Thursday, January 5, 2012

January 3, 2012

Incident Date:
January, 3rd, 2012


5:58pm       700 Blk Naples    Warrant Arrest
Sergeant Lozada and Officers Yuen and Gonzalez were dispatched to serve an outstanding warrant. Officers knew where the suspect lived because of previous encounters and knocked on the door of his residence.  The suspect answered the door and was taken into custody without incident. The Officers then transported him back to Ingleside Station. Report number 110763102

9:43pm       200 Blk Brazil     Drug Possession
Officers Tam, Padilla, and Seavey were conducting the search of a residence. The Officers knew the residence to be a place that drugs are sold and they also knew that one the occupants was on probation with a search and seizure warrant. The Officers entered the residence through the open garage and encountered two male suspects and one female suspect. The female suspect was their primary reason for entering the residence. The Officers observed one of the male secondary suspects acting extremely nervous and asked him if he was on Probation. The suspect confirmed that he was and the Officers then placed him in handcuffs to prevent any attempt of escape. The Officers then searched him and found methamphetamine in his right rear pocket. The suspect was then placed under arrest for drug possession.

The Officers then turned their focus on the primary females suspect and asked her if she had any narcotics in her possession. The suspect confirmed that she did, and in plain view, the officers located drugs in her bedroom area.  While at Ingleside station both suspects admitted to the use and sales of methamphetamine.  Report number 120007809

Other Incidents:

1:06pm       3300 Blk Mission Theft
Officers Araujo and Pai were dispatched to investigate a call regarding shoplifting at a business. After arriving at the business, an employee informed the Officers that two suspects exited the store with merchandise and walked past several registers without any attempt to pay for the items. The employee ran after the suspects and told them she was calling the police. The suspects then abandoned the majority of the merchandise in the shopping cart and ran off down the street. A red vehicle stopped near and the suspects, placed the majority of the merchandise in the vehicle, and then proceeded to drive away. The employee did not get a good look at the driver but said she would be able to identify the other suspects from store surveillance.  Report number 120006334

3:00pm       Mission/Valencia Robbery
Officers were dispatched to investigate a call regarding a strong arm robbery. The victim told Officers that she was walking down the street when two male suspects approached her. One of the suspects pushed her and the other reached into her front pocket and stole her iTouch. The suspects then walked away. The victim was very frightened and could not recall what they looked like. Report number 120007633

8:33pm       600 Blk Silver      Battery
Officer Peregrina, Chang, and Park were dispatched to investigate two females fighting. After the Officers arrived on scene they meet with the first female suspect waiting outside. The suspect told the Officers that she is a dog boarder and her roommate is constantly complaining about the dog dander. That morning, they got into a verbal and physical fight regarding comments that the roommate made. She then called the police. The Officers questioned the second suspect and she stated that the first suspect threw a glass of milk at her and she jumped on her to calm her down. Both suspects did not have any visible injuries and no further police action was requested. Report number 120004805

10:00pm     500 Blk Joost      Theft
While on station duty Officer Zabarte met with a victim that wanted to report a crime. The victim stated that while his vehicle was parked in front of his house his GPS was taken from his vehicle. The victim could not find any sign of forced entry and could not recall if it he had locked it. Report number 120006481


  6:30am          Unit Blk Rotteck        Stolen Vehicle
  8:44am          Unit Blk Laura            Recovered Vehicle
  9:45am          Unit Blk Sears            Recovered Vehicle
  3:55pm          700 Blk Anderson      Recovered Vehicle
  4:17pm          Unit Blk Elise              Recovered Vehicle
  8:00pm          Unit Blk Joost             Stolen Vehicle