Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April 1, 2012

Incident Date:
Sunday, April 1st, 2012


2:01am       300 Blk Brazil Ave                 Malicious Mischief
Officers Hauscarriague, Lustenburger, Ferronato, and Anderson responded to a call from dispatch regarding a dispute, and a broken window. The victim claims that he witnessed the suspect, his upstairs neighbor, throw a brick through his closed bedroom window, causing shards of glass falling on the floor, and on his bed. The officers responded to the suspect’s residence. As they made contact with the suspect, it was noticed that she had slurred speech, and smelled of alcohol. When the victim was mentioned to the suspect, she became agitated, and told the officers that she was the manager of the building, and that she had not received rent from the victim in the past three months. The suspect was cited, and fingerprinted. Report Number 120259157

2:03pm       400 Blk Los Palmos Dr         Dog bite
Officers Fung, and Sugitan responded to a call on the 400 block of Los Palmos Drive, regarding a dog bite. Upon their arrival, the officers met with the victim, who claimed that she was walking on a trail in Mount Davidson Park. While walking on the trail, the victim says that she saw a dog running up the side of a hill towards her. The victim stood still, trying not to provoke the dog. The dog began to circle her, and eventually, it “nipped” her on her right shin, causing a small bite wound. The owner of the dog ran up the hill after the dog, grabbing the dog by the collar. The owner apologized for the incident, helped the victim clean her wound, and showed her the dog’s immunization record, along with contact information.  She was provided with follow up information.

The officers later responded to the 400 block of Molimo Drive, and met with the owner of the dog. The owner says that she was in her backyard, when her dog managed to escape through a rear exit. The dog began to run up the side of a hill, towards where the victim was, and by the time that the owner was able to reach her dog, he had already bitten the victim. The owner was cited. Report Number 120260063

11:55pm     1000 Blk Russia Ave              Narcotics
Officers Hom and Pederson were on patrol in full uniform, near the intersection of Russia/Munich Streets. Officer Hom observed a vehicle blocking the driveway of a home, and as they proceeded closer, they noticed that the left reverse light was not functioning. The officers elected to perform a traffic stop. As Officer Hom approached the vehicle, he smelled a strong odor of  Marijuana. The driver provided Officer Hom with a valid driver’s license, registration, and proof of insurance. The suspect told Officer Hom that he and his friends had been smoking marijuana earlier that night, and that he had marijuana in his vehicle, but no medical marijuana card in his possession. There was also an unknown male passenger in the vehicle. The officers had the two suspects sit on the sidewalk while Officer Hom conducted a vehicle search. In the vehicle, Officer Hom found a zip lock baggie in the center console box containing several green leafy buds inside it; suspected marijuana. The driver told the officers that the marijuana was his. Officer Hom then proceeded to check the trunk of the vehicle. In the trunk, Officer Hom found a black, semi-automatic handgun in plain view, with the safety switch disengaged, and a live round of ammunition in the chamber. The officers immediately requested additional units to assist. The driver was detained, and placed in handcuffs. The passenger was also detained, and placed in handcuffs; a clear bottle of suspected marijuana was found on his person, and he did not possess a medical marijuana card either. The suspects were transported back to the Ingleside Police Station, where they were Mirandized, and questioned. No outstanding warrants were found against the suspects, and they were cited and released. The handgun found in the back of the vehicle was traced back to Vallejo, CA, in which case Vallejo PD was contacted to speak with the registered owner. Vallejo PD was not able to speak with the owner as he was not at the listed residence. All evidence was booked at Ingleside station.  Report Number 120261243

Other incidents:  

12:39am     2000 Blk Sunnydale Ave        Arson
While on patrol, Officers Hermosura, and Contreras observed a vehicle with paper plates parked in the MUNI turnaround located near the 2000 block of Sunnydale Avenue. Officer Hermosura approached the vehicle, but could not see inside due to the dark colored tint of the windows. Officer Hermosura approached the left side of the vehicle, finding the left rear passenger door to be unlocked, and he proceeded to open the door. Upon opening the door, a large cloud of smoke came from inside the vehicle, and the smell of gasoline was also detected in the vehicle. Using the VIN of the vehicle, the registered owner of the vehicle was found, who is from Fairfield, CA. Through several communications, including with Fairfield PD, it was discovered that the owner was at a friend’s house in the Taraval neighborhood of the San Francisco. Taraval units were contacted, and asked if they could make contact with the owner. Officers Khmariskiy, and Lai of the Taraval station made contact with the owner of the vehicle. She stated that she had last seen her vehicle on 3/31/2012 when she had parked it on Granada Avenue. She was unaware of her vehicle’s disappearance, until she had been contacted by the Fairfield Police. She stated that her vehicle was in good condition, undamaged, and that it had both the rear, and front plates intact. No arrests have been made at this time. Report Number 120259022

