Saturday, January 14, 2012


Incident Date:
Wednesday, January 11th, 2012


7:47pm   Unit Blk Phelan        Alcohol
SFCCPD Officer Burlyga responded to assist SFCCPD Officer Green who had a suspect detained.  The suspect was being combative and uncooperative.  The suspect had symptoms consistent with being under the influence of alcohol.  The officers handcuffed the suspect who yelled profanities at them.  The officers attempted to search the suspect for weapons, but he continued refusing to cooperate.  A records check revealed that the suspect was on probation.  The officers determined that due to the level of intoxication of the suspect that he was unable to care for himself.  The suspect actively resisted the officers as they walked him to a patrol car.  The officers were able to get the suspect into the patrol car, and he was transported to jail.  Report 120030430

8:21pm   1500 Blk Silliman     Firearm
Officers Hurwitz and Hauscarriague were on patrol in plain clothes.  They received a tip regarding a suspect possibly selling narcotics.  The officers knew the suspect from prior police contact and knew he was on probation.  The officers spotted the suspect with a second suspect and made contact with them.  The second suspect was also on probation.  The officers conducted a search of both suspects.  The first suspect had narcotics concealed between his buttocks and had a large quantity of cash on his person.  The second suspect admitted to the officers that he had narcotics on his person.  The officers located the narcotics in his jacket’s pocket.  The officers then searched the vehicle that the suspects had been in.  The officers located a loaded handgun between the seat and center console in the vehicle.  The handgun was not registered to either suspect.  The officers then conducted a probation search of one of the suspects.  The officers recovered counterfeit U.S. currency from the residence.  Both suspects were arrested and booked on several felony charges.  Report 120030452 **GREAT ARREST!!**

300 Blk Silver Ave
Officers Burke and Carrasco were on patrol when they saw three suspects walking in the street, outside of marked crosswalks.  The officers contacted the suspects and asked them to get out of the street.  The suspects complied.  The officers noticed a smell of suspected marijuana coming from one of the suspects.  This suspect told the officers that he is on probation and that he did have marijuana on him.  The suspect removed two baggies containing a substance consistent with marijuana.  The suspect had a doctor’s note regarding marijuana, but did not have a medical marijuana card issued to him.  The officers noticed a smell of suspected marijuana from a second suspect.  This suspect also admitted he had marijuana on his person and handed the officer a small vial containing a substance consistent with marijuana.  This suspect did not have a medial marijuana card issued to him.  Both suspects were cited for possession of marijuana.  Report 120030446

Other incidents:  

Unit Blk Brewster St
Officers Seavey and Padilla were dispatched to a report of theft.  The victim was inside her home when she was alarmed by the sound of her garage opening.  The victim looked outside and saw a suspect inside her vehicle that was parked in the driveway.  The victim went to her vehicle and discovered several items were missing.  The victim does not remember if she locked the doors to her vehicle.  Report 120027954    

7:00am   300 Blk Gambier St     Theft
Officers Bernard and Johnson responded to a report of theft.  The victim discovered that a suspect had somehow entered her vehicle, even though there were no signs of forced entry.  Several items were stolen from inside of the vehicle.  Report 120028184

4600 Mission St
PSA Flynn took a report of theft.  The victim was trying on clothes in a dressing room.  The victim placed his wallet on the bench in the dressing room and exited for a couple minutes.  When he returned to the dressing room, his wallet was gone.  Report 120030151

9:03am   4700 Blk Mission St     Theft
Officers Pereira and Archilla were dispatched to a report of theft.  The victim was on a MUNI bus, holding his iPhone in his hand.  The victim was playing on his phone.  The bus came to a stop and the bus doors opened.  The suspect grabbed the victim’s cell phone out of his hand and fled off of the bus.  Report 120030208

10:00am  1600 Blk Sunnydale     Theft
Officers Johnson and Obot responded to a report of theft.  The victim told the officers that several months ago, he and several coworkers left the building they work in for several days while it was being painted.  Upon his return to work, the victim noticed that the doors to the building were pried open.  Several computers had been stolen.  Report 120029370

12:00pm  5900 Blk Mission St      Threats
Officer Giannini was dispatched to a report of threats.  The suspect and victim have an acquaintance type relationship.  The suspect grew angry with the victim and yelled profanities at her.  The suspect then threatened to shoot the victim.  The victim has had prior incidents with the suspect in the past.  Report 120028742

4:55pm   1100 Blk Geneva Ave    Theft
Officers Park and Chang responded to a report of theft.  The victim works at a barber shop.  She had just cut the suspects hair and he left.  The victim realized that her bag was missing that she had left on the receptions desk.  The victim reviewed the security tapes and saw the suspect taking the bag.  Report 120030032

5:40pm   600 Blk Anderson St      Assault
Officer Hornstein responded to a report of shots fired.  The officer was first contacted by a witness.  The witness saw four people in a struggle.  It appeared to him that a male and female were fighting over a purse.  Two of the males fled and he heard a woman scream for help.  Then the witness heard two gunshots.  The witness ran into his home to call police.  Several other officers responded to assist Officer Hornstein.  The officers located an iPod and ring on the sidewalk.  As they were searching for more evidence, the officers were approached by two victims.  The victims told the officers that they were walking when they were approached by two suspects.  The suspects asked the victims for directions.  As the victims answered, the suspects suddenly attacked the victims.  The male victim was able to rip the sweatshirt off of the suspect, which the officers located and seized from the scene.  The second suspect demanded the female victim’s purse and violently ripped it from her shoulder.  The second suspect punched the female victim in the head.  As the second suspect fled, he turned back towards the victim’s holding a handgun.  The suspect shot three times at the victim’s, but did not hit either of them.  The female victim identified the iPod and ring found on scene as hers.  Report 120029966

6:00pm   200 Blk Trumbull St       Theft
Officers Contreras and Hermosura were dispatched to a report of theft.  The victim sleeps in a residence that is shared by several tenants.  The victim had left her bag next to where she sleeps.  When she returned home, it was missing.  Report 120030587

6:33pm   1800 Blk San Jose Ave    Robbery
Officers Archilla and Pereira responded to a report of robbery.  The victim was walking when she heard someone approach her from behind.  The victim turned and looked behind her and saw a suspect hiding between two cars.  The victim began walking faster and crossed the street.  The suspect then ran up behind her and grabbed her.  The victim screamed and began fighting with the suspect as they both fell to the ground.  The suspect suddenly got up and fled.  The suspect did not get any of the victim’s personal belongings.  Report 120030098


  8:05am        Eugenia & Elsie St                    Stolen vehicle
  8:30am        900 Blk Duncan St                   Stolen vehicle
  9:00am        Arleta & Bayshore                    Vehicle accident (H&R)
200 Ridgewood St
                   Stolen vehicle
11:45am        Manchester & Stoneman          Vehicle accident
11:58am        600 Blk Moultrie St                  Recovered vehicle
12:00pm        200 Blk Bradford St                 Stolen vehicle
12:30pm        Franconia & Samoset               Vehicle accident
  1:00pm        Newman & Bennington             Stolen vehicle  
  2:00pm        Santa Rosa & Cayuga              Stolen vehicle
  3:07pm        100 Blk Santa Marina St          Recovered vehicle
  5:55pm        Congdon & Trumbull                Vehicle accident (H&R)
  7:04pm        200 Blk Mangels Ave               Recovered vehicle
10:45pm        Moffit & Bemis St                    Vehicle accident (H&R)