Thursday, March 15, 2012

March 13, 2012

Incident Date:
Tuesday, March 13th, 2012


1:40am       4900 Blk Mission St               Theft
Officers Gabriel and Apodaca were dispatched to a report of a citizen holding a prisoner.  Upon arrival, the officers contacted the witness who was detaining a suspect for shoplifting.  The witness told the officers that the suspect entered the store and concealed two items inside her jacket.  The suspect attempted to exit the store without making any attempt to pay for the items.  The witness detained the suspect.  The suspect was arrested for shoplifting.  Report 120209447

Other incidents:  

6:30am       1700 Blk Sanchez                   Burglary
Officers Morgante and Martinez responded to a report of a burglary.  The victim told the officers that he had stored three bicycles in his garage.  He believes that he had closed the garage.  In the morning, he discovered the garage door open and the bicycles missing.  Report 120206766

7:00am       200 Blk Cotter St                  Vandalism
PSA Cato took a report of vandalism.  The victim parked his vehicle, leaving it unattended.  When he returned, he discovered several scratches in the paint in several places around the vehicle.  Report 120209259

9:30am       5100 Blk Mission St               Personation
PSA Zabarte took a report of false personation.  The victim received a letter from a collection agency in the mail. The victim had not authorized any credit cards and did not have any credit cards currently opened under her name.  The victim said she felt intimidated by the letter, and paid the $600.00 even though she had not authorized the transactions.  The victim ran her credit report and found several other open credit card accounts that she did not authorize.  Report 120206904

9:45am       Unit Blk Brompton                Burglary
Officers Morgante and Martinez were dispatched to a burglary report.  The victim was in the shower when she heard a noise in the living area of her home.  The victim figured that the noise was from her husband coming home. The victim came out of the bathroom a short time later and saw that a window was open that she had previously closed.  The screen was also taken off of the window.  The victim noticed another window’s screen had been removed, but that window was closed.  Several of the victim’s personal items were missing, including her purse and iPad.  The officers searched the residence and the area but were unable to locate the suspect.  Report 120207037

10:00am     Foerster & Teresita                Vandalism
PSA Zabarte took a report regarding vandalism.  The victim parked his car in good condition, leaving it unattended.  When he returned, he found that one of the vehicle’s windows was smashed.  Nothing was taken from inside.  Report 120204920

10:25am     Ocean & Howth St                 Theft
SFCCPD Officer Hakes took a report regarding theft.  The victim was walking to school when he was approached by a suspect.  The suspect asked to borrow the victim’s phone to make an emergency phone call.  Although the victim did not know the suspect, he handed over his phone so the suspect could make the phone call.  The suspect pretended to talk on the phone briefly, and then took off running.  The victim did not chase after the suspect.  Report 120207106

11:06am     Bernal Heights & Anderson  Theft
A victim responded to Bayview station to report a theft.  The victim said she parked her vehicle and secured it before leaving it unattended with her purse on the passenger seat.  When the victim returned, she discovered the passenger window of the vehicle was smashed.  The victim’s purse was taken from inside.  Report 120195993

11:30am     300 Blk Monterey Blvd          Theft
Officer Fung was dispatched to a report of theft.  The victim had parked and secured his bicycle to a metal cable underneath a stairwell of a hallway.  The hallway is a common area to several other residents of the building.  The following morning, the victim discovered the metal cable had been cut and his bicycle stolen.  Report 120207918

12:00pm     300 Blk  Brazil Ave                Threats
PSA Cato took a report regarding threats.  The victim has had trouble paying her rent.  The suspect threatened the victim with harm if she didn’t pay.  A second victim reported being threatened by a second suspect.  Both victims fear the suspects.  Report 120208201

2:00pm       Unit Blk Phelan Ave              Theft
SFCCPD Officer Ngoi took a report of theft.  The victim parked his bicycle and secured it to a bicycle rack with a cable lock.  Upon his return, both the bicycle and cable lock were gone.  Report 120192789

3:00pm       300 Blk Judson Ave               Fraud
Officers Hom and Quintero were dispatched to a report of fraud. The victim was alerted to two suspects using his credit card without his permission.  The suspects used the card at a retail store in Southern California.  Over $3,000 was charged to the card.  Report 120208988

3:15pm       Unit Blk Phelan Ave              Battery
SFCCPD Officer Wong took a report regarding battery.  The victim told the officer that the previous day, he had been walking to school when a suspect suddenly hit him in the back.  The victim turned around to confront the suspect.  The suspect tackled the victim to the ground, causing him to scrap his shoulder.  The victim pushed the suspect off of him, and the suspect fled.  The victim was taken to the hospital by a friend, where he was treated for several injuries.  Report 120208013

3:24pm       100 Blk Britton St                  Burglary
Officers Thompson and Altamirano were dispatched to a report of burglary.  The victim secured his residence before leaving for a couple of hours.  Upon his return, the victim found that the living room window of the residence had been broken.  The victim entered his home and found it ransacked.  Several of the victim’s personal belongings had been stolen.  Report 120207996

4:22pm       Visitacion & Britton               Robbery
Officers Quintero and Hom responded to a report of a robbery.  The victim got on the MUNI bus and sat down.  She was holding her iPhone in her hand.  The bus made a stop and suddenly, a suspect approached the victim from behind.  The suspect grabbed the victim’s phone.  The victim struggled with the suspect to hold on to her phone.  The victim was pulled from her seat, but the suspect was able to wrestle the phone away from her.  The suspect fled.  Report 120208198

9:00pm       Unit Blk Rae Ave                   Theft
A victim responded to Southern station to report a theft.  The victim parked and secured his vehicle.  He returned the next day and found that one of the vehicle’s windows was smashed.  The victim’s backpack was taken from the backseat.  Report 120182263

9:40pm       Hazelwood & Yerba Buena   Theft
A victim responded to Southern station to report a theft.  The victim parked and locker her vehicle, but left one of the windows rolled partially down.  The victim returned the next day and discovered her purse was stolen from the vehicle.  Report 120203295


  4:30am          500 Blk Bosworth Ave           Stolen vehicle
  7:00am          Unit Blk Cielito Dr                  Stolen vehicle
  7:20am          Precita & Folsom St               Vehicle accident
  7:30am          300 Blk Coleridge St              Stolen vehicle
  8:06am          Edinburgh & Silver                 Vehicle accident
  8:30am          Dolores & Randall St             Vehicle accident (H&R)
  8:39am          Unit Blk Chenery St               Recovered vehicle
  9:30am          Schwerin & Visitacion            Stolen vehicle
  9:40am          200 Blk Peabody St               Stolen vehicle
  9:44am          2300 Blk Castro St                Recovered vehicle
  4:29pm          100 Blk Genebern Way         Recovered vehicle
  8:53pm          Eugenia & Anderson              Recovered vehicle
  9:30pm          100 Blk Talbert St                 Stolen vehicle