Thursday, January 5, 2012

January 4, 2012

Incident Date:
Wednesday, January 4th, 2012


6:35pm       Randall/San Jose                  Suspended License
While Officers Peregrina and Leong were on patrol a suspect ran through a red light causing them to dramatically slow down. The Officers proceeded to pull the vehicle over and question the suspect. The suspect told Officers that he did not have a driver’s license or insurance. The suspect was cited for these violations and his vehicle was towed. Report number 120010818

7:58pm       3000 Blk San Jose                Drug Sales
While Sgt. Lozada, Officers Antonian, Dudley, and Gonzalez were on duty they observed what they believed to be a drug transaction between several individuals. They approached the individuals and identified themselves as Police Officers. One of the suspects admitted that she had just purchased marijuana from one of the other suspects and was therefore cited for the violation. Of the other suspects, one was arrested for drug sales and the other was arrested for an outstanding warrant. They were both transported to Ingleside Station. Report number 120010777

11:10pm     Circular/Monterey                Armed Robbery
Officers McMilton, Carrasco, and Peregrina were dispatched to a robbery. Upon arriving on the scene they meet with two female victims that were just robbed by two males. The victims told Officers that while they were walking down the street two men came out of a parked vehicle with a long object pointed at them. One suspect pushed one of the victims up against a fence, demanded her purse, and forced her to get on the ground. The other suspect grabbed the other victim by the backpack and attempted to rip it off of her. After futile attempts to get the victims backpack, a third suspect who was driving a vehicle shouted for them to give up.  All three boarded the vehicle and fled the scene. One victim suffered a contusion to her forehead and was treated by an ambulance.

Shortly after the robbery, other Officers spotted the vehicle and attempted to pull it over. A short vehicle chase ended when the suspected vehicle crashed into a tree. The suspects exited the vehicle and one of them was later taken into custody by another patrol unit. One of the victims was able to identify the captured suspect as the man that robbed her. Police also located a sawed-off shotgun in the crashed vehicle. The suspect was arrested for armed robbery and transported back to Ingleside Station. ****BEST ARREST OF THE DAY****Report number 120007984

Other Incidents:

8:00am       200 Blk Brazil                Theft
Officer Flynn was working at Ingleside Station and met with a victim to discuss a theft. The victim told the Officer that a customer visited her three times that day and believes that she stole her wallet during one of those visits. During one of the visits, suspect showed the victim new shoes that she had just bought. The victim noticed that her wallet was missing when she went to the bank later that day. The victim also noticed that there were charges to her account for new shoes. Report number 12009758

9:00am       300 Blk Bradford           Burglary
Officer Peregrina and Leong were dispatched to investigate a burglary. The victim told Officers that he had left his house earlier in the day and when he returned he noticed that the gate was open and the back sliding glass door lock was damaged and open. The victim told Officers that a T.V., computer, personal files, and cash were all taken from his residence. The Officers conducted a search of the area and questioned the neighbors with negative results. Report number 120010153

9:00am       100 Blk Blythdale          False Personation
PSA Flynn was working at Ingleside Station and met with a victim to discuss a tax return. The victim stated that she received a phone call from the State of California Franchise Tax Board that there was an outstanding tax return in her name from an address she never lived at. Furthermore, the tax return was for a gross income amount that far excided any amount she has ever made. Report number 120010012

11:00pm     Unit Blk Leland            Harassing Phone Calls
Officers Muro and Larocca were dispatched to a business regarding harassing phone calls being made. The victim stated that she works at the business and has been receiving annoying phone calls from a former customer for several days. The suspect has made threatening statements and told the victim he will spread rumors about her. The victim told Officers that she has never had any other relations with the suspect and the last time he was in the business was six months ago. Report number 120009548

2:35pm       300 Blk Reposa             Aggravated Assault
Officer Padilla was dispatched to an assault that occurred on a MUNI bus. When the Officer arrived he found the victim still bleeding from his head. The victim told the Officer that he was attacked by three white males after they had been making fun of his hat. The victim stated that he believe he was kicked once, punched about eight times, and then hit with something hard on top of his head. A witness stated that he observed the victim being made fun of.  However, the witness claims that he saw the victim throw the first punch. The victim was then transported to the hospital. Report number 120009720

10:30pm     600 Blk Bosworth          Theft
Officer Pereira was dispatched to investigate a theft. The Officer meet with the victim who stated that she was waiting for the bus when a male ran up from behind her and grabbed her iPhone from her hand. The suspect than fled northbound on foot. The victim was not injured or frightened by the incident. The Officer attempted to locate the phone using the “Find Iphone” feature with negative results.  Report number 120011082

  6:30am          Unit Blk Santa Fe       Stolen Vehicle
10:51am          1600 Blk Sanchez       Recovered Vehicle
11:05am          100 Blk Randall          Recovered Vehicle
  5:20pm          100 Blk 29th               Recovered Vehicle
  4:47pm          100 Blk Naglee           Recovered Vehicle
  7:50pm          Duncan/San Jose         Stolen Vehicle