Monday, March 26, 2012

March 23, 2012

Incident Date:
Friday, March 23, 2012


12:31pm     1800 Blk Felton St                 Narcotics for Sale
Officers Hurwitz and Tam were on patrol conducting an operation looking for stolen vehicles.  The officers spotted a vehicle from a prior incident.  The officers recognized the driver from prior police contact and knew that he had a suspended driver’s license.  The officers pulled behind the vehicle, which began to speed up.  The vehicle fled into a garage and closed the door.  The officers followed the vehicle to the garage.  The officers exited the vehicle, and Officer Tam was able to stop the garage door from completely closing.  The officers made contact with the suspect.  The officers noticed a strong smell of suspect marijuana coming from the vehicle.  The suspect admitted to having marijuana in the vehicle.  The officers searched the vehicle and found suspected marijuana and other narcotics.  Other evidence suggested the suspect was transporting and selling narcotics.  The suspect was arrested.  Report 120236177

4:41pm       4300 Blk Mission St               Narcotics
Officers Archilla and Pereira were on patrol when they spotted a suspect drinking out of a can, which was mostly concealed by a brown paper bag.  As the officers approached, the suspect threw the bag with the can inside onto the sidewalk.  The officers know that suspects will often conceal alcoholic beverages in a plain paper bag when drinking in public.  The officers contacted the suspect, and picked up the paper bag.  The officers confirmed that the can was of an alcoholic beverage.  The suspect admitted to the officers that he was drinking.  The officers conducted a brief pat search for weapons.  Officer Archilla noticed a weird shaped object in one of the suspect’s pants pockets.  The officer asked the suspect what he had in his pockets.  The suspect began pulling items out of his pockets, including several pills.  The suspect did not have a prescription for the pills and was subsequently arrested.  Report 120236848 

7:03pm       1600 Blk Sunnydale Ave       Gang Injunction
Officers Dudley and Antonian were on patrol when they observed a vehicle drive by them.  The officers recognized the driver and passenger of the vehicle from prior police contact.  The officers knew that the driver had been issued a gang injunction order approximately one year ago.  The passenger was known to be on probation with a warrantless search condition.  The officers conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle.  The driver was arrested for violating the gang injunction order.  The passenger was searched and released from the scene. 

8:03pm       2900 Blk Diamond St            Stolen Property
Officers Hurwitz and Tam were on patrol in plainclothes when they spotted a suspect they knew was wanted for a possession of stolen property charge.  The officers were unable to stop in front of the residence where the suspect was standing with two other subjects.  The officers had to drive a short distance down the street and make a u-turn.  Upon their return, the vehicle the suspect had been standing in front of was still there, but all three subjects were gone.  Officer Tam located the suspect a short distance down the street.  The suspect was arrested.  Report 110972438

10:19pm     5000 Blk Mission St              Narcotics
Officers Seavey and Padilla were on patrol working in plain clothes.  The officers spotted a vehicle pulling in to a parking lot of a hotel.  The vehicle drove past several empty parking spaces, and pulled far into the back of the lot.  The suspect exited the vehicle and approached a room, and entered.  The suspect left the room a short time later.   The officers approached the suspect and identified themselves as police officers.  They also contacted a passenger, who was sitting in the front seat.  The officers advised the suspect that he had a cracked windshield, obstructing his view.  The passenger of the vehicle was on probation with a warrantless search condition.  The passenger was in possession of a glass tube, often used for the ingestion of narcotics.  The officers located narcotics inside of the vehicle.  The officers contacted the manager of the hotel and gained access to the room where the suspect had entered.  The room was registered to a third suspect who was on probation with a warrantless search condition.  Several narcotics were found in addition to evidence that narcotics were being sold from the room.  All three suspects were arrested on several drug charges.  Report 120237937

10:36pm     Ocean & Otsego Ave            D.U.I.
Officers  McCall and Lozano were stationary on a separate incident call.  The officers saw a vehicle pass by them, driving approximately 10 mph.  The vehicle made a sharp right turn, striking the curb with the rear wheel.  Suddenly, the driver of the vehicle came around the corner and confronted the officers in an aggressive manner.  The suspect accused the officers of cussing at him.  The officers told the suspect to leave, as they were in the middle of an investigation.  The suspect continued to interrupt the officers.  The officers noticed a smell of alcohol emanating from the suspect’s breath.  The officers decided to conduct field sobriety tests on the suspect, as they suspected him of driving under the influence of alcohol.  The officers arrested the suspect for D.U.I.  Report 120234961

Other incidents:  

6:45am       400 Blk Arlington St           Burglary
Officers Cassinelli and Chan responded to a report of a burglary.  The victim had secured his bicycle inside his garage.  The garage door was closed and locked.  Upon leaving for work in the morning, the victim noticed the side door to the garage was open.  The victim realized that the suspect had forced entry into the garage and taken his bicycle.  Report 120236804

1:30pm       200 Blk Ney St                      Fraud
PSA Heckenberg-Tognozzi took a report regarding fraud.  The victim was informed by his bank that there were several charges to his credit card that seemed fraudulent.  The victim confirmed that he did not authorize these charges.  Report 120236199

4:00pm       100 Blk Westwood Dr          Theft
PSA Flynn took a report of theft from a vehicle.  The victim parked and secured his vehicle, leaving it unattended.  Upon his return, the victim discovered the rear window was smashed.  The glove box was open, and the victim’s cash was stolen.  Report 120236650

5:30pm       Mission & Excelsior St         Theft
PSA Flynn took a report regarding theft.  The victim boarded a MUNI bus that was very crowded.  When her stop came up, the victim exited the bus.  The victim reached in to her purse and realized that her wallet was missing.  Report 120237307

6:35pm       300 Blk Allison St                  Harassment
PSA Heckenberg-Tognozzi took a report regarding harassing phone calls.  The victim said that she had received approximately 20 text messages to her cell phone from an unknown suspect.  No threats were made, but the victim was annoyed and wanted the incident documented.  Report 120236359

7:11pm       Unit Blk Westwood Dr          Burglary
Officers Almaguer and Gomez were dispatched to a report of burglary.  The officers found the front door deadbolt and door frame had been damaged by the suspect who forced entry into the residence.  Nothing appeared to have been stolen.  Report 120237404

7:36pm       Unit Blk Phelan Ave              Fire
SFCCPD Officer Burlyga responded to a report of a fire in a trash can.  SFFD was called and arrived on scene to put the fire out.  A second fire was located nearby, and SFFD put this fire out as well.  No one was injured in the incident. Report 120234557

8:55pm       800 Blk Ellsworth St              Burglary
Officers Phillips and Obot were dispatched to a report of burglary.  The victim had secured her residence upon leaving it.  When she returned home, she discovered several items missing from inside.  The victim believed the suspect gained access to the spare key, and entered the residence without her permission.  Report 120237705


  8:00am           200 Blk Maynard St              Stolen vehicle
  4:00pm           Geneva & Howth St              Vehicle accident
  7:45pm           Alemany & Farragut Ave       Vehicle accident
 10:00pm          1500 Blk Geneva Ave            Stolen vehicle