Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January 2, 2012

Incident Date:
Tuesday, January 2nd, 2012


11:40pm     5000 Blk Mission          Warrant Arrest
While Officers Padilla and Seavey were on patrol they encountered two individuals that ran when they saw their police car. The individuals ran up a flight of stairs and into a hotel room. The Officers checked with the front desk to see who the room was rented out to. After conducting a warrant check on the individual, the Officers learned that he had a warrantless search condition because of his probationary status. The Officers then knocked on the door of the hotel room and a female suspect answered the door.  She told the Officers that there were two other occupants in the room with her. One of the suspects was a male that had an active no bail warrant for his arrest and was immediately taken into custody. The Officers searched the room and found a wallet with several stolen credit cards in one of the female’s purses. Officers also did a record check on the license the plate of a car that was parked outside the hotel room and discovered that it was stolen. The Officers then arrested one of the female suspects for having stolen property in her possession and both suspects were transported back to Ingleside Station.  Report number 120005154

Other Incidents:

12:00am     200 Blk Ellsworth                  Fraud
Officer Khan met with the victim of credit card theft when she came into Ingleside Station. The victim told the Officer that she discovered ten unauthorized charges that were made to her account. All of the charges had been made during the month of December and were done on line.  Report number 120004134

1:30am       Alemany/Santa Rosa             Theft
Officers Ma and Benavides were dispatched to investigate a vehicle that had been broken into. The victim told the Officers that his right rear window had been broken and his car stereo and backpack stolen. The Officers processed the interior of the vehicle for fingerprints with negative results.  Report number 120005223

2:00pm       200 Blk Bemis                       Theft
Officer Giannini was dispatched to investigate a car that was reported to be broken into. The victim told the Officer that she had to leave her vehicle unlocked because of a mechanical problem and when she returned several CDs were missing from the backseat. However an ID and an ATM card of a suspect that the victim did not know was left on the backseat. Police have taken this information and have made the owner of the cards the primary suspect in this theft. Report number 120006102

4:00pm       100 Blk Brookdale               Burglary
A victim of a non-residential burglary walked to the SFPD/Sunnydale housing sub-station and reported a burglary to Officer Trail. The victim told the Officer that she had locked up the computer lab, but when she returned two days later all the computers had been stolen. The victim said there was no sign of forced entry and the unit was not ransacked or destroyed in any manor. There is only one other person who has keys to the unit. CSI was not called to the scene because the burglary had occurred three days ago and the owners had already cleaned the unit.  Report number 120006851


12:17am          5000 Blk Mission        Recovered Vehicle
  3:12am          4700 Blk Mission        Recovered Vehicle
  6:00pm          1800 Blk Silliman       Stolen Vehicle
  7:30pm          Mission/Sickles           Traffic Accident
10:27pm          200 Blk Moultrie         Recovered Vehicle
10:30pm          4700 Blk Mission        Stolen Vehicle