Thursday, February 9, 2012


Incident Date:
Wednesday, February 8, 2012


3:04pm      100 Blk Bonview St          Narcotics
Officer Hurwitz, along with Sgt. O’Brien and Officer Jones, responded to the 100 block of Bonview Street to conduct a stolen property and narcotics investigation. The officers were looking to contact a suspect who was on felony probation with a warrantless search condition. The suspect was also wanted on an outstanding warrant. The officers contacted the suspect upon their arrival. As she opened the door, the officers were immediately able to see a white substance that they suspected to be narcotics sitting on a table inside the residence. The officers conducted a probation search of the residence and they recovered glass pipes commonly used to ingest narcotics. The suspect was placed under arrest and booked on several charges, including the warrant. Report 120109728

Other incidents:

7:00am      Geneva & Moscow St      Theft
PSA Heckenberg took a report regarding theft from a vehicle. The victim parked and locked her vehicle, before leaving it unattended. When she returned to the vehicle, she discovered the passenger window had been smashed and several items taken from inside, including her laptop. The victim has a tracking system on her laptop that is able to show her who has used her computer. She was able to obtain some possible suspect information from this system. Report 120108645

7:15am      200 Blk Maynard St         Theft
Officer Goldsborough responded to a report of a theft. The victim had secured his bicycle to a railing. The bicycle was on the victim’s front porch. In the morning, the victim discovered that the cable lock that he had used to secure his bicycle had been cut, and the bicycle was gone. Report 120110123

1:15pm      100 Blk Appleton St          Vandalism
Officer Uang was dispatched to a report of vandalism. The victim had borrowed her friend’s vehicle. The victim parked the vehicle and secured it. Upon her return, the victim got into the vehicle, but it would not start. The victim got out of the car and realized that the tires on the vehicle were flat and there were key marks all over the exterior paint. As the victim was examining the damage, a vehicle drove by her slowly. She saw a suspect in the vehicle that she recognized from a previous altercation with her. The suspect glared at the victim as she drove by. The victim believed the suspect might be responsible for the damage. Report 120106213

2:30pm      2900 Blk Diamond St        Burglary
Sgt. Miller responded to a report of a burglary. The victim said that he parks and secures his vehicle in a garage that is shared by the residents in his apartment building. One morning, the victim went into the garage to his vehicle and discovered the driver’s door ajar. Several items were taken from inside. The victim realized that he might have left his vehicle unlocked when he parked it last. The victim contacted his bank, since one of his credit cards was stolen. The bank informed the victim that the card had already been used by the suspect. Report 120108479

5:50pm      Excelsior & Mission St     Vandalism
Officers Lustenberger and Paras were dispatched to a report of a vandalism of city property. An anonymous caller told dispatch that a suspect had ripped the door off of a SFFD call box. The officers arrived and found the door to the call box lying in the street. The officers were unable to locate the suspect. Report 120110139

6:30pm      Mission & Silver Ave         Theft
Officers Ferronato and Anderson responded to a report of a theft. The victim got onto a bus, and unzipped her purse in order to take out money to pay the fare. Once she paid the fare, the victim zipped her purse back up and stood on the bus because it was so full. When the victim exited the bus, she realized that her purse was unzipped and her wallet was missing. Report 120110703

7:15pm      Unit Blk Phelan Ave            Theft
SFCCPD Officer Green took a report regarding a theft. The victim stored his belongings in a locker, and secured the locker using a combination lock. When the victim returned, he found the locker was open and that his backpack had been taken out of his locker and put on a bench. The victim looked through his backpack and found that about $60.00 in cash had been stolen. Report 120110349

11:26pm     5200 Blk Diamond Heights    Vandalism
Officers Hauscarriague and Almaguer responded to a call regarding a dispute. There was reportedly a gun involved. The officers located a victim, who had left the scene of the incident. The victim told the officers that she was shopping in the grocery store when she was approached by a suspect. The suspect had a small dog with her, and the victim commented to the suspect that it was unsanitary to bring a dog into a grocery store. The suspect told the victim to shut up, and referred to the victim using profanity. The victim responded back to the suspect, also using a profanity. Both the victim and the suspect exited the store, and walked into the parking lot. The suspect got into the passenger side of a vehicle. A male suspect then exited the same vehicle, holding a knife. The victim quickly got into her car, and suddenly heard breaking glass, which she realized was the rear window of her vehicle. The victim believed that the male suspect threw something at the window to cause it to break. The male suspect got back into the vehicle with the female suspect and fled. The victim followed the suspect’s vehicle for several minutes before finally pulling over, where she was contacted by officers. Report 120110838


  5:06am      Andover & Cortland Ave    Vehicle accident
  9:26am      400 Blk Capistrano St         Recovered vehicle
  9:47am      1600 Blk Noe St                 Recovered vehicle
10:54am      Unit Blk Bennington             Recovered vehicle
12:22pm      San Jose & St. Mary’s        Vehicle accident
  1:30pm      500 Blk Lisbon St               Stolen vehicle
  2:06pm      200 Blk Duncan St              Recovered vehicle
  3:15pm      Mission & Excelsior Ave     Vehicle accident
  7:30pm      400 Blk Madrid St              Recovered vehicle
  8:15pm      600 Blk Excelsior Ave         Vehicle accident (H&R)
  9:30pm      100 Blk Judson Ave            Stolen vehicle
11:00pm      600 Blk Huron Ave             Stolen license plate