Monday, February 6, 2012


Incident Date:
Friday, February 3rd, 2012


3:07am       1700  Blk Geneva Ave           Warrant
Officers Gabriel and Apodaca responded to a report of vandalism.  En route, the officers spotted a group of five suspects matching the description provided by dispatch.  When the suspects spotted the officers approaching, they split up and began walking in different directions.  The officers exited their vehicle and contacted the suspects.  Four of them immediately obeyed the officer’s orders, but one suspect refused, taking a fighting stance towards the officer.  The officer had to physically detain this particular suspect.  The suspect was not injured.  A witness positively identified two of the suspects as involved in the vandalism.  One of the suspects was also wanted on four outstanding warrants.  These two suspects were arrested.  The other three suspects were released from the scene.  Report 120093745

5:00pm       500 Blk Naples St                   Theft
Officer Giannini took a report regarding theft from a vehicle.  The victim parked her vehicle and left it unattended.  Upon her return, she started her vehicle and thought that the exhaust sounded unusually loud.  The victim discovered that the catalytic converter of the vehicle had been stolen.  Report 120094577

6:35pm       700 Blk Delano Ave                Weapon
Officers Almaguer and Hauscarriague were dispatched to a report of a vehicle accident.  While the officers were assisting in exchange of information between the involved parties, they were approached by the victim.  The victim told the officers that he had witnessed the accident and went to check on the occupants of both vehicles.  The suspect opened the window of her residence, which was located next to where the accident occurred.  The suspect yelled out of the window that she wanted the vehicles moved immediately.  The victim tried to explain to the suspect that an accident had just occurred, but the suspect ignored him and began to yell obscenities at him.  The victim was shocked at the suspect’s behavior and took off his baseball cap.  He threw the baseball cap towards the window where the suspect stood.  The suspect disappeared from the window for a moment, but returned holding a gun.  The suspect pointed the gun at the victim.  The victim quickly retreated and called the police.  The officers contacted the suspect.  The suspect told the officers that she was frustrated because the vehicles from the accident were blocking her driveway.  The suspect told the officer that this was an ongoing problem.  The suspect admitted to obtaining her firearm and pointing it at the victim.  The officers seized the firearm, which was unloaded.  The suspect was arrested.  Report 120095860

10:07pm     4900 Blk Mission St               Narcotics
Officers Hom and Cassinelli were on patrol when they contacted a vehicle with expired registration.  A suspect was standing outside of the vehicle.  He looked at the officers and then got back into the vehicle on the passenger side.  The officers contacted the suspect, who told the officers that he was currently on parole.  The officers conducted a parole search of the suspect.  The suspect told the officers that the vehicle belonged to a friend and that he was waiting for this friend to come back.  The officers spotted a backpack on the floor in front of the passenger seat.  The suspect told the officers that the backpack belonged to him.  The officers searched the backpack and located suspected narcotics inside.  The suspect was arrested.  Report 120096200

Other incidents:  

7:00am       2900 Blk Alemany Blvd          Theft
Officers Hauscarriague and Almaguer were dispatched to a report of theft from a vehicle.  The victim parked and secured his vehicle, leaving it unattended.  The victim returned and discovered that the passenger side window had been forced down.  Several items were taken from inside.  Report 120095713

9:00am       1500 Blk Geneva Ave              Theft
Officers Sullivan and Padilla responded to a report of theft from a vehicle.  The victim parked and secured her vehicle, leaving it unattended.  The victim’s neighbor contacted her and told her the vehicle had been broken in to.  The victim returned to her vehicle and discovered one of the passenger windows had been smashed.  The contents from the victim’s vehicle were all over the sidewalk, and a leather jacket was missing from inside.  Report 120094555

3:47pm       Unit Blk Rolph St                    Vandalism
Officers Padilla and Sullivan were dispatched to a report of vandalism.  The victim parked his vehicle and was talking to a friend.  The victim saw the suspect, who he knows as an acquaintance.  The victim honked at the suspect in a joking manner.  The suspect approached the victim, and the victim realized the suspect was angry.  The suspect punched the vehicle, breaking a window.  The suspect fled the scene.  A witness provided the same story to the officers.  Report 120095155

6:15pm       1200 Blk Ocean Ave               Theft
PSA Flynn took a report regarding theft of a bicycle.  The victim secured his bicycle with a cable lock and left it unattended.  Upon his return, he realized his bicycle was gone.  Report 120095218

11:10pm     Glen Park Area                       Assault
PSA Flynn took a report regarding an assault.  The victim was off hiking in Glen Park with some of his friends.  The victim and his friends started a bonfire.  The victim said that about 12 suspects approached the victim and his friends and started a physical altercation.  The victim said at some point he was struck with a baseball bat in his neck.  The victim fell to the ground and saw one suspect standing over him.  All of the suspects fled the scene.  The victim and his friends got onto a bus and went to have pizza.  The victim reported the incident at the insistence of his hospital where he sought treatment for bruising to his neck.  Report 120095365


  6:15am          100 Blk Newman St               Stolen vehicle
  6:20am          800  Blk Peru St                     Stolen vehicle
  8:45am          100 Blk Brookdale Ave          Recovered vehicle
  8:58am          Seneca & Mission St              Vehicle accident
12:00pm          200 Blk Ordway St                Recovered vehicle 
  1:22pm          1800 Blk Church St                Recovered vehicle
  1:45pm          400 Blk Moultrie St                Recovered vehicle
  2:35pm          Lyell & Alemany Blvd            Vehicle accident 
  4:00pm          Unit Blk Park St                     Stolen vehicle
  5:00pm          1700 Blk Sanchez St              Stolen vehicle
  9:00pm          Monterey & Congo St            Stolen vehicle
  9:55pm          San Jose & Randall St             Vehicle accident (H&R)  
10:00pm          Mission & 29th St                   Vehicle accident (H&R)