Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Incident Date:
Sunday, February 12, 2012


2:17am       400 Blk Madrid St        Battery
Officers Hermosura and Contreras responded to a report of a fight.  Upon arrival, the officers heard a loud commotion coming from the garage of the residence.  The officers contacted the first victim.  He told the officers that he was punched in the face by a second subject, who fled.  The officers summoned an ambulance.  While waiting for the ambulance, the second subject returned. He told the officers that he got into a physical altercation with the first subject.  Both subjects suffered injuries and smelled of alcohol.  Each subject wanted to press charges against the other, and they were both arrested.  Report 120119664

5:11am       3100 Blk Mission St      Vandalism
Officer Jones was dispatched regarding a possible burglary in progress. A witness saw two suspects climbing a wall across the street from where he was located.  As the officer was approaching the area, he spotted three suspects.  The suspects were staring at the officer, and kept looking over their shoulders to see where the officer was going. The officer arrived at the location where the witness saw the suspects climbing the wall.  The officer could smell fresh spray paint and located blue graffiti.  The officers could still see the three suspects, who were continually looking at the officer.  The officer got back into his vehicle and pulled up alongside the suspects.  The officer asked the suspects if they had seen anyone near the wall.  The officer then asked to see the suspect’s hands.  One of the suspects had blue paint on one of his fingers.  As the second suspect put his bag on the sidewalk, the officer heard a distinct “clink” sound, as if two spray paint bottles had hit each other.  The officer looked in the backpack and located several cans of spray paint.  A records check of one of the suspects revealed he was wanted on an outstanding warrant.  This same suspect was also in possession of spray paint, markers and stickers used by taggers.  This suspect was arrested and the other two cited for possession of graffiti tools.  Report 120119880

3:41pm       Unit Blk Brookdale      Resisting
Officers Hopkins, Trail and Peregoy were on patrol when they spotted a suspect who they recognized from prior police contact.  The officers knew that the suspect was wanted on an outstanding warrant.  The officers exited their vehicle and told the suspect to stop.  The suspect turned and ran from the officer.  Officer Hopkins gave chase and continued to order the suspect to stop running.  The officer lost sight of the suspect.  The officers returned to their patrol vehicle and continued to drive around the area.  They spotted a suspect who was wearing similar clothing to the suspect.  The officers attempted to make contact with the suspect so they could identify him.  The suspect ran from the officers, ignoring their commands to stop.  Several other Ingleside officers arrived on scene to assist.  Officers Fung and Quintero caught the suspect and took him in to custody.  A crowd had gathered in the area, so the suspect was immediately transported to Ingleside station for the safety of the suspect and the officers.  At the station, the second suspect was identified as the brother of the first suspect.  The second suspect was on felony probation, had a stay away order which stipulates not being able to wear blue or red.  The suspect was apprehended in an area restricted to him, and wearing blue.  The suspect was arrested.  Report 120121158

Other incidents:  

1:24am       Ocean & San Jose        Battery
Officers Hauscarriague and Almaguer responded to a report of a battery.  The victim drives a cab, and picked up the suspect.  The suspect told the victim he wanted a ride to a particular location.  While en route, the suspect changed his mind and wanted to be taken to a different location.  The victim changed his direction, but then got into an argument with the suspect about the best route to take.  The victim stopped the cab and told the suspect to pay the fare and get out of the cab because he did not want to transport him any further.  The suspect handed the victim a business card, his ID card and a Visa card, which declined.  The suspect exited the cab.  The victim leaned out of the window and asked the suspect to pay his tab.  The suspect punched the victim in the face and fled.  The officers seized the ID and Visa card as evidence.  Report 120119545

8:30am       Unit Blk Hahn St                   Theft
PSA Zabarte took a report regarding theft from a vehicle.  The victim parked her vehicle in front of her residence.  Upon her return, the victim discovered the door to her vehicle was unlocked.  Several items were stolen from inside.  The victim realized that she might have left the door unlocked because there were no signs of forced entry into the vehicle.  Report 120120194

8:50am       4200 Blk Mission St      Burglary
Officer Coles was dispatched to a report of burglary in progress.  The victim left the house to go to the store, while a second victim slept inside the residence.  Upon his return, the victim saw a suspect sitting behind the wheel of the second victim’s vehicle, which was parked inside the garage.  The victim saw the suspect pull out of the garage and drive off in the second victim’s vehicle. The victim ran inside to check on the second victim, who was fine.  The victim’s realized that the suspect entered the residence through an unlocked sliding glass door while the victim slept and stole the keys to the vehicle.  While investigating this incident, Officer Coles was approached by a third victim.  This victim’s vehicle had been broken in to, and ransacked.  Several items were stolen.  Report 120120003

9:30am       100 Blk Desmond St     Vandalism
Officers Campion-Healy and Pai were dispatched to a report of vandalism.  The victim told the officers that she parked her vehicle and secured it.  A neighbor rang her doorbell and told her that the vehicle’s windshield was smashed.  The victim went outside and saw that the vehicle’s window had in fact been shattered.  She told the officers that several other vehicles had been vandalized within the same area over the past two weeks, but she was unsure if any of the incidents had been reported. Report 120120398

10:00am     900 Blk Cortland Ave  Burglary
Officer Morrow responded to a report of a burglary.  The victim told the officer that he had secured his business upon leaving.  When he returned the following morning, the victim discovered the front door had been forced open.  The door frame was damaged and there were obvious pry marks to the door.  The cash register was stolen from inside.  Report 120120291

11:00am     100 Blk Desmond St     Vandalism
Officers Pai and Campion-Healy returned to the 100 block of Desmond Street regarding two more vehicles that were vandalized.  Both vehicle’s front windshields had been shattered by an unknown suspect.  Report 120120376


12:06am          Geneva & Prague        Vehicle accident
12:33am          Mission & Brazil         Vehicle accident
  7:30am          1000 Blk Goettingen  Stolen vehicle
  8:32am          Delta & Harkness        Vehicle accident
  8:50am          4200 Blk Mission        Stolen vehicle
  9:30pm          Unit Blk Crescent       Stolen vehicle
10:00pm          4200 Blk Mission        Stolen vehicle