Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Incident Date:
Monday, January 9th, 2012


2:15pm       Unit blk Ocean             Aggravated Assault
Several Officers were dispatched to investigate an assault with reported gun shots fired. The Officers meet with a witness who watched the whole incident from her upstairs window. The witness stated that she observed a Hispanic male and a black male arguing on the street. The black male was standing just outside of what appeared to be his van. The black male then grabbed the Hispanic man’s gold chain and took off running. The Hispanic man then pulled out a silver pistol and fired three shots towards the black man.

The Officers then made contact with the girlfriend of the Hispanic male suspect who was in the van during the occurrence. She told the Officers that the shots were fired from the friend of the black male who was located further down the street. After the shots were fired her boyfriend got back into the van and took off after the black males that had entered a vehicle and drove away. She then told her boyfriend to let her out. Officers were able to detain three male suspects in a vehicle and the Hispanic male’s girlfriend was able to identify the vehicle as the one used in the incident. She was also able to identify one of the male suspects as being involved in the incident and he was arrested. She could not identify the other male suspects and they were released. Report number 120023388

3:35pm       3300 Blk Mission           Petty Theft
Officers Chew and Naval were dispatched to investigate a shoplifter at a local business. When the Officers arrived they meet with the stores security guard. The security guard witnessed the suspect putting boxed of Advil and Motrin into his backpack and then attempted to walk out without paying. The security then stopped the suspect, identified himself, and brought him into the back room. The security guard signed a citizen’s arrest for the suspect and he was transported to Ingleside Station. Report number 120023601

8:48pm       200 blk Silver                Suspended License
During a routine traffic stop for having non-working headlights Officers Kerlegan and Peregrina asked the driver for his license. The suspect could not produce a license but stated that he had a valid one. When Officers checked this information they found that not only was his license suspended since 2010 but he also had an active outstanding warrant. The suspect was arrested and transported to Ingleside Station and his vehicle was towed. Report number 120024449

10:57pm     4700 blk Mission          Drunk in Public
Officers Benavidez and Jones were dispatched to control a man that was reportedly harassing people on the street. As the Officers approached the scene that saw a man walking down the middle of the street towards traffic. The Officers yelled at the suspect and told him to get on the sidewalk. The Officers were told by a bartender that the suspect was harassing people at his place of business and was extremely intoxicated. The suspect also threw a glass ashtray into the middle of the street. The Officers then detained the suspect and had to sit him down because he was so intoxicated that he could not stand up on his own. The Officers ran a warrant check on the suspect and discovered that he had six outstanding warrants. The suspect was arrested and transported and booked at Ingleside Station. This is the ****Best Arrest of The Day**** Report number 120024706

Other Incidents:

12:15am     100 blk Gladstone        Aggravated Assault
Officers Contreras and Hermosura were dispatched to an assault call. When they arrived they meet with a male and female victim. The female victim told officers that she had a restraining order on a man she had just recently meet. The suspect discovered where she was staying and entered the residence. The suspect then entered the room that the two victims were sleeping and demanded that the female victim come home with him. The male victim then chased the suspect out of the house. However, when the suspect left out the front door he slammed it into the victims head. An ambulance was called for victim because he suffered a large gash but denied transport to the hospital. The Officers then proceeded to search for the suspect with negative results. Report number 120021990

7:30am       700 blk Lisbon              Battery
PSA Zabarte was working at Ingleside Station and meet with the victim of battery crime. The victim told the PSA that her sister pushed her and that caused her to fall down. The result of the push caused her right leg to swell. The swelling got worse the next day and a doctor advised her to wear a brace. Report number 120023093

10:00am     Unit blk Phelan            Terrorist Threats
Officer Sanchez was dispatched to investigate threats that were made to a female suspect. The victim told the Officer that she and the suspect got into a verbal argument and the suspect made several threats to cause severe harm to her. The suspect has made several threats to the victim in the past and often harasses her while she is at work. The victim has applied for restraining orders against the suspect but none have officially been filed. Report number 120022722

5:37pm       4500 blk Mission          Theft
Officers Chew and Naval were dispatched to investigate stolen property. The Officers were told by the victim that while he went to the bathroom in a bar his jacket was stolen from the stool where he left it. The victim had no idea who stole it and there were no witnesses or video cameras. Report number 120023930

7:40pm       Unit blk Garrison        Vandalism
Officers Campos and Lustenberger were dispatched to investigate a vandalism call. The victim of a residence told the Officers that while she was in the back room of her house she heard a loud crash coming from the front of her house. She then noticed that her front door had been broken. Nothing else appeared to be out of place and she did not see any suspects. There were no other witnesses. Report number 120024314

8:55pm       Mission/Geneva            Vandalism
Officers Park and Chang were dispatched to investigate the vandalism of a vehicle. The victim told Officers that she was driving down the street when a Hispanic male ran up and kicked the side of her vehicle. She then got out and began yelling at the suspect when two other suspects began kicking her car. She yelled at all of the suspects and said she was calling the police and all three suspects fled. The Officers searched the area for the suspects with negative results. Report number 120024455

11:00pm     Mission/Kingston                   Vandalism
PSA Zabarte meet with the victim of vandalism while on station duty at Ingleside Station. The victim stated that when he returned to his vehicle he noticed that there sere scratches covering both driver and passenger side doors, both side panels, and the hood of his vehicle. The victim had no idea who would vandalize his vehicle and did not have any suspect of witness information. Report number 120022807


  2:32am          Bosworth/Diamond     Traffic Accident
10:06am          Unit blk Santos            Recovered Vehicle
10:09am          900 blk Duncan           Recovered Vehicle
  2:00pm          Santa Marina/Mission  Stolen Vehicle
  6:20pm          100 blk San Juan         Traffic Accident
  7:44pm          100 blk Powhattan       Recovered Vehicle