Monday, February 6, 2012


Incident Date:
Thursday, February 2nd, 2012


11:30am     300 Blk Arbor St                    Battery
Officer Coles was dispatched to a report of battery.  Officers Curry, Sanchez, Pai and Campion-Healy also responded.  The victim told the officers that the suspect, who lives with the victim, had gotten into an argument with a third party.  The victim did not want the arguing going on in her house and asked the suspect and the third party to leave.  The victim decided to give the third party a ride to the bus stop to abate the situation.  The suspect attempted to spray the third party with pepper spray, but missed.  The victim drove the third party to the bus stop and dropped him off.  The victim returned home where she was confronted by the suspect.  A verbal argument ensued when the suspect suddenly pulled out her pepper spray again, and sprayed it at the victim.  The spray only contacted the victim’s clothing.  The victim wanted to press charges.  The suspect was arrested for battery and the pepper spray seized as evidence.  Report 120091523

9:01pm       Crescent & Banks St              Narcotics
Officers Hom and Cassinelli were on patrol when they spotted a suspect that they knew was on probation with a warrantless search condition. The officers had several prior contacts with the suspect.  The officers contacted the suspect, who admitted to the officers that he is on probation.  The officers verified the suspect’s probation through a records check.  The officers responded to the suspect’s residence with the suspect.  The officers located suspected methamphetamines inside the suspect’s room.  The suspect was arrested.  Report 120093121

10:10pm     400 Blk Molimo Dr                Warrant
Officer Dominguez responded to a report of a hit and run accident.  On the scene, the officer contacted the suspect, who was a party involved in the accident.  A records check revealed that the suspect was wanted for an outstanding warrant.  The suspect was arrested.  Report 120061087

11:36pm     Unit Blk Sears St                    Assault
Officers Lozano and McCall were dispatched to a report of assault.  The victim was parked in the driveway of a residence waiting for a friend to come home, with a witness in the front passenger seat.  As he waited in the car, he noticed a vehicle pull up and park in the street behind him.  The suspect exited that vehicle and approached the victim’s vehicle.  The suspect kicked the driver’s side of the victim’s vehicle twice.  The suspect returned to his vehicle and retrieved a crow bar.  The suspect approached the victim’s car again and struck the victim’s vehicle multiple times with the crow bar.  The victim tried to move into the passenger seat to avoid being struck by the crow bar, but he felt it hitting his shoulder.  The witness exited the vehicle and attempted to calm the suspect down, physically restraining him.  The witness left the scene with the suspect.  Several other officers also responded to this incident and searched the area for the suspect’s vehicle.  The officers located the suspect’s vehicle and detained the driver, who was later positively identified as the suspect, and the passenger, who was identified as the witness.  The suspect was arrested on felony charges.  Report 120093444

Other incidents:  

3:00am       Mission & Precita                   Robbery
A victim entered Tenderloin police station to report that he had been robbed while in the Ingleside district.  The victim stated that he was walking on Mission Street when he was approached by three suspects.  The suspects surrounded him and demanded his money.  The victim refused.  One of the suspects punched the victim in the eye, which knocked the victim to the ground.  One of the suspects then reached into the victim’s pocket and removed his wallet.  The suspects fled.  The victim went to SFGH to seek his own medical treatment since he sustained some injury from being knocked to the ground.  Report 120092537

5:09am       3900 Blk Mission St                Burglary
Officers Ferronato and Apodaca responded to a report of a burglary in progress.  Upon arrival, the officers spotted a vehicle matching the description given to them by dispatch.  The officers attempted to stop the vehicle by activating the police vehicle’s red lights and siren.  The vehicle failed to yield and the officers lost the vehicle in the area.  The officers returned to the scene of the burglary and discovered the front door had indications of forced entry.  The officers were unable to contact the responsible party for the residence.  Report 120091012

8:30am       100 Blk Lisbon St                    Fraud
Officers Quintero and Fung responded to a report of fraud.  The victim received a call from a suspect claiming that the victim’s niece had been arrested in Peru.  The suspect told the victim that in order to bail out her niece, she would need to send over two thousand dollars to Peru.  The suspect threatened to hurt the victim’s niece if the victim told anyone about the money. The victim feared for her niece’s safety and immediately went to transfer the money.  Several days later, the suspect called the victim a second time and told her he needed more money for court costs.  The victim again transferred the money.  The victim’s niece contacted the victim after the second transfer and told the victim that she had never been in Peru.  Report 120091783

9:05am       1900 Blk Alemany Blvd          Burglary
Officer Najarro was dispatched to a report of a burglary.  The victim told the officers that she had locked her residence upon leaving for about thirty minutes.  When she returned, the victim found that several of the doors to her residence were left open and the lights on.  The officers noticed that the front door had damage consistent with forced entry.  The officers conducted a walk through to ensure that the suspect was not still in the residence and discovered that all of the rooms had been ransacked.  The victim listed several items that had been stolen.  Report 120091288

3:50pm       5800 Blk Diamond Heights     Theft
Sgt. Inoncencio responded to a report of theft from a vehicle.  The victim had parked and locked her vehicle before leaving it unattended.  As she was walking back to her vehicle, the victim heard the vehicle’s alarm sounding.  The victim saw the suspect leaning in to the passenger side window, and then saw him flee the scene.  The victim continued to her vehicle and discovered that the suspect had smashed the passenger side window and stolen her purse.  When the victim called to report her debit card stolen, it had already been used at a gas station.  Officers searched the area for the suspect to no avail.  Report 120092361

5:15pm       Unit Blk Leland St                   Theft
Officers LaRocca and Muro were dispatched to a report of theft.  The victim was working when two suspects entered the store.  As one suspect purchased an item at the front counter, the second suspect ran over to a display, which contained a scooter.  The suspect grabbed the scooter and fled the store.  The second suspect left the store shortly after.  Report 120094248


  6:30am          Goettingen & Ward St             Vehicle accident
  8:17am          Bayshore & Arleta                   Vehicle accident   
  8:58am          5900 Blk Mission St                Recovered vehicle
10:15am          300 Blk Bennington St             Recovered vehicle
12:27pm          100 Blk Jarboe St                   Recovered vehicle
12:55pm          San Jose & Havelock St          Vehicle accident  
  3:39pm          2900 Blk Diamond St             Recovered vehicle