Monday, December 5, 2011

December 4, 2011

Incident Date:
Sunday, December 4th, 2011


0:52am       5000 Blk Mission                     Warrant
Officers Dominguez and Ma were on patrol in the area of Mission and Amazon when they observed two males on the corner in front of a business.  One of the males was carrying a bottle in a brown paper bag which he attempted to hide from the officers when he spotted them.  They detained the males and inspected the bottle inside the paper bag which was half full and an alcoholic beverage.  A record check revealed the male who did not have the bottle in his possession had an active warrant.  He was placed under arrest and transported to Ingleside station where he was booked upon confirmation of the warrant.  The other male was cited for possession of an open container and released at the scene.  Report Number 110973828   

7:30am       Brentwood/Yerba Buena        Warrant
SFCCPD Officer Edwards was on patrol when he observed a male walking in the area with an unsteady gait.  As the male continued walking he stumbled and fell into some bushes.  The officer detained the individual who admitted he was under the influence of alcohol and drugs.  He provided the officer with his California Identification Card and a record check revealed he had an outstanding warrant.  The suspect was transported and booked at the County Jail.  Report Number 110667235   **BEST ARREST OF THE DAY**

Other incidents:  

4:45am       100 Blk Precita                      Robbery
Officers Dominguez and Ma responded to the call of a stabbing.  Various other Ingleside units responded and searched the area for the suspects after a description was provided by dispatch.  The officers met with the victim who was bleeding from a stab wound to the right side of his body.  Officer McMilton provided medical assistance and placed pressure on the wound until the ambulance arrived.  The ambulance arrived and transported the victim to the hospital for further medical treatment.  Officer Morse began a crime scene log, took pictures of the victim and the scene, and seized various items which he found in front of the victim’s home where the assault had occurred.  Officers continued searching the area unsuccessfully for the suspect.

Officers Dominguez and Ma responded to the hospital and, once the victim was stable, were able to interview him.  The victim told the officers that he was walking home on Precita Avenue when he was approached by various males and one of them asked him for money.  The victim paid no attention and continued walking down the street when the same male confronted him on his doorstep and demanded he give him the bag he was carrying.  The victim refused and the suspect grabbed the bag and began pulling on it.  The victim refused to let go of the bag and the suspect pulled out a knife and began stabbing the victim several times.  The victim grabbed the suspect’s hand in an attempt to stop him from stabbing him, and a second suspect began punching the victim in the head several times.  The victim let go of his bag and the suspects fled on foot west bound on Precita Avenue.  The victim was provided with follow up information and all evidence was booked at Ingleside station.  Report Number 110971430

5:00am       200 Blk Gates                         Theft
Officers Pereira and Habib were dispatched to investigate a theft from a vehicle.  They met with the victim who told them that he parked and secured his vehicle and when he returned found his side window had been smashed and several items taken.  The victim was able to provide the officers with a copy of a video surveillance tape which recorded the incident as he had recently installed surveillance cameras in front of his home.  The officers did not process the vehicle because there was a lack of physical evidence.  They provided the victim with follow up information and booked the tape into evidence at Ingleside station.  Report Number 110973157

9:00am       Unit Blk Lippard                    Burglary
Officer Archilla responded to a burglary.  The victim advised him that he locked and secured his home and when he returned found a side window to the home smashed and several items missing.  He was unable to provide the officer with any additional suspect information and there were no witnesses.  Officer Archilla  determined the window was the point of entry and exit as he found no further sign of forced entry.  Because of the apparent lack of fingerprint evidence, he did not have the scene processed.  Officer Paras responded to the scene and took pictures which he booked into evidence at Ingleside station.  The officers seized a shirt found in the home by the victim which he stated did not belong to him.  They booked the shirt into evidence as well.  The victim was provided with follow up information.  Report Number 110973232

7:00pm       100 Blk Tiffany                       Theft
Officers Habib and Pereira responded to a theft.  They were advised by the victim that she had a friend over who she had known for a couple of months and when the friend left found her I-phone was missing.  She believed the friend took her phone, but did not actually see him take it.  She provided the officers with a description of the suspect and several officers searched the area unsuccessfully for him.  They provided the victim with follow up information and searched the area where the phone was last activated for the suspect but were unsuccessful in locating him.  Report Number 110973000

10:33pm     1600 Blk Geneva                    Robbery
Officers Morse and several other Ingleside officers were on patrol when they were dispatched to a robbery.  They met with the victim who said that she parked and was securing her vehicle when an unknown male came from out of nowhere, reached inside her car and told her to give him her purse.  She said that the male was holding a silver object in his left hand which she believed was a knife.  The suspect grabbed her purse and they both struggled with it until the male was able to yank the purse away from her.  The victim said she was not injured and believed she could recognize the suspect if she saw him again.  The suspect then ran into Crocker Amazon Park with her purse.  The officers canvassed the area unsuccessfully for the suspect and the victim’s purse.  They provided her with follow up information.  Report Number 110973505

  4:00am           Cambridge/Silver          Traffic Collision
  2:20pm           Joost/Congo                 H&R
  3:00pm           300 Blk Monterey        Stolen Motorcycle
  9:00pm           Munich/Excelsior          Stolen License Plate
  8:30pm           2200 Blk Alemany        Stolen Truck
  8:32pm           1000 Blk Munich          Recovered Vehicle