Thursday, February 23, 2012


Incident Date:

Friday, February 17th, 2012


10:20pm   3300 Blk Mission St    Warrant
Officers Almaguer and Hauscarrigue responded to a report of suspect with a knife. Dispatch advised the officers of the description. The officers located the suspect, who matched the description provided by dispatch. The suspect smelled strongly of alcohol and was unsteady on his feet. The suspect was in possession of a pair of scissors. A records check of the suspect revealed that he was wanted on several outstanding warrants. The suspect was arrested. Report 120136282

Other incidents:

5:48am    100 Blk Florentine Ave  Vandalism
Officer McMilton was dispatched to a report of a suspect breaking a window. The victim told the officer that she and her family were having continued issues with the suspect. During this incident, the suspect was intoxicated and acting belligerent. The victim asked the suspect to leave her home, which she refused. The suspect grew angrier and kicked a window, causing it to shatter. The suspect heard the victim calling the police and fled. Report 120133818

8:00am    2800 Blk Alemany      Graffiti
Officer Sugitan was dispatched to a report of graffiti. The night before, the victim secured a gate that leads into her place of work. When she returned the following day, she discovered that the fences had been damaged with graffiti. The graffiti had a tagline and also profanities against the police. Sixteen of the fence columns had been marked with the paint. Report 120135109

9:40am    300 Blk Niagara St    Burglary
Officer Najarro responded to a report of a burglary in progress. Dispatch advised the officer that a witness could see three suspects attempting to break into a residence. While still en route, the suspects fled. Officers Wong and Busalacchi from the Taraval police district were nearby and searched the area for the suspects. The suspects could not be located. Officer Najarro met with the victim. The victim told him that she was having breakfast when she heard someone at her front door and realized that it was the police. She was not aware that anyone was trying to break into her home. The officer found damage to the door frame from the suspects attempting to force entry. Report 120134264

2:31pm    800 Blk Paris St    Theft
Officer Sugitan was on patrol when he was flagged down by a victim. The victim had parked his vehicle and secured it, leaving it unattended. Upon his return, the victim discovered the lock on the vehicle’s bed cover had been punched. The suspect was unable to gain entry into the truck bed. Report 120135052

2:40pm    300 Blk Madison St   Vandalism
A victim approached Officer Lee at Ingleside Station regarding a vandalism incident. The victim discovered a large hole cut out of his curtains. Although the victim did not see the suspect cause the damage, the suspect was the only person in the residence at the time of the incident. The victim believes the suspect is angry at him because he asked him to move out. The suspect has also damaged some of the victim’s property in the past. Report 120135046

3:28pm    4600 Blk Mission St   Vandalism
Officer Ocreto was on patrol when he was flagged down by a victim. The victim told the officer that her vehicle had been vandalized. The officer inspected the victim’s vehicle and found the passenger side mirror had been broken completely off and was lying on the sidewalk. The victim did not see anyone damage her vehicle. Report 120135228

4:00pm Brazil & Naples St Battery
PSA Flynn took a report regarding a battery. The victim was sitting at a bus stop when two suspects approached her. The victim knew both suspects. One of the suspects asked the victim to fight her. The victim refused. The suspects began punching the victim in the face. The victim attempted to flee, but was unable to. A witness drove by and saw the incident. He started honking his horn, which spooked the suspects. The suspects fled. Report 120135808

4:37pm 600 Blk Portola Dr Threats
Officer Thompson was dispatched to a report of threats. The victim owns a business. While at work, the suspect called the business four times and was being rude to the receptionist and other workers. The suspect later arrived at the business and wanted to speak with the victim. The suspect was angry about a bill he received for some services rendered. The suspect told the victim that he had three hours to think about the bill. The suspect left the building, but then immediately walked back in screaming and cursing at the victim. The suspect threatened to never leave the victim alone. The suspect fled. Report 120130096

8:30pm 900 Blk Mansell St Robbery
Officers Khan and Dilag responded to a report of a robbery. The victim was parked, sitting in the driver’s seat of his vehicle. The suspect approached the vehicle and opened the passenger side door. The suspect pointed a handgun at the victim and demanded the victim’s wallet and phone. The victim feared for his life and handed over the items. The suspect began to run, but then suddenly turned back towards the vehicle. The victim heard a gunshot, but neither he nor his vehicle was hit. The victim drove off and heard three more gunshots. The victim was not injured in the incident. Report 120136050

8:56pm 700 Blk Lisbon St Fraud
Officer Chang was dispatched to a report of a fraud. The victim is a frequent online shopper. The victim received a bill for an item that she did not authorize a purchase for. Report 120136157

9:15pm 500 Blk Shields St Theft
Sgt. Smith responded to the above location in search of a laptop. The victim had her laptop stolen but was able to track it. The tracking system indicated that the laptop was being used at the above location. The Sgt. was able to retrieve the laptop from the residence. Report 120108645


6:15am    1000 Blk Madrid St        Stolen vehicle
8:00am    Coleridge & Virginia       Stolen vehicle
8:38am    1000 Blk Goettingen St   Recovered vehicle
8:50am    1400 Blk Shotwell St      Stolen vehicle
11:30am   Unit Blk Phelan Ave      Vehicle accident (H&R)
3:30pm    Geneva & London         Vehicle accident (H&R)
6:06pm    Edinburgh & Peru          Vehicle accident
8:15pm    200 Blk Campbell          Recovered vehicle