Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April 6, 2012

Incident Date:
Friday, April 6, 2012


3:28pm       Bosworth & Lippard St         Warrant
Officers Sugitan and Fung were on patrol when they spotted a vehicle fail to stop at a posted stop sign.  The officers conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle and contacted the driver.  A records check revealed that the driver was driving on a suspended license and was wanted on two outstanding warrants.  The driver was arrested.  Report 120274490

4:20pm       San Jose & Ocean Ave           Warrant
SFCCPD Officers Burlyga and Edias were on patrol when they spotted a vehicle without a rear license plate.  The officers conducted a traffic stop of the vehicle and contacted the driver.  A records check revealed that the driver was wanted on an outstanding warrant and was driving on an expired driver’s license.  The driver was arrested.  Report 120275006

Other incidents:  

7:30am       200 Blk Vienna St                   Theft
A victim reported that his vehicle had been broken in to.  The victim parked his vehicle, secured it and left it unattended.  Upon his return, he discovered a passenger side window on the vehicle had been smashed and several items stolen from inside.  Report 120267144

7:58am       600 Blk Los Palmos Dr           Possession
Sgt. Miller and several other Ingleside officers responded to a report of a suspect shooting a BB gun.  The Sgt. contacted the residence where the two suspects reportedly lived.  One suspect answered the door and told the Sgt. that the second suspect had left to take their child to school.  The suspect denied shooting a BB gun and refused to allow the Sgt. into the residence or further cooperate with the investigation.  She told the Sgt. that the second suspect had been throwing lemons in the backyard.  A witness reported seeing the second suspect shooting what appeared to be a pellet or BB gun into the backyard.  The incident was documented pending further investigation.  Report 120261566

9:50am       4800 Blk Mission St                 Graffiti
Officer Morrow responded to a vandalism report.  The victim told the officer that she and her sister arrived to their place of business in the morning.  The victim showed the officer the front windows, which were covered with spray paint.  The victim told the officers that she has been in several verbal altercations with three suspects who might have been responsible for the graffiti.  The victim did not see the suspects commit the offense, however.  The second victim told the officer that she received several phone calls asking for the address of their new business, which she provided.  She believes these phone calls were made in order to find out where the salon is located so the suspects could commit the graffiti.  Report 120274202

11:15am     4900 Blk Mission St                 Counterfeit
Officer Giannini took a report regarding counterfeit money.  The victim went into her bank and cashed a check.  With that cash, she went to the grocery store to purchase some items.  When she handed the money to the cashier, the cashier informed her that the money was fraudulent.  The money was confiscated by the cashier and the victim used her debit card to purchase the items.  The victim did not report the incident until the next day.  Officer Giannini responded to the grocery store and contacted the cashier.  The cashier handed the officer the fraudulent money, which he seized as evidence.  Report 120273618

12:00pm     Unit Blk Richland Ave            Burglary
Officers Sugitan and Fung responded to a report of burglary.  The victim secured and locked the exterior door to her basement.  A short time later, she received a phone call from a neighbor telling her that the basement door was ajar.  The victim returned home and searched the basement.  Nothing appeared to be missing.  The officers examined the door and discovered that the suspect had broken the lock on the door in order to gain entry.  Report 120277024

1:20pm       200 Blk Ocean Ave                  Theft
Officer Campion-Healy was dispatched to a report of theft.  The witness told the officer that he knows the suspect as a frequent shopper, and that she is usually very friendly when she purchases items.  During this incident, the suspect entered the store and walked over to the soda refrigerator.  The suspect took 7 sodas out and concealed one of them in her jacket pocket.  The suspect took the rest of the sodas to the counter and paid for them, but did not pay for or mention the soda in her pocket.  The incident was captured on tape.  Report 120273298

10:41pm     2000 Blk Sunnydale Ave         Theft
A victim reported that her vehicle had been broken in to.  The victim had parked and secured her vehicle, leaving it unattended.  Upon her return, the victim discovered that the rear passenger window of her vehicle had been smashed.  The victim had left a bag containing several personal items, such as debit and credit cards, cash, jewelry and an iPod, in plain view on the backseat.  This bag had been stolen, along with other items.  Report 120270238


  6:30am          Unit Blk Gladstone St                       Stolen vehicle
  7:19am          Wabash & Beeman Lane                  Vehicle accident
  8:20am          Mission & Lowell St                         Vehicle accident
  8:40am          Mission & Seneca Ave                     Vehicle accident 
12:00pm          300 Blk Paris St                               Stolen vehicle
  3:50pm          Mission & Persia Ave                       Vehicle accident
  5:00pm          1300 Blk Alemany Blvd                    Stolen vehicle
  6:42pm          Unit Blk Arlington St                         Recovered vehicle
10:40pm          Harrington & Alemany Blvd              Vehicle accident