Thursday, March 1, 2012


Incident Date:
Wednesday, February 29th, 2012


1:10pm       300 Blk Athens             Stolen Property
Officer Hurwitz and several other Ingleside officers were conducting investigations in an area plagued by many stolen vehicles. They observed a vehicle with occupants they had had previous contacts with. Officer Hurwitz knew the occupants were on probation with a search condition. She also knew that the occupants of the vehicle resided on this particular block and decided to make contact with them. She advised the suspects that they would be exercising their search condition and searching their apartment. Both suspects understood. 

A search of the apartment located a cup containing a colored substance believed to be methamphetamine.  Also located were various glass smoking pipes, a scale and credit card reader/imprint believed to be used for fraud, counterfeiting and cellular phone cloning. Both suspects were placed under arrest and transported to Ingleside station for booking.

The officers took pictures of all items seized which they booked into evidence. Both suspects were read their Miranda rights. The male suspect waived his rights and the female suspect invoked hers. The male suspect admitted to knowing he was in possession of stolen items which he told officershe purchased. Both suspects were booked into custody for possession of stolen property, narcotics and Probation Violation . 

Officer Hurwitz conducted a field test that resulted positive for methamphetamine.  Report Number 120169255 This is ****The Best Arrest of the Day****

2:17am       100 Blk Rey                  Aggravated Assault
Officers Burke and Carrasco were dispatched to investigate a suspect who was believed to be involved in an assault. Upon arriving at the residence, the Officers made contact with the victim who stated that the suspect had returned to collect his belongings. The Officers were then able to make contact with the suspect who admitted to assaulting the victim. The Officers then arrested the suspect without incident and transported him to Ingleside Station where he was booked for the assault. Report Number 120165128

Other Incidents:

7:30am       1800 Blk Sunnydale       Burglary
Officers Obot, Peregoy, and Johnson were dispatched to investigate a residential burglary. When the Officers arrived they made contact with the victim who told them that when she returned home from taking her daughter to school she noticed her back window broken. As she scanned the house, she noticed a T.V. as well as a game system missing from her daughter’s room. The victim could not find any other items missing from her residence. The victim also informed the Officers that she had been burglarized at this residence three years ago. The Officers determined that there might be additional evidence on the scene, and CSI was called in to continue the investigation.  They provided the victim with follow up information.  Report Number 120168752

8:00am       Unit Blk Bannock          Burglary
Officers Padilla and Sullivan were dispatched to investigate a burglary. Officers were informed by the victim that when he returned home his back door had been kicked in and his house was ransacked. Among things taken were several thousands of dollars in jewelry, a television, and a lap top. The Officers took several photos of the scene and then called CSI in to continue processing the scene. They provided the victim with follow up information.  Report Number 120168928

11:35am     2200 Blk Alemany        Battery
Officers Padilla and Sullivan were dispatched to a gas station regarding a battery. The Officers were told by the victim that she was driving down the street and changed lanes to avoid a bicyclist. She did not cut the bicyclist off, but when she came to a stop at a stop light the bicyclist approached her driver side window and began yelling at her. She ignored him and continued to the gas station and began pumping gas. At this time, the bicyclist caught up to her and began kicking her car. The victim then punched the suspect in an attempt to stop him. The suspect then tried to flee the scene, but the victim grabbed his bike and demanded that he wait for the police to arrive. The suspect pulled away and the victim lost her balance and fell.  She again attempted to stop the suspect by grabbing his bike.  The suspect punched the victim in the arm and then fled the scene. The Officers interviewed the gas station attendant who confirmed the story. The victim denied medical attention and the Officers searched the area for the suspect with negative results. Report Number 120168730

12:00pm     4600 Blk Mission          Theft
Officer Giannini was dispatched to investigate a shoplifting incident. The manager of the store informed the Officer that while he was working a male entered and exited the store without talking to anyone or paying for anything. The manager recognized the suspect as a person who had stolen things from the store before and quickly reviewed the security tape that confirmed that the suspect had stolen a cd player from the shelf. The manager did not know what direction the suspect went, but gave the surveillance tape to the Officers as evidence. They provided the reportee with follow up information.  Report Number 120168990

12:00pm     600 Blk Rockdale          Theft
The victim of a theft reported to Ingleside station where PSA Zabarte interviewed him. The victim told the PSA that he mailed a personal check to Hawaii but the envelope arrived empty. The victim did not suffer any losses because he was able to cancel the check, but needed to file the report as a step with the credit reporting bureau. He was provided with identity theft and follow up information.  Report Number 120165980

1:50pm       600 Blk Portola            Theft
Officer Hornstein was dispatched to investigate a victim that had her laptop stolen from a coffee shop. The victim told the Officer that she asked an unknown woman to watch her lap top while she used the restroom. When she returned, the lap top was gone and the woman did not see who took it. The Officer was unable to view the footage of the surveillance camera at this time and asked the manager for a copy of it.  He provided the victim with follow up information.  Report number 120169352

3:07pm       300 Blk Ocean              Resisting Arrest
Officer Hornstein was dispatched to assist other Officers in arresting a suspect believed to have assaulted someone on BART. When Officer Hornstein arrived he witnesses other Officers attempting to restrain a much larger man. The Officer ran to assist taking the suspect to the ground so they could handcuff him. The suspect was struggling so violently that it took three officers to restrain and handcuff him. The suspect received minor scratches and denied medical attention. One of the Officers suffered a cut to his hand. The suspect was then turned over to BART PD.  Report Number 120169534

6:00pm       300 Blk Avalon             False Personation
The victim of a theft came into Ingleside Station and told PSA Flynn that her daughter-in-law had stolen a check from her residence and cashed it. The victim received a copy of the transaction in her bank statement and wanted to press charges against the suspect for theft.  The PSA provided her with follow up information.  Report Number 120169932
6:45pm       100 Blk Appleton         Burglary
Officers Uang, Hopkins, and Hart were dispatched to investigate a residence that had been burglarized. The victim informed the Officers that he was working at his desk when the window next to him shattered. The victim ran and got a knife to defend himself. He then saw a hand reaching through the window tugging on his computer. The victim looked through the window and noticed that he knew the suspect. He then yelled at the suspect and the suspect fled. CSI was not contacted because there did not appear to be any surfaces that could be fingerprinted. The Officers searched the area with negative results for anyone matching the suspect description. Report Number 120170149

10:00pm     100 Blk Brewster          Attempted Theft
Officer Pai was dispatched to investigate a vehicle that had been broken into. The victim told the Officer that someone had entered his unlocked vehicle, burned the passenger seat with what appeared to be a cigarette, stole a roll of quarters, and ransacked the glove box and center console. The suspect also attempted to start the car with a key but broke it off in the ignition. There did not appear to be any printable surfaces so CSI was not called.  The victim was provided with follow up information.  Report Number 120168912


  7:30am          Lisbon/Russia              Recovered Vehicle
10:45am          Mission/France           Traffic Accident
  1:19pm          Bosworth/Brompton   Traffic Accident
  1:30pm          3800 Blk San Bruno   Stolen Vehicle
  1:46pm          500 Blk Raymond       Recovered Vehicle
  2:30pm          Huron/Farragut           Traffic Accident
  3:00pm          100 Blk Cuvier           Stolen Vehicle
  6:00pm          100 Blk Laidley          Stolen Vehicle
  7:30pm          Unit Blk Appleton       Stolen Vehicle
10:52pm          1200 Blk Geneva        Traffic Accident
11:59pm          200 Blk Cortland        Stolen Vehicle