Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April 2, 2012

Incident Date:
Monday, April 2nd, 2012


5:49pm       1900 Blk Sunnydale     Warrant
Officers Gonzalez and Yuen were on patrol when they observed a vehicle perform a sudden lane change without signaling.  They affected a traffic stop and identified the driver by his California driver’s license.  A record check revealed the driver had an outstanding warrant and his license was suspended.  The vehicle was towed to Auto Return.  The driver was transported to Ingleside station where he was booked into custody upon confirmation of the warrant.  Report Number 120263001

6:09pm       Unit Blk Madison                   Narcotics
Officer Hurwitz and several other Ingleside officers were conducting surveillance in an area where there had been several complaints of narcotics sales and stolen vehicles.  They observed several people enter and exit a home repeatedly and were aware that the tenant of the home was on probation with a search condition.  They observed the individual exit the home and approached him to speak with him.  A probation search of his person was negative.  They explained they would be conducting a probation search of his home and he understood.  Inside the home they located a woman sitting on the couch, whom appeared to be nervous. Officer Hurwitz had dispatch perform a computer search on the female.
 The search revealed that she had an outstanding warrant from San Mateo County Probation. She was later arrested, and transported to Ingleside Police Station. The officers proceeded to search the home. In the kitchen of the home, a drawer was searched in which a clear plastic bag which contained a white crystal substance that resembled methamphetamine. In the rear bedroom, the closet was searched, which inside had a drawer that contained a clear plastic bag, with seven unused plastic bags. Officer Tam knew that those types of bags are used by persons who traffic narcotics use the bags to traffic illegal substances. Officer Elmore later responded on the scene with SFPD canine Max. Max checked the premise, and gave the officers several active alerts. Hidden behind a bag of sand, Max located an eyeglass case, that when opened, it was reveled that it contained a clear plastic bag that contained a white crystal substance, which is suspected methamphetamine. Next to the eyeglass case, a digital scale was found. There was a down stairs apartment in the home, and the officers went to go speak with the residents of the apartment. When about the eyeglass case, and the digital scale, the residents did not have any knowledge about it.
Both the female and the male suspect were arrested, and transported to the Ingleside Police Station. Both were questioned, and the male suspect confessed to owning the crystal like substance. Officer Tam performed a test on the white crystal like substance found on the property that yielded positive results for the presence of methamphetamine. The female suspect’s outstanding warrant was confirmed. Both of the suspects were booked at Ingleside Station. Once again the hard work of our narcotics officers in the Ingleside district pays off, with narcotics arrest, and drugs off of our streets. This is ****The Best Arrest of the Day**** Report Number 120263283

Other incidents:  

8:27am       300 Blk Monterrey Blvd        Burglary
On 4/2/20112 Sgt. Miller responded to the 300 block of Monterrey Boulevard in regards of a burglary. Upon his arrival, he met the victim, who wanted to report a break-in to her storage room, located in the garage area of the apartment building that she lives in. The victim states that her storage room was broken into during the night of 3/26/2012-3/27/2012. Other tenants of the building told her that other storage rooms had been broken into. The victim went to check her storage room, and found that the padlock had been cut off. She further investigated the room, and did not find anything missing. She did find a hat, and a plastic oil container inside the room that did not belong to her. No arrests have been made at this point. Report number 120261594

3:16pm       Ingleside Police Station          Theft
While on duty at the Ingleside Police Station, PSA Cato was approached by a female victim who claimed that she was a victim of theft. The victim claimed that she had moved from her previous home located on 1800 block of Sunnydale Avenue on 3/22/2012 due to a family dispute. While visiting her previous home, the victim says that her EFT Debit Card was stolen from her wallet. She kept the card in her wallet, which she left unattended. Nothing else was taken. She believes that her debit card was stolen by a family member. She received a phone call on 4/2/2012 from welfare, stating that a $500 cash withdrawal made to her account had taken place. She advised to file a report. No arrests have been made at this point. Report number 120262564

4:56pm       Ingleside Police Station          Robbery
Officer Kerlegan was on duty at the Ingleside Police Station. She was approached by a man who stated that he had been robbed, and that his vehicle was broken into. The victim says that on 3/31/2012, approximately at 2:00am, he left a bar on the 1000 block of Geneva Avenue. At 8:00am, he says that he woke up inside of his vehicle, which was parked on Naples/Geneva Avenue. The victim says that he noticed that his wallet and cell phone were missing. He also noticed that the trunk of his vehicle was left open, and that all his tools, and registered handgun were missing. A computer query of his handgun was conducted, which yielded positive results that the victim was the registered owner of the gun. The victim remembers going to the bar, but has no recollection of leaving the bar, and walking to his vehicle. The key of his vehicle was still in his possession, and no damage had been committed to his vehicle. He also noticed that outside and inside the bar there were security cameras. No arrests have been made at this point. Report number 120262796

6:00pm       Ingleside Police Station          False Personation
While on duty at the ingleside Police Station, PSA Cato was approached by a female who came to the station regarding a false personation. The victim claims that she had file her taxes via a computer software program while at her residence. When she contacted IRS, she was told that the other filing was a mistake. She then submitted her taxes again successfully. The victim contacted the IRS when her refund was not received on the expected date of 3/27/2012. She was then informed by the IRS that their records showed two tax returns filed using her social security number. She was a victim of identity theft. She was advised to contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), who advised her to file a report. No suspects could be identified. No arrests have been made at this point. Report number 120263017

10:27pm     Ingleside Police Station          Terrorist Threats
While on duty at the Ingleside Police Station, PSA Cato was approached by a male victim who came to report threats. The victim says that he was on the MUNI bus when a female passenger boarded the bus, followed by a male passenger. The victim then says that the male suspect appeared to be reaching towards the pocket of the female passenger, when he grabbed the suspect by the wrist, and told him not to do it. The suspect then insulted the victim, who insulted him back, ending the confrontation. The victim got off the bus, and went home. When he returned home, he noticed that his school notebook was missing from his book bag. MUNI surveillance video was requested. No arrests have been made at this point. Report number 120263603


  8:48am          1000 Blk Cayuga Ave            Stolen vehicle
  9:07am          600 Blk Italy Ave                   Recovered vehicle
11:30am          1700 Blk Geneva Ave            Recovered vehicle
12:46pm          200 Blk Trumbull St               Recovered vehicle
10:40pm          500 Blk Jarboe Ave               Stolen vehicle