Thursday, March 22, 2012

March 21, 2012

Incident Date:
Wednesday, March 21st, 2012


9:33pm       Schwerin/Kelloch                   Warrant Arrest
Officers Hopkins and Uang were patrolling in the Sunnydale area when they noticed a car that had no tail lamps. The officers stopped the car and asked the driver for his license. The driver told the officers that he did not have one. The officers got the driver information and conducted a DMV check. They discovered that the driver had an outstanding “No Bail” warrant for aggravated assault. The driver was arrested for the warrant and booked at Ingleside station. Report number 12023084

10:40pm     Persia/Ocean                 Attempted Robbery
Officers Dominguez and Carrsaco were dispatched to a robbery in progress call. The officers were close by and were immediately flagged down. The victim was pointing to a bus and telling the officers “That’s the guy that just tried to rob me”. The victim was pointing and describing a suspect that was getting on the bus at the time. The officers advised other Ingleside officers of the situation. Never losing sight of the bus, nor the suspect that the victim had pointed to and described, the officers stopped the bus and approached the suspect. The suspect looked at the officers and said “I’m the one you’re looking for”
By this time there were numerous ingleside units assisting. The officers also learned that there were two suspects and were able to also detain him as well. The victim told the officers that the suspects came up to him as he was entering his car and demanded he give up his phone. The victim was in fear of the suspects. The suspect fought the victim for his phone. When he could not get it, he calmly walked away. What the suspect did calculate into their dastardly plan was the fast response from Ingleside Officers and the amount of witnesses that came forward to assist.
The victim and witnesses all positively identified the suspects. The main suspect was arrested and booked at Ingleside station. Once again the citizens of the Ingleside district stick together and thwart two would be robbers to help clean up our neighborhood. The suspect was booked for attempted robbery with force. Report number 120232288. This is ****The Best Arrest of the Day****
Other incidents:  
12:50am     Bayshore/Arleta            Robbery
Officers Gabriel and Apodaca were sent to a robbery incident. The officers spoke to the victim who told them she got off note bus and was walking home. The victim told the officers that she heard footsteps rapidly approaching her and that suddenly someone grabbed her purse and continued running. The victim was not hurt and the loss was a womans purse. The victim did not see the suspect. Report number 120232432

8:00am       5800 blk Mission          Burglary
Officers Morrow and Chew were sent to investigate a Burglary case. The victim told the officers that she left home in the morning and that when she returned she found the front door unlocked where it had been locked before. The victim told the officers that someone had removed $170 from the wallet and her laptop. The officers contacted CSI which will respond to process the scene. Report number 120230903         

9:20am       Unit blk Baltimore        Hot Prowl Burglary
Officers Morrow and Curry responded to a residential burglary in progress where the residents were home. The officers arrived at the location and were met by one of the victims outside. The victim told the officers that the suspect s may still be inside the residence. The officers conducted a room to room search of the house that yielded no suspects.
            The victim told the officers that he was sleeping when he was awoken by noise from the living room area. When he went to investigate he was confronted by two suspects that demanded money. The victim was told to sit in the living room and to produce his phone. The victim saw an opportunity and ran out of the house via the backyard and over a fence. The victim dislocated his shoulder when he jumped the fence yet still managed to call 911. The loss was $850 cash and electronics. The suspects got away. They are described as two African American men between 20 and 25 years of age, 5’9” and about 150 lbs. CSI was notified and responded to process the scene. Report number 120229564

12:00pm     Unit blk Otsego             Robbery
Officers Sugitan and Fung were sent to investigate an attempted arson. The victim told the officers that while at home she smelled something burning. The victim went to investigate and this led her to her carport where she discovered a burning plastic planter. The victim called the SFFD who responded to put out the fire. The SFFD requested an arson report. No one was injured. Report number 120230113

1:00pm       Crocker Amazon Prk   Vandalism
Police Services Aide Zabarte prepared a report regarding a vandalism incident. The victim told the PSA that he parked his car in the park parking lot and that when he returned he discovered that someone had broke n a window.  The victim did not see who did this nor were there any witnesses. Report number 120227405

5:30pm       4300 blk Mission          Vandalism
Officers Chew and Lim were sent to investigate a broken window incident. The victim told the officers that the business window had been broken and that there were no suspects. Report number 120230276

8:00pm       Franconia/Samoset       Vandalism
Police Services Aide Heckenberg-Tognozzi prepared a report regarding a theft from an auto. The victim told the PSA that someone broke but did not take anything. Report number 12023205
  7:31am          1200 blk Bernal Hgts              Recovered Truck
  8:40am          Mission/Valencia                     Traffic Accident
11:18am          Unit Blk Leland                      Stolen Auto
  3:42pm          Ocean/Phelan                          Traffic Accident
  7:00pm          Chenery/Mateo                       Traffic Accident