report 120384390

8:25am       300 Blk Monterey Blvd         Burglary
Officer Frisk responded to a report of burglary.  The victim left his residence and happened to look at the cabinet where he keeps his bicycle.  He was sure it was secured with a lock.  Upon his return, the victim found that the door of the cabinet had been forced open.  His bicycle, helmet and sunglasses were stolen.  Report 120381813

4:25pm       Unit Blk Ocean Ave               Forgery
Officers Padilla and Sullivan were dispatched to a report of fraud.  The witness told the officers that a suspect came to her teller window and attempted to withdraw money from a checking account.  The witness requested an ID, which the suspect provided.  The witness noticed that the suspect’s face did not match the picture on the ID.  The witness became suspicious and asked the suspect questions about her account number.  The suspect was unable to provide answers to his questions.  The suspect then signed the withdraw form.  The witness saw that the signature did not match the one on the ID.  The witness told the suspect that he needed to verify some account information.  When he walked away from the teller window, the suspect fled.  The officers contacted the victim from the ID the suspect was using.  She advised the officers that she had her purse stolen last month from a restaurant.  The officers seized the items belonging to the victim and requested the surveillance footage from the bank.  Report 120383160

5:15pm       Unit Blk Phelan Ave              Theft
SFCCPD Officer Chang was dispatched to a report of theft.  The victim said that he was working on a film with his classmates.  He detached the camera from the tripod, and left the tripod in the hallway for just a couple minutes.  When he returned, the tripod was gone.  Report 120383245

7:26pm       100 Blk 28th St                        Burglary
Officer Preston responded to a report of burglary.  The victim had just returned from a weekend trip and pulled into her garage to park.  The victim noticed that her bicycle was missing from the rack where she had left it.  There were three bicycles still on the rack, but they were each secured with locks.  The victim admitted she had not locked her bicycle. The victim contacted the other tenants in the building and discovered that the door to the premise had been damaged a couple days before and a locksmith had to come to fix it.  Report 120383621


  6:25am          300 Blk Seneca Ave               Recovered vehicle
  8:45am          Santos & Brookdale Ave        Vehicle accident
  9:11am          100 Blk London St                 Recovered vehicle
  9:17am          4100 Blk Folsom St                Recovered vehicle
  9:20am          Dolores & 30th St                   Vehicle accident
11:43am          300 Blk Benton St                  Recovered vehicle
  2:46pm          500 Blk Bosworth Ave           Recovered vehicle
  4:06pm          Mission & Rolph St                Vehicle accident
10:06pm          300 Blk Niagara Ave              Recovered vehicle