Tuesday, December 6, 2011

December 5, 2011

Incident Date:
Monday, December 5th, 2011


2:21pm       3300 Blk Mission                    Warrant
Officers Hurwitz, Elton and Jones were patrolling an area where there had been recent burglaries.  They made a passing call near a home known for narcotics trafficking where they had made prior arrests.  They observed two men who appeared to be loitering in front of the home.  Believing the males might be involved in the criminal activity associated with the home, they detained the two individuals.  A record check revealed one of them had an outstanding no bail warrant and was a parolee at large.  The individual was placed under arrest and booked at Ingleside station upon confirmation of the warrant.  Report Number 110975329   

4:23pm       Unit Blk Curtis                       Weapons
Officers Hurwitz and Elton were on patrol when they recognized a known suspect who was on probation walking in the area.  The officers stopped to talk to the male who became silent when asked if he was carrying any weapons.  After the officers asked him again, he admitted to being in possession of a gun.  The officers conducted a search of his person and retrieved a gun, a knife and a baton.  He was placed under arrest and Sgt. Lozada responded to the scene.  Because the suspect was illegally in possession of a firearm, he was transported to Ingleside station and booked at the instruction of Sgt. Lozada.  The officers provided the suspect with a property receipt and booked the gun, the knife and the baton into evidence.  Report Number 110975802.

Because a record check of the above confiscated weapon returned as registered to an individual who was on probation, and both subjects resided in a home where several firearms have been seized by officers in the past, Officers Hurwitz and Elton responded to the 200 block of Pope Street to conduct a probation search.  They made contact with the registered owner of the gun who answered the door. The suspect is known to the officers to be on probation and is a person prohibited from possessing firearms and/or ammunition.  The officers advised the suspect why they were there and he was detained while the officers conducted a search of the home.  Their search found various types of ammunition on the floor in one of the bedrooms.  The officers advised Sgt. Lozada who contacted the suspect’s probation officer.  The probation officer confirmed that the suspect was prohibited from possessing firearms and ammunition and authorized the officers to place a probation violation on him.  The suspect was transported to Ingleside station where he was booked into custody for the probation violation and illegal possession of ammunition.  He was provided with a property receipt and the ammunition was booked into evidence.  **BEST ARREST OF THE DAY**

9:53pm       5200 Blk Diamond Hts           Shoplifting
Officer Kneuker responded to a call of a shoplifter who was resisting arrest.  He met with the reportee who had an individual detained and under control.  He told the officer that he observed the male enter the store and attempt to exit the store with a bottle of alcohol tucked inside the front of his pants.  The suspect had passed all open registers without making any attempt to pay for the item.  The suspect refused to comply with the reportee’s commands prompting him to use physical control to detain him.  The reportee then advised dispatch he needed assistance.  The reportee signed a citizen’s arrest and the individual was cited for the shoplifting offense.  The item was returned and all evidence was booked at Ingleside station.  Report Number 110976377

Other incidents:  

10:00pm     300 Blk Moultrie                    Theft
Sgt. Miller was on patrol when he was flagged down by a citizen who pointed to a nearby vehicle whose window had been smashed.  There were two bags on the sidewalk next to the vehicle and Sgt. Miller was able to link the bags to the vehicle.  The owner of the vehicle arrived on scene and told him that she had parked and secured her vehicle the night before.  She stated that the bags on the sidewalk belonged to her and that no other items were missing from the vehicle.  She told him that the window was not damaged when she parked and secured the vehicle.  Sgt. Miller did not process the vehicle because of the lack of physical evidence.  He provided the victim with follow up information.  Report Number 110974127

10:45pm     Diamond/Bosworth                Robbery
Officers Anderson and Ferronato were dispatched to a robbery.  The victim was a Spanish speaker and Officer Anderson used his knowledge of Spanish to interview him.  The victim told him that he was on a MUNI bus talking on his cellular phone when he was approached by two males.  One of the males put a knife to his right side and told him not to move and to give him his phone.  The victim was in fear of being stabbed and handed the suspect his phone.  The two suspects then exited the bus and ran off in an unknown direction.  The victim was not injured and said that he could identify the suspects if he saw them again.  The officers provided him with follow up information and contacted MUNI dispatch to order a copy of the video surveillance tape.  Report Number 110976537

11:00pm     5800 Blk Mission                    Theft
Officers Morse and McMilton were dispatched to a theft.  They met with the victim who said that a male who frequents the store came in and asked to use his cellular phone.  The victim handed him the phone and while the suspect was talking on the phone he ran out of the store with it.  The victim chased the suspect and the suspect threw the cellular phone on the ground and ran away.  The victim returned to the store and called the police.  The victim was not injured and said he could identify the suspect if he saw him again.  He provided the officers with a copy of a CD containing video of the incident.  The officers provided him with follow up information and booked the CD into evidence at Ingleside station.  Report Number 110976509

  1:55pm           1800 Blk Church          Recovered Truck
  9:30pm           Pioche/Madison            Stolen Vehicle
10:03pm           Alemany/Theresa          Traffic Collision