Thursday, February 23, 2012


Incident Date:

Saturday, February 16th, 2012


12:35am 300 blk Seneca Probation Violation
Officers Quintero and Fung were sent to investigate a suspect that was in violation of his probation. The officer responded to the location and located the suspect. The officers contacted the probation officer of the suspect. The probation officer gave the stipulated terms of the suspect probation conditions and advised the officers that the suspect was in violation and to take him into custody. 8the suspect was arrested and booked. Report number 120132218

2:44am 3900 blk Mission Stolen Auto Arrest
Officer Hauscarriague was on uniformed patrol when he noticed a Cadillac travelling in the opposite direction that he was. As the Cadillac passed the officer, the driver looked at the officer as the officer was looking at him. The driver pulled over instantly parked and exited the Cadillac. The officer saw that there was a passenger as well. Officer Hauscarriague made a U-turn and stopped his car a short distance away. The officer then conducted a DMV check and discovered that the car had been reported stolen. The officer called for more units to respond. As the officer was waiting for his backup he noticed that the passenger moving around the inside of the car and thought she was searching for a possible weapon. Gun drawn, the officer had to get the suspect out of the car for his own safety. Other Ingleside units arrived to assist. The officer then went to the address that the suspect that was driving the Cadillac ran into. Officer Hauscarriague knocked on the door and was greeted by the suspect that was taken into custody without further incident. While conducting a property check Officer Hauscarriague discovered heroin and methamphetamines. The suspect was booked on multiple Felony charges thus eliminating one more criminal from our streets in the Ingleside! Officer Hauscarriague is awarded the ****“Best Arrest of the Day”**** Report number 120131226

Other incidents:

11:00am 3300 blk Mission Theft
Sgt Miller responded to a business on a theft call. The reportee told the officer that he observed a known suspect with a cart. The suspect filled the cart, and then walked out the front door without paying for anything. The reportee took the suspect in the store and did a citizen’s arrest. Once inside the store the suspect pulled away from the reportee and fled the store. Report number 120129516

2:15pm unit blk Chenery Theft
Police Services Aide Flynn prepared a report regarding a theft. The victim came to the station and told the PSA that while in the restroom she left her phone in a stall and exited to wash her hands. While she was washing her hands a suspect walked in and got into the same stall. The victim asked the suspect to return the phone but was told that there was no phone there. The suspect came out of the stall and the victim asked again. The suspect replied that she did not have the phone and then left the restroom without washing her hands! Report number 120132569

2:45pm 200 blk Oneida Theft
Police Services Aide Flynn prepared a report regarding a theft. The victim told the PSA that he placed his belongings in a locker that was broken. The victim told the PSA that he went to class. When the victim returned he discovered that his property was missing. Report number 120132763

8:21pm 3300 blk Mission Theft
Officers Lundy and Baldovino responded to the business and were told that they observed two suspects working in concert stealing items. The suspects fled the store with over $200 in merchandise. Report number 120133426`

7:40am    2500 blk Harrison      Traffic Accident
7:52pm    200 blk Mt. Vernon    Recovered Auto