3:52am       500 Blk Dolores St                 Theft
Officer Baldovino was dispatched to a report of a suspect stealing from an intoxicated person. The officer contacted the victim, who smelled of alcohol.  His eyes were also watery and bloodshot.  The officer noticed that the victim had a scratch on his arm.  The victim told the officer that he fell down the stairs.  The officer summoned an ambulance.  The medics arrived, but the victim refused to be transported to the hospital.  The victim told the officers that he had been drinking at a bar somewhere in the Mission district.  He said that after he fell, two suspects helped him to his feet.  The victim took his cell phone out of his pocket and attempted to call his friend.  The victim was unable to contact his friend and willingly handed over the phone to one of the suspects, thinking that he would call 911.  Instead, the suspects walked away with the victim’s phone.  He  was provided with follow up information.  Report Number 120254282

6:30am       100 Blk Miraloma Dr             Burglary
Officers Pai, Najarro, and Wong responded to a call of possible suspects in an unoccupied home. Upon their arrival, the officers noticed that the door was wide open, and there was damage on the door frame. The neighbor that lives across the street told the officers that he heard three “thumps”, and ran to the front window of his home, which faces the front of the home that was broken into. The neighbor witnessed four suspects running out of the home. The owner of the home was contacted, and he responded to scene, taking control of the property. He said he locked and secured the premises but did not believe anything to be missing.  The officers searched the area for suspects, but did not find any.  They provided the victim with follow up information.  Report Number 120259351

9:00am       100 Blk Topaz Way               Burglary
Officers Morrow and Najarro responded to a report of a possible burglary.  The victim told the officers that he was at home alone inside his residence when he heard loud banging sounds coming from the front door. The victim went to the front door and peered through the shutters.  The victim saw two suspects attempting to gain entry into the front door of his home.  The victim yelled at them and both suspects fled.  Officers found damage to the front metal gate and determined that the suspects had gained entry by breaking the lock on the gate. They took pictures of the damage and booked them into evidence.  They provided the victim with follow up information. Report  Number 120254561

10:00am     300 Blk Campbell Ave           Burglary
Officers Conceicao and Trujillo were dispatched to a report of a burglary.  The victim was having construction work done on her residence.  The contractor had arrived at the residence and discovered that the chain connected to a lock that had been securing the door was cut.  Several pieces of material were stolen.  There was no other witnesses and no suspect description.  The officers took pictures of the damage which they booked into evidence.  Report Number 120255020

12:02pm     600 Blk San Jose Ave            Burglary
At 12:08pm Officers Sugitan, and Fung responded to the 600 block of San Jose Avenue
in regards to a burglary. Upon their arrival, the Officers met with the victim. The Victim states that on 3/31/2012, at approximately 11:00pm, he left his bicycle by his front door; his home is secured by a front metal gate. The bicycle was visible from the outside. On 4/1/2012, at approximately 10:00am, the victim discovered that the bike was missing. The front gate had no signs of forced entry. The Officers searched the area for a suspect, with no avail. They provided the victim with follow up information.  Report Number 120259793

12:30pm     1700 Blk Sunnydale Ave        Fraud
Officer Giannini took a report regarding fraud.  About a month prior, the victim had lost her purse containing many personal belongings.  The victim recently started receiving phone calls from a retailer regarding outstanding bills.  The victim had never opened any accounts with the retailer.  She was also contacted by a law enforcement officer located in Texas that a suspect had attempted to obtain bank checks using the victim’s information.  She was provided with identity theft and follow up information.  Report Number 120254969

2:14pm       100 Blk Whitney St                Burglary
Officer Goldsborough was sent to investigate an attempted burglary. Upon his arrival, he met with the victim, who claims that an unknown suspect attempted to break into his home, through the tradesman door. The suspect was not able to make entry into his home, although the knob of the door appeared to have been damaged by some kind of tool. The victim could provide no further description as he did not see anyone and was provided with follow up information.  Report Number 120260085

4:00pm       200 Blk Niagara Ave              Vandalism
Officers Sullivan and Padilla were dispatched to a report of vandalism to a vehicle. The victim had parked her car, leaving it unattended.  Upon her return, the victim found a dead fish on the trunk of her vehicle.  The victim did not know who would have damaged her vehicle and wanted the incident documented.  Report Number 120255735


  1:51am           Santa Rosa & Mission              Traffic collision
  4:00am           Unit Blk Harrington                   Stolen vehicle
  8:00am           700 Blk Chenery                      Stolen vehicle
  8:06am           4000 Blk Mission                     Recovered vehicle
  2:00pm           1500 Blk Dolores                     Stolen vehicle
  6:00pm           2600 Blk Sunnydale                 Recovered vehicle
 10:11pm          3000 Blk Alemany                    Recovered vehicle