Friday, February 10, 2012


Incident Date:

Thursday, February 9th, 2012


4:12pm  Sunrise/Sawyer    Obstructing Officer
Officer Hart, Johnson and Obot were on patrol when they noticed a subject trying to hide from them. The officers approached the suspect and asked for his name. the suspect looked at the officers then turned and began running away from them. the officers know from past experience that suspects from this area will run when they are wanted on a warrant. The suspect had no idea that our officers also happen to be star basketball players for the station and are in fantastic shape. Needless to say, the suspect was caught a very short distance away out of breath. The officers cuffed the suspect and conducted a warrant check only to discover that the suspect had two (2) NO BAIL warrants for drugs and theft! The suspect was transported and booked at Ingleside Station. Report number 120112737 This is ***The Best Arrest of the Day***

6:34pm  300 blk Trumbull    Warrant Arrest
Officers Almaguer and Hauscarriague always review the wanted bulletins to see who is wanted in the Ingleside district. After line up the officer set out to patrol and keep an eye out for wanted suspects. The officers drove around and answered calls for service, when they saw a suspect that was wanted on a $200,000 warrant. The officers were able to quickly apprehend the suspect and arrest him without him knowing what happened. Another criminal is taken off the streets in the Ingleside district by our dedicated officers! Report number 180361747

Other incidents:

5:00pm  100 blk Edinburg    Theft /Auto
Police Services Aide Heckenberg-Tognozzi prepared a report regarding a theft from a locked auto. The victim told the PSA that he parked and locked his car only to discover that an unknown suspect had punched the lock mechanism from the door to gain entry. The victim did not report any loss, but that this was the second time this has happened. Report number 120111400

7:00pm   5100 blk Mission   Court Order Violation
Officer Giannini prepared a report regarding a court order violation. The victim told the officer that the suspect has been in violation of the court order since December of last year. The victim told the officer that all the attempts to communicate with the suspect have gone unanswered. Report number 120111438

7:00pm  Visitacion/Schwerin   Robbery/Force
Officers Dilag and Khan were sent to investigate a robbery case. The victim told the officers that she was walking along when she noticed a suspect passes her. The victim told the officers that the Suspect turned and ran towards her and grabbed her purse. The victim lost her balance and fell to the pavement. The suspect fled with the purse. The area was searched for the suspect with negative results. A witness told officer that there were two suspects. The victim was not injured in the robbery. Report number 120113177

11:42pm  Unit blk Blythdale    Hot Prowl Burglary

Officers Gabriel and Apodaca responded to investigate a burglary case. The victim told the officers that while at home she heard a window break downstairs. The victim said that she went to investigate and saw a broken window and a hand attempting to unlock the door. The victim said that she turned the light on and saw a suspect outside the window with something covering his face. The suspect fled when the light came on. Ingleside Officers searched the area but –did not locate any suspects. There was no loss. Report number 120113741


  8:30am    Arleta/Rutland                Traffic Accident
10:00am    Moscow/Excelsior          Recovered Auto
10:30am    5900 blk Mission            Lost Auto
  2:00pm    2100 blk Bayshore         Stolen Auto
  3:15pm    Girard/Wilder                 Stolen Auto