Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Incident Date:
Friday, February 10th, 2012


12:11pm      700 Blk Anderson St      Battery
Officers Curry and Sanchez were dispatched to a report of a group of suspects possibly doing drugs and disturbing a jobsite. Upon arrival, the officers spotted a large passenger shuttle bus partially blocking the street, preventing other through traffic from being able to pass. The officers approached the driver and asked him if he could move the vehicle. The driver refused, telling the officers that he was moving some items from his home. The driver got out of the vehicle and approached the officers. He refused to give them his name and ignored their instruction to move the vehicle. The officers returned to the vehicle and contacted a second person in the vehicle. As they were speaking to the passenger, the driver started walking back towards the vehicle with a bicycle. The officers told the driver not to put anything else in the vehicle because it was going to be towed for impeding the flow of traffic. The driver told the officers that he knew martial arts. The officers noticed that the driver began sweating profusely.

Several other Ingleside officers responded to the scene to provide backup to Officers Curry and Sanchez. The officers attempted to arrest the driver for several violations. The driver violently resisted arrest, struggling with the officers. The driver was finally handcuffed. Two officers sustained injuries during the struggle. The driver complained of pain to his arm from the altercation, and was transported to SFGH for treatment. The driver was cleared medical and booked on several felony and misdemeanor charges, plus an outstanding warrant.

Both officers were treated for their injuries and released. Report 120114830

1:29pm      3300 Blk Mission St      Theft
Officer Chew responded to a report of a shoplifter. The officer contacted witness. The witness told the officer that he saw the suspect pick several items off of the shelves. The suspect then concealed the items inside of her handbag. The suspect exited the store, walking by several manned cash registers, but made no attempt to pay for the items. The witness contacted the suspect and detained her until the officers arrived. The stolen items were recovered. The suspect was arrested. Report 120115032

7:44pm      2200 Blk Bayshore        Trespassing

Officers Khan and Dilag were dispatched to a report of suspect aggressively panhandling and harassing customers of a business. The officers made contact with two suspects, who they recognized from prior police contacts. Both suspects appeared to be under the influence of alcohol, although they were still able to care for themselves. The reporting party from the business wanted the suspects arrested for trespassing, and signed a citizen’s arrest for each of them. The suspects were cited for trespassing and advised not to return to the premise. The suspects left the area. Report 120116159

11:35pm      3100 Blk Mission St    Robbery
Officers Hermosura and Contreras responded to a report of a robbery that had just occurred. The victim was walking when he saw a group of suspects walking towards him. One of the suspects hit the victim in the face, breaking the victim’s glasses. The victim fell to the ground. The suspect demanded the victim’s money. A second victim reached into the victim’s pockets while he was still on the ground and removed the victim’s cell phone and wallet. The suspects fled by jumping on to a MUNI bus. As the officers were interviewing the victim, several other officers searched the area for the suspects. The officers stopped a MUNI bus at Mission and Appleton Streets and boarded. The officers located a set of keys and the victim’s wallet and ID on a seat inside the bus. The officers detained seven possible suspects. The victim and a witness positively identified two of the suspects as having been involved in the incident. The suspects were arrested, and the other five subjects released from the scene. Report 120116626

Other incidents:

9:00am      500 Blk Cortland Ave     Theft
Officer Giannini took a report regarding a theft. The victim was at a park and placed her jacket on a bench while she went to play with her kids. Her iPhone was in the pocket of her jacket. The victim returned to the bench and was told by a witness that a suspect had rummaged through her jacket pockets. The victim looked through her jacket and discovered her cell phone missing. Report 120114244

10:00am      Unit Blk Monterey St    Theft
PSA Heckenberg took a report regarding a theft. The victim was sitting in front of a coffee shop at a table. The victim left his cell phone on the table and went into the business for about thirty seconds. When he returned, his cell phone was gone. The victim tracked his cell phone to a downtown area and responded there. He asked around if anyone was selling iPhones. A suspect approached him and told him he knew a guy who was selling them. The victim handed the suspect $100. The suspect took the money and fled. Report 120114573

12:14pm      Unit Blk Raymond St     Burglary
Officers Padilla and Sullivan were dispatched to a report of a burglary. A staff member had reported that an unknown suspect had stolen several items from inside the main office area of the building. The suspect may have made entry through an unlocked side door, since there were no signs of forced entry. There were also several employees that have keys to the building. Report 120115054

2:00pm       Unit Blk Phelan Ave        Theft
SFCCPD Officer Hadi took a report regarding theft. The victim went into the restroom and placed his backpack down on the ground right next to him. The victim left the bathroom and realized several minutes later that he had left his backpack. The SFCCPD recovered the backpack, but the victim’s laptop that was in the backpack was missing. Report 120109182

2:15pm       Unit Blk Phelan Ave        Theft

SFCCPD Officer Boyko took a report regarding theft from a vehicle. The victim parked her vehicle and secured it. When she returned to her vehicle, she discovered a part of the vehicle’s turning signal had been stolen. Report 120112179

2:43pm       800 Moscow St                Vandalism
PSA Heckenberg took a report regarding vandalism. A man was reportedly alerted that a suspect had spray painted a concession stand locked at the park where he works as a facility coordinator. Report 120115098

3:16pm      400 Blk Edinburgh St       Personation
Officers Chew and Lim were dispatched to a report of identity theft. The victim and her mother have received several letters from collection agencies regarding unpaid bills. The victims did not authorize any of the purchases. Report 120112674

7:23am      Unit blk Lawrence St       Recovered vehicle
7:55am      Mission & St. Mary’s      Stolen vehicle
8:20am      Unit Blk Gloria St            Recovered vehicle
9:30am      Unit Blk Ankeny St         Stolen vehicle
10:25am    Alemany & Bayshore      Vehicle accident (H&R)
10:30am    400 Blk Day St               Recovered vehicle
10:35am    700 Blk Brazil Ave          Recovered vehicle
12:27pm    200 Blk Joost Ave          Recovered vehicle
5:39pm      200 Blk Bocana St          Stolen vehicle
6:39pm      Alemany & Crescent       Vehicle accident
7:50pm      400 Blk Edinburgh St      Recovered vehicle
9:00pm      Alemany & Francis St     Stolen vehicle
10:00pm    400 Blk Edinburgh St      Stolen vehicle