Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May 21, 2012

Incident Date:
Monday, May 21st, 2012


11:40am              200 Blk Flood               Dist. The Peace
Officer Larocca was out on patrol, when he was sent to the 200 block of Flood Avenue, regarding a loud music complaint. When Officer Larocca arrived on the scene, he met with a resident of the area, who told him that he had an ongoing dispute with his neighbor, who at all times would play music very loudly. The officer was directed to the home of the neighbor who played loud music, where he asked the man to turn the music down, and he complied. Officer Larocca left the scene to go back on patrol, when he received a call from dispatch asking him to report back to the 200 block of Flood Avenue. When he returned to the scene, Officer Larocca met with the previous neighbor he had met before, and another resident of the area. Both stated that when the officer left, their neighbor once again continued to blast loud music, but this time opening the windows as to make the music sound louder. Officer Larocca had both neighbors sign a Citizen’s Arrest form, at which time he cited the neighbor playing the loud music.
Report 120400316

Other incidents:  

5:20am                1400 Blk Sanchez                   Vandalism
While out on patrol, Officer Duffin was dispatched to a call regarding damage to a garage door. When he arrived on the scene, Officer Duffin met with the victim who told him that at midnight the night before, when he had gone to sleep, and his garage door had been undamaged. The following day, the victim discovered that the lock on the outside of his garage door was damaged. Nothing was stolen from their garage, and no arrest has been made.
Report 120399816

5:50am                1300 Blk Goettingen     Vehicle Strip
At the given time and date, Officer’s Muro, and Larocca were dispatched to a call regarding an act of vandalism to a vehicle. When the officers arrived on the scene, they met with the victim, who told them that his vehicle had its tires missing, and damage to its front bumper. The victim told the officers that he had left his home to go to work at 5:50am, and that his vehicle was still undamaged, but that at 7:00am he received a call from his brother stating the damage to his vehicle. The victim does not know of anybody who could have done this to him. No arrest has been made.
Report 120402083

8:00am                Unit Blk Moffitt            Fraud
Officer Pai, and Wong responded to call on the unit block of Moffitt Street, in regards to a fraud report. The officers met with the victim who told them that about a month ago, she received a check from a financial management company, but that despite being unsure whys he received the check, she deposited the check into her bank account. A few days ago, she received a letter from her bank, stating that the check had insufficient funds, and that she was responsible for the amount that she had spent. No arrest has been made at this point.
Report 120402845

2:10pm                500 Blk Franconia        Burglary
Officer’s Elton, Pai, and Wong arrived to the scene of a home burglary, possibly in progress. The officers conducted a walkthrough of the home, and noted that the front door of the home was kicked in, but did not find any suspects. Officer Elton then spoke with the 911 caller, who told him that he was driving up the block, when he noticed an unfamiliar car in front of his neighbor’s home. The caller also said that there were three suspects, inside the vehicle, and that they were acting suspicious. The caller decided to enter a nearby residence, and observe the suspects from a top floor balcony. As the caller went to go retrieve a camera to take pictures of the callers, the suspects sped away in their vehicle. The two homeowners later arrived on the scene, and told the officers that the home has an alarm system, if the correct code is not entered within a minute, the alarm will sound. The homeowners also noted that many electronic valuable were not missing, but rather any type of currency that they had, along with many papers, and forms containing personal information, was missing. Another neighbor, who also witnessed the crime, came forth and spoke with the officers, reiterating what the 911 caller had told the officers. A black baseball cap was also found on the scene, and is suspected of belonging to one of the suspects. No arrests have been made at this point.
Report 120403348

3:32pm                500 Blk Portola            Theft
Officer Marino responded to the School of the Arts, were there was a call regarding a theft. When she arrived on the scene, Officer Marino met with the head of the special education department of the school, who told her that a school laptop was stolen. The laptop computer was last seen about month ago.  There were no signs of forced entry in the school, or in the room, and nothing else was stolen. No arrest has been made.
Report 120402403

6:07pm                2800 Blk Diamond St.  Malicious Mischeif
While Officer’s Aslam, and Wilson were out on patrol on Diamond Street, when they were flagged down by a victim who told them that a man had walked past his business, and broken one of the windows with his right arm. Officer Wilson continued to interview the business owner, when Officer Aslam made contact with the male who had broken the window. The male told the officer that he had just bought a meal, and that he had placed it down on the ground for a moment, and turned his back. When the male went to pick up his meal again, it was gone, and he swung his right arm, accidentally breaking the window. The business owner refused to prosecute, and instead gave the man money to buy another meal.
Report 120404114

6:11pm                5800 Mission St.           Fraud
At the given time, Officers Gomez, and Chan were dispatched to a restaurant at the given location, regarding stolen food. The victim told the officers that he was the delivery boy for the restaurant, and that he had delivered an order to the 2200 block of Cayuga Avenue, when he was greeted by a male, who told him that took the food and told him that he would return with the cash to pay for the food. The delivery boy waited approximately 15 minutes, knocked on the door, but to no avail. The officers then attempted to contact the male suspect, but also to no avail. No arrest has been made at this point.
Report 120404114

11:45pm              Geneva/San Jose           Battery
Officer’s McCall, and Lozano responded to a call at the given location regarding a battery. Upon their arrival, they met with the victim, and immediately the officers noticed that the victim had lacerations to her face, and left ear. The victim told the officers that she had just exited the Balboa BART station, and was walking down Geneva Street talking on her phone, to go meet with a friend. Out of nowhere, the victim says that she was punched, and fell to the ground. She was unable to see the suspect, and began to get uncooperative with the officers, so she transported to a hospital. No arrest has been made.
Report 120404750


  6:31am          300 Blk Seneca          Recovered vehicle
12:00pm          1300 Blk Plymouth    Stolen license plate
  3:30pm          Sanchez/Day              Stolen license plate
  7:30pm          300 Blk Coleridge      Stolen vehicle
  8:00pm          Farragut/Ellington       Stolen vehicle
  8:29pm          700 Blk Edinburgh     Recovered vehicle
23:30pm          30th/Mission               H&R