Tuesday, April 3, 2012

March 31, 2012

Incident Date:
Saturday, March 31st, 2012


6:46pm       500 Blk Excelsior Ave            Stolen Property
Officer Hurwitz was patrolling in an unmarked police vehicle, in plain clothes.  The officer spotted a vehicle that she believed was stolen from a prior incident.  She recognized a a suspect from an investigation currently under way standing near the vehicle.  The officer also noticed a second suspect sitting in the passenger seat of the vehicle.  A third suspect was driving the vehicle, which drove by the officer.  The officer pulled behind the vehicle and followed.  Suddenly, the vehicle sped off and ran through two posted stop signs.  The officer requested additional marked patrol vehicles to respond for assistance. Officers Elton and Rueca were in the area and were quickly on scene.  The vehicle stopped and both suspects exited.  The suspects began to walk quickly away from the vehicle in opposite directions.  The officers ordered the suspects to stop.  Both suspects were detained pending further investigation. 

A records check revealed that the passenger suspect was wanted on an outstanding warrant.  The driver suspect was unable to explain to the officers who the vehicle belonged to.  The officer retrieved a rental contract from the glove box of the vehicle with a name that did not match either suspect.  The officer made contact with the victim whose name was on the contract.  The victim told the officer that he had been the victim of identity theft and that someone had rented the vehicle using his information, but that he did not authorize the rental.  Officers Elton and Rueca transported the passenger suspect back to the station.  Upon arrival, the officers retrieved a clear baggie containing a white powder consistent with cocaine from the backseat where the suspect had been sitting.  The driver suspect told the officers that he had been speeding and running stop signs because the passenger suspect was screaming at him that she had a warrant and did not want to go back to jail.  Both suspects were booked on several charges.  Report 120258563 ***GREAT ARREST!!!***

10:48pm     Mission & Geneva Ave          Warrant
Officers Almaguer and Barajas were dispatched to a report of an altercation.  The officers arrived and saw several possible suspects board the MUNI bus.  The officers boarded the bus and contacted one of the suspects.  The suspect was engaged in a verbal argument with a passenger.  The officers asked the suspect for proof of payment for riding the bus.  The suspect cussed at the officers and refused to produce proof of payment.  The officers escorted the suspect off of the bus.  The suspect smelled strongly of alcohol and displayed signs of intoxication such as bloodshot eyes, an unsteady gait and slurred speech.  A records check revealed that the suspect was wanted on an outstanding warrant.  The officers arrested the suspect. Report 120258911

Other incidents:  

7:45am       Unit Blk Cross St                   Theft
Officers Morrow, Muro and Najarro responded to a report of a robbery.  The victim was walking with her purse on her left shoulder.  The victim was struggling to hold her umbrella because of gusty winds.  Suddenly, a suspect approached the victim, grabbed her purse and pulled it off her shoulder.  The victim told the officers that she didn’t struggle with the suspect because it happened so fast.  The suspect fled.  A nearby residence had security cameras and the resident was able to provide the officers with video of the suspect fleeing with the purse.  The video was seized and booked as evidence.  Report 120257270

10:00pm     4700 Blk Mission St               Vandalism
Officers Contreras and Hermosura were dispatched to a report of vandalism.  The victim told the officers that her vehicle was parked out in front of her work.  The victim looked outside and saw a suspect climb onto the hood of her vehicle.  The suspect climbed further onto the vehicle until he was on the roof.  The suspect began to bounce up and down on the vehicle, causing a large dent in the roof.  The victim ran outside and yelled to the suspect that she was calling police.  The suspect yelled a profanity at the victim, got off of the vehicle, and fled to a MUNI bus.  Report 120258842


11:30am          1700 Blk Geneva Ave                        Recovered vehicle