Friday, April 6, 2012


Incident Date:
Thursday April 5th, 2012

 No Incidents To Report

Other Incidents:

7:30am       Unit blk Ora Way        Burglary
Officers Lustenberger and Benavides were sent to investigate a burglary case. The officers were advised that the victim took their bicycles to the garage area and locked and secured them. When they returned the next morning both bikes were gone. There were no suspects observed and there was no usable physical evidence left at the scene. Report number 120272507

2:10pm       300 blk Seneca              Theft
PSA Flynn prepared a report regarding theft from a building. The victim responded to the station and told the PSA that while at work someone removed his cell phone from his work area. the victim was not sure who took it, but gave a name of a possible suspect. report number 120271775

4:45pm       4000 blk Mission          Robbery
Officer Yuen responded to on a reported robbery incident. The victim told the officer that she was walking home from the bus stop but noticed a suspicious person at a bus stop. The victim told the officers that as she continued to walk that suspect ran up from behind and took her purse. The suspect pushed the victim to the ground and fled the area. The victim suffered minor cuts to her knees and hand. A witness came forward and gave the officers additional information on the suspect (description). Report number 120269140

9:30pm       200 blk Randall            Burglary
Officers Chew and Lim were sent to investigate a burglary case. The victim told the officers that her bicycle was stolen out a detached garage area. The victim told the officers that the last time she saw the bike was yesterday.  The victim told the officers that on her way home from work she saw her bike locked to parking sign. The officers were able to verify that the bike was hers and released it to her at the scene. This case is still under investigation. 120272096

10:10pm     Bosworth/Diamond      Robbery
Officers Benavides and Lustenberger were sent to investigate a robbery. The victim told the officers that while on her way home from the Glen Park BART. The victim told the officer’s that while on the phone talking to her husband a suspect came up from behind and ripped the phone out of her hand and continued to run. The Victim gave chase to the suspect (kinda) but the suspect was faster and was able to pull away from her. The victim was able to see that there was another suspect that met up with the first suspect, and then both fled. As the officers were still at the scene a couple walked up and handed them a phone that they had just found! The phone turned out to be that victims! Victim and phone were happily reunited and a search for the suspect went on. There were no injuries. Report number 120272739


  6:00am          Geneva/Prague                        Stolen Plate
  8:03am          Geneva/Prague                        Recovered Auto
  8:11am          1800 blk Burrows                   Stolen Plate *
  8:11am          1800 blk Burrows                   Recovered Plate *
  8:11am          1800 blk Burrows                   Recovered Plate *
  11:00am        Unit blk Vienna                       Stolen Auto
  12:43pm        100 blk Seville                        Recovered Auto
    2:00pm        1500 blk Felton                      Recovered Auto
    7:06pm        Bosworth/Elk                         Traffic Accident
*Recovered autos with stolen plates