Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tuesday May 15th

Incident Date:
Tuesday May 15th, 2012



Other Incidents:

2:00am       200 blk Chenery           Theft/Animals
Police Services Aide Zabarte prepared a report regarding a theft of her cat. The victim told the PSA that her cat disappeared last month. The victim has posted missing poster throughout the neighborhood but still no cat. The victim told Zabarte that a couple of weeks ago she noticed her cat sitting in her neighbors open window. The victim has attempted to make contact with the neighbor but it seems that the neighbor is avoiding her. Officer Preston was contacted and asked to respond to check for the missing cat, but no one answered the door. The cat has a microchip and can be scanned to prove her identity. ACC was contacted. Report number 120382560

11:34am     3800 blk San Bruno     Robbery
Officers Lim and Chew were sent to investigate a robbery on MUNI. The officers located the victim who told them that while on the bus he received a text message. When he went to retrieve the message a suspect reached and grabbed his phone and the struggle was on! The suspect kept pulling on the phone while the suspect was trying to exit the bus with the phone. The victim told the officers that a second suspect got up and punched him on the face several times. The victim was now fighting with the second suspect and was not about to give up. The suspect was able to pull away from the victim and escaped. An ambulance was called to treat the victims face for bruises. Report number 120385285

12:45pm     50 Phelan                      Theft/Building
SFCCPD Officer Sanchez was sent to investigate a theft from a locked locker in the Wellness Center. The victim told the officer that he placed all his property in the locker and placed his own lock on the locker and went to work out. When the victim returned he his lock was broken and property missing. No suspects were seen. Report number 120385730

1:00pm       500 blk 27th St.             Burglary/Residence
Officer Castillo was sent to handle a burglary case. The victim told the officer that an unknown suspect entered his shared garage and removed his $2500 bicycle. There were no suspects observed.  Report number 20386960

6:00pm       1000 blk Geneva           Theft/Auto
Officer lee prepared a report regarding a theft from a auto. The victim told the officer that he park the car and went home to sleep. He discovered that the rear door had been left unlocked and that close to $300 in electronics had been taken. There were no suspects observed. Report number 120385423

7:00pm       1700 blk Sunnydale     Embezzled Auto
Officer Frisk was sent to investigate an embezzled auto case. The victim told the officer that a known suspect was allowed to use her car to go visit his “sick mother” in the hospital. When the victim called the known suspect to ask about his mother and when he would return the car, she was “blown off” and ignored. The car has since been reported by Sacrament DMV with a third party trying to register the car in their name. this case is still under investigation. Report number 120381647
8:30pm       1300 blk Geneva           Theft/Auto
Officers Ma and Hom were patrolling inside Crocker Amazon Park when they were flagged down by the victim. The victim told the officer that his car was in the park lot and that when he returned he discovered that someone had broken his window and removed a bag with papers. There was nothing else taken from the car. There were no suspects observed. Report number 120387253

9:00pm       600 blk Monterey                   Burglary
Officer Frisk was sent to investigate a burglary case where yet another bicycle was stolen from a garage.  The victim told the officer that bikes were parked in the garage. The reportee told the officer that she did not hear the garage door open, but that when she went to the garage noticed that the $2000 bike was missing and the extra $700 frame was too. Report number 120384538

10:00pm     500 blk 27th St.             Theft/Auto
Officer Morgante responded to a theft from an auto case. The victim told the officer that he locked his car in the garage but may have left the doors unlocked. In the morning the victim discovered that his GPS and $12 were missing. There were no suspects observed. Report number 120384914

11:00pm     Unit blk Santa Marina Fraud
Officer Archilla prepared a report regarding a fraud incident. The victim told the officer that she noticed a $50 transaction in the Stockton, CA area that was not made by her. The victim told the officer that she reported it to her bank and was directed to make a police report. Report number 120385928 


  2:30am          Hazelwood/Flood                   Traffic Accident
  7:06am          Unit blk Vienna                      Recovered Auto
  4:30pm          Bayshore/Leland                     Traffic Accident
  6:00pm          1000 blk Saddleback              Stolen Auto
  8:00pm          Unit Blk Vienna                      Stolen Auto