Thursday, February 23, 2012


Incident Date:

Saturday, February 18th, 2012


No incidents to report

Other incidents:

9:30am 50 Phelan Battery

SFCCPD Officer Edwards responded to a battery incident. The victim told the officer that while jogging a suspect jogger slapped the victim on the bottom as she ran by. The victim gave the description of the suspect to the officer. Report number 120137042

12:00 am San Jose/Geneva Fraud

Police Services Aide Heckenberg-Tognozzi prepared a report regarding a fraud incident. The victim told the PSA that she met a male suspect on the bus. The victim told the PSA that while in a conversation with the suspect he offered to purchase her laptop. The victim and suspect agreed to meet later and make the exchange at the Balboa BART station. The victim told the PSA that the suspect showed up and gave her a personal check for the laptop. The victim received a total of three checks amounting to $1098.00 the victim deposited the checks and later was contacted by her bank and informed that the checks were fraudulent. Report number 120127650

6:30am unit blk Leland Illegal Gambling Hall

Officer Campos was sent by Captain Mahoney and Lt. Delgadillo to investigate the numerous complaints received by email a suspected gambling hall. Officers Campos and Lichtenberger went to the location and peered inside the mock business and could only see people milling about. The officers noticed that there was a mock wall set strategically so as to block the view from the street. The officer also saw that there were surveillance cameras set up outside covering all directions. The officers knocked on the door and were let in by the person in control of the rental property. The officers noticed that there were a couple of couches in the front area of the business. The officers were then led to a back room where they observed numerous card tables and gambling paraphernalia and that the tables were full with people. The officers also observed that there was also surveillance set up inside covering the front door. The property was rented as a Travel agency yet there was nothing inside to indicate that. Since there was no currency on the tables at the time the officers were, the renter/suspect could not be arrested for the crime. The officers’ took 32 digital photos of the setup of the business. Report number 120138266

8:00pm 4000 blk Mission Battery

Police Services Aide Zabarte Prepared a report regarding a battery case. The Victim told the PSA that he was at a party when a known suspect walked up to him and for no reason punched him on the face. The victim left the party and responded to the station for the report. The victim told the PSA that he made the report even though he knows that the suspect has some type of mental disability. Report number 1201139963

10:55pm 200 blk Monterey Threats

Officers Hauscarriague and Almaguer were dispatched to investigate a suspect that was threatening someone with an ax. The officers located the victim and learned that the known suspect never touched the ax, but threatened to us it against them. the victim told the officers that they took the threat seriously. The officer notified Ingleside S.I.T. report number 120138909

9:00pm 111 Richland Vandalism

Officers Conceicao and Curry were sent to investigate a vandalism case. the officers were told by the victim that he closed his business last night and when he returned he discovered that an unknown suspect had broken the front window to the business. Report number 120136834


8:20am     100 blk Paris             Recovered Auto
9:40am     Alemany/Bayshore    Traffic Accident
11:00am   700 blk Huron           Recovered Auto
2:15pm    100 blk Blythdale       Recovered Auto
2:15pm    100 blk Blythdale       Recovered Auto
3:30pm    100 blk Cayuga          Stolen Auto
4:30pm    Allison/Mission           Traffic Accident
8:30pm    300 blk Monterey       Stolen Auto
8:35pm    San Jose/Theresa        Traffic Accident
10:30pm  300 blk Madrid           Stolen Auto