Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Incident Date:
Tuesday, February 7th, 2012


10:45am      100 blk Judson          Aggravated Assault
Officer Phillips was sent to investigate an aggravated assault that had just occurred. The officer met with the victim and learned that a relative had thrown a twenty pound water bottle at her while she was cooking. The victim told the officer that she asked the suspect to get her the purified water from the basement. The victim said that the suspect came back upstairs and threw the water at her head. The victim fell to the floor but did not lose consciousness. She then had her husband call the police. The suspect was in a room and was called out, which he did. The officer interviewed the suspect who denied that anything had happened. Upon further interviewing the victims husband the officer learned that this was not the first incident. Sgt Miller responded and approved the arrest of the suspect. The suspect was booked for aggravated assault at ingleside station. Report number 120105607

2:30am      4900 blk Mission        Trespassing
Officers Dominguez land McMilton responded to a trespassing call. The officers located and located the victim who told them the following information. The suspect has been caught shoplifting numerous times in the past and told that they can no longer come into the store. Today the suspect entered to store and was observed putting merchandise in his jacket. The suspect was detained and the police was called. The suspect was arrested and then cited for the offense. He was given a court date to appear. Report number 120107910

Other Incidents:

2:45am      Unit blk 30th St.          Aggravated Assault
Officer Gomez and Padilla were sent to investigate an aggravated assault case. a witness called police when he found a home resident bleeding from the head. The officer located the witness and the victim. The victim was unable to give information, but kept repeating a name over and over. The victim was transported to General hospital for a stab wound. The victim gave the information on the suspect to the officers and the name of the suspect. This case is under investigation. Report number 120104938

8:30am      Unit blk Capistrano    Burglary
Officers Hom and Leong were dispatched to investigate a burglary incident. The victim told the officers that she left home and may have forgotten to lock the side door. When the victim returned she discovered that someone had moved items and removed other items totaling over $5000. There were no suspects observed in this incident. CSI was contacted and will respond to process the crime scene. Report number 120107170

9:30am       100 blk Rey                Robbery/Force
Officers Barajas and Conceicao responded to investigate a robbery case. The victim told the officers she was at the bus stop waiting for the bus. The victim told the officers that she saw the suspects walking towards her. The victim told the officers that she was texting and continued to do so. The victim told the officers that she felt that he phone was being pulled from her hand. She tried to hold on, but a second suspect helped pry it from her hand. The suspects then fled the area. The victim suffered minor scratches on her hand. The suspects were not located by officers searching the area. Report number 120105776

1:00pm        50 Phelan Ave            Theft
SFCCPD Officer Wong was on foot patrol when a victim approached him to report a theft. The victim told the officer that he went to work out at the wellness center. The victim put his clothing and belongings in a locker and locked it. The victim did his work out and when he returned he found the lock open and his property missing. There were no suspects observed. Report number 12016649

3:30pm       50 Phelan Ave             Theft
SFCCPD Officer Green prepared a report regarding a stolen iPhone. The victim told the officer that she went to the restroom and must have left her phone on the counter. When she realized she did not have it she returned only to discover it was gone. Report number 120106956

11:00pm      Unit blk Concord        Burglary
Officers Bernard and Johnson were sent to investigate a burglary case. The victim told the officers that he woke up 5:30 am this morning and discovered that the cabinets in the kitchen were all open. The victim also felt a draft and discovered that a window was broken. The victim went on to say that he checked his daughter’s bedroom and saw that it had been ransacked. The victim told the officers that the loss was over $15,000. Because there was no physical evidence CSI was not notified. Report number 1201052387

12:49pm      200 blk Sickles          Exhibiting a weapon
Officer Gomez was sent to investigate a person with a gun. The officer spoke to the victim who told him the following. He was crossing the street when a vehicle almost hit him. The victim told the officer that he turned to see the car and possibly get a plate number. The victim told the officer that the car stopped and made a u turn. The suspect emerged from the car and pulled out a gun and held it downward. The suspect then got back into the car and fled. Sgt Miller responded and spoke to Daly City officer and was told the name of the suspect. The suspect was listed in the report and this investigation is pending. Report number 120105873


6:21am      5800 blk Mission    Recovered Auto
10:28am    100 blk Alemany     Recovered Auto
12:52pm    Unit blk Verna         Recovered Auto
4:00pm      100 blk Brazil         Stolen Auto
5:18pm      100 blk Holladay    Recovered Auto
5:22pm      Unit blk Norton       Recovered Auto
6:19pm      200 blk Chenery     Recovered Auto
6:30pm      800 blk Excelsior    Stolen Auto
8:00pm      Conrad/Sussex       Stolen Auto
8:00pm      200 blk Laidley      Stolen Auto
9:00pm      200 blk Athens       Stolen Auto