Tuesday, February 14, 2012

February 11, 2012

Incident Date:
Saturday, February 11th, 2012


4:30pm      200 Blk Mt. Vernon      Stolen Vehicle
Officers Chang and Park responded to assist in detaining a possible auto thief. Upon their arrival, a witness had detained a male next to a vehicle which was idling. The witness told the officers that he had entered the premises and the vehicle was not parked in the front area. When the male exited the premises, he observed the suspect standing next to the running vehicle and that the vehicle had a shattered window. The suspect’s possessions were next to him on the floor in front of the vehicle. When the officers questioned the suspect he claimed not to know anything about the vehicle and was merely standing next to it so that no one would enter the vehicle. A record check of the vehicle confirmed the vehicle to be stolen. The suspect was transported to Ingleside station for further investigation. The officers processed the vehicle for fingerprint evidence and were able to lift a print which they collected for Ingleside’s Special Investigations Team. The suspect’s possessions were booked for safekeeping and the suspect was booked at Ingleside station for the vehicle theft at the instruction of Riskin. The owner of the vehicle responded to the scene where the vehicle was released to him. Report Number 120118456

4:54pm      Mission/Excelsior      Suspended License
Officers Kerlegan and Peregrina were on patrol when they observed a vehicle with no front or rear license plate. They affected a traffic stop and the driver advised Officer Kerlegan that she did not have a driver’s license or proof of insurance. A record check revealed the driver’s license was suspended. She was cited at the scene at the instruction of Sgt. Inocencio and the vehicle was towed to Auto Return. Report Number 120118519

11:35pm      900 Blk Geneva      Vandalism
Sgt. Riskin and several other Ingleside officers were on patrol when they were flagged down by a victim regarding vandalism to a window of her restaurant. She told the officers that the suspect entered the establishment and began harassing several patrons inside. He was asked to leave and exited the premises. The suspect then began to repeatedly hit the front window until it shattered and then began walking away. The victim then flagged down the police car and pointed out the suspect as the individual who had shattered the window. The officers attempted to speak to the male who appeared intoxicated. He had a strong smell of alcohol emitting from his breath, blood shot eyes and slurred speech. The victim signed a citizen’s arrest for the vandalism and the suspect was transported and booked at Ingleside station. Report Number 120119307

Other incidents:

1:16pm      3000 Blk Mission      Robbery
Officers Ferronato, Anderson and several other Ingleside officers responded to the call of a fight on a MUNI bus. Upon arrival, they spoke with the victim who seemed intoxicated. He told them that he had exited a MUNI bus when various males jumped on him, repeatedly punched and kicked him and took several items from his person. The males then ran off in an unknown direction. The suspect refused medical assistance. Three other individuals were detained at the scene and they told the officers that they were at the bus stop when the victim approached them and tried to talk to them. The detained individuals ignored him and boarded the bus and the victim followed them onto the bus. The victim began arguing with them and calling them racial slurs. All parties began arguing and pushing each other around. After interviewing everyone and receiving inconsistent stories, the officers were unable to determine who had started the fight. No one at the scene claimed any injuries and did not want any further police action. The officers provided everyone with follow up information and ordered a copy of the MUNI surveillance video. Report Number 120116808

4:00pm      Unit Blk Phelan       Battery
SFCCPD Officer Edais responded to a battery report. The victim told him that he was in the men’s locker room when another male began taking video footage of him. When the victim told the suspect to stop taking the video the suspect punched him repeatedly in the face. The victim advised a supervisor of the incident and responded to the hospital where the doctor said he suffered a concussion. The victim told the officer he wanted to press charges against the individual who was a known suspect and the victim signed a citizen’s arrest. The officer provided him with follow up information and told him he would follow up by searching for the suspect. Report number 120119040

10:55pm     Gennessee/Monterey      Theft
A victim responded to Ingleside station and told PSA Heckenberg that he parked and secured his vehicle and when he returned found one of the doors had been pried open and various items were missing. PSA Heckenberg processed the vehicle for fingerprint evidence with negative results. She provided the victim with follow up information. Report Number 120118105


6:36am      5800 Blk Mission        Recovered Vehicle
10:12am    600 Blk Excelsior        Recovered Vehicle
1:33pm      Unit Blk Phelan           Traffic Accident
1:24am      200 Blk Precita           Recovered Vehicle
4:00pm      300 Blk Trumbull        Recovered Vehicle
4:10pm      Cortland/Gates            H&R
4:52pm      200 Blk Mt. Vernon    Recovered Vehicle
7:30pm      200 Blk Chenery         Stolen Vehicle