Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Incident Date:
Thursday, March 15th, 2012


1:53am       Alemany/Seneca           DUI
Officers McCall and Jones were on patrol when they observed a vehicle travelling at a high rate of speed without its headlights or taillights illuminated.  The officers followed the vehicle and the driver failed to stop for a red lights and various stop signs.  The officers affected a traffic stop and approached the driver’s door.  The driver’s eyes were watery and bloodshot and fumbled as she attempted to roll her window down while the vehicle was turned off.  The officers asked her to exit her vehicle and the driver began swaying.  Officer Jones had her step onto the sidewalk and could smell an odor of alcoholic beverage emanating from her person. 

The officers were able to locate her California Driver’s License in one of her pockets and began administering field sobriety tests.  The driver failed all tests and was taken into custody for driving under the influence of alcohol.  She was transported to the county jail where a phlebotomist responded and ****
Report Number 120209641

3:50pm       200 Blk Brazil Ave       Warrant
Officers Tam and Hurwitz were working in plain clothes when they were alerted to several suspects standing in front of a residence known for narcotics incidents.  The officers responded to the location and contacted the four suspects.  The officers asked the suspects if any of them were on probation or parole.  One of the suspects told the officer that he was on parole.  A records check of the suspect revealed that he was wanted on an outstanding warrant.  The suspect was arrested.  Report 120213670

10:19pm     2200 Blk Bayshore       Threats
Officers Pedersen and Ma responded to a report of vandalism.  The victim told the officers that he saw a suspect slash the tires of his vehicle.  The victim said that he knows the suspect.  The officers inspected the victim’s vehicle and confirmed that all four tires were in fact slashed. As the officers were looking at the vehicle, the suspect walked past them and up to the victim.  The two exchanged words and the suspect entered a residence.  The victim told the officers that the suspect threatened him and he wanted him arrested. 

A records check of the suspect revealed that he was on active parole.  The officers approached the suspect’s residence and heard screams coming from inside.  The officers entered the residence in fear that someone might be injured.  The officers contacted the suspect and escorted him out of the residence.  No one was injured in the suspect’s apartment.  The suspect was arrested.  Report 120214628

Other incidents:  

9:40am       Gambier & Silliman     Theft
PSA Flynn took a report regarding theft.  The victim boarded a MUNI bus that was very full.  The victim was standing with her backpack on her back.  The victim was bumped several times during the ride by a suspect.  The victim exited the bus, and the suspect exited the bus as well.  The victim said that as soon as she stepped off the bus after the suspect stepped off, the suspect jumped back onto the bus.  The victim began walking away and realized that her backpack was open.  The victim’s wallet was missing from inside.  Report 120214311

11:50am     1300 Blk Girard St       Stay Away Order
Officers Sugitan and Fung were dispatched to a report of a burglary and possible stay away order violation.  The victim told the officers that the suspect had been served with a restraining order and eviction notice.  The victim left his residence, securing and locking it.  When the victim returned home, he saw the suspect running from his residence and jump into a vehicle, which fled.  None of the victim’s personal items were missing and the officers found no signs of forced entry.  Report 120213028

12:00pm     Unit Blk Concord St     Personation
Officer Campion-Healy took a report of false personation.  The victim filed her tax return online in February.  When she had not received her refund check a month later, she looked into the status of the refund.  The victim discovered that another tax return had been filed under her name and that she owed nearly $1,000 to the IRS.  The victim did not file the tax return.  Report 120213062

2:45pm       John F. Shelly Dr.        Theft
PSA Flynn took a report regarding theft from a vehicle.  The victim parked and secured his vehicle.  When he returned to the vehicle, he discovered a window on the vehicle was smashed.  The victim’s backpack was missing from inside.  The victim said that as he approached his vehicle, he saw another vehicle nearby with three possible suspects in it.  When the victim made contact with the occupants, the vehicle fled at a high rate of speed.  Report 120213608

7:00pm       200 Blk Craut St          Personation
PSA Flynn took a report regarding false personation.  The victim received two messages from both of her banks.  The messages advised the victim that there were fraudulent activity on her accounts.  An unknown suspect had applied for credit cards in the victim’s name.  Report 120214167

10:03pm     Mission & Ottawa        Robbery
Officer McCall and Jones were dispatched to a report of a stabbing victim.  Several other Ingleside officers also responded to the scene.  The officers contacted the victim who suffered from a small puncture wound in his abdomen.  The officers summoned an ambulance.  The victim told the officers that he exited a MUNI bus.  Two suspects exited the bus after the victim.  The two suspects blocked the victim’s path, so the victim attempted to walk around them.  The suspects came up behind him and told the victim to give him his stuff.  The victim attempted to hand the suspects his shoulder bag.  The suspect punched the victim in the face twice as he grabbed the victim’s bag from him.  The victim said the suspect dropped the bag to the ground and then stabbed him in the stomach with an unknown object.  The suspects fled to a vehicle, which sped off.  The victim was rushed to the hospital where he was treated for his injuries.  Several officers searched the area for the suspects to no avail.  Report 120211787


  5:00am          Tompkins & Bradford             Stolen vehicle
  6:00am          800 Blk Huron St                    Stolen vehicle
  8:00am          200 Blk Whipple Ave              Stolen vehicle
  8:00am          800 Blk Madrid St                  Stolen vehicle
  8:32am          100 Blk Lawrence St              Recovered vehicle
  9:10am          Geneva & Moscow                 Vehicle accident
  9:40am          Alemany & Sickles                  Vehicle accident
11:30am          Geneva & Cayuga                   Vehicle accident (H&R)
12:00pm          Oneida & Cayuga                   Stolen motorcycle
  2:55pm          200 Blk Bemis St                    Stolen & Recovered vehicle
  5:30pm          100 Blk Coleridge St              Stolen vehicle
  6:35pm          Tompkins & Peralta                Recovered vehicle