Tuesday, December 27, 2011

December 24, 2011

Incident Date:
Saturday, December 24th, 2011


2:49am       Santa Rosa/Cayuga      H/R Arrest
Officers Benavidez and Gabriel were responding to an incident to assist the SFFD with an individual who was passed out in his car.  As the officers approached the intersection at Santa Rosa Avenue/Cayuga a vehicle entered the intersection and struck the police car. The vehicles came to rest with heavy damage to the police car. The officers had to climb out of the passenger side door. The driver of the Acura was nowhere to be found. Sergeant Kato went to the house that the Acura was registered to search for the suspect. A relative of the suspect answered the door and informed Sergeant Kato that the suspect was in the garage. The Officers searched the garage and located the suspect hiding behind the washing machine. The suspect was taken into custody for hit and run. The officers discovered that the suspect was driving on a suspended license. The suspect was booked for hit and run, delaying an investigation and driving with a suspended license. Team work and tenacity yielded the arrest of this suspect. This is the ****Best Arrest of the Day****. Report number 111027018

6:15 pm      3300 Blk Mission          Warrant Arrest
Officer Preston was sent to investigate a call from a business where a suspect had been shoplifting. The victim told the officer that while working he observed the suspect put meat into his backpack and then attempted to walk out the front doors without attempting to pay for the items.  The suspect was stopped by the victim. The victim also told the officer that this same suspect had been warned about coming back to the store. A warrant check was done and revealed that the suspect had a $1000 outstanding warrant for his arrest. The suspect was then arrested and booked at Ingleside Station.  Report number 111028408

10:35pm     1300 Blk Ridge             Illegal Gun Possession
Officers McCall and Lozano were sent to investigate a “Man with a Gun” call. The officers responded and began searching for the possible suspect. The officers then received information of a possible address and responded. While doing a perimeter check, they saw a pump rifle on a table in the front yard. The officers knocked on the door only to be met with a subject that matched the description of the suspect. The suspect told the officers that he was shooting at raccoons that have been invading his home. The officers explained the law and issued a citation for the rifle (BB gun). Report number 111028765

Other incidents:  

4:39am       Unit Blk Trumbull         Burglary
Officer Araujo was dispatched to investigate a burglary case. The victim told the officer that an unknown suspect had broken through two doors to get to the garage area of the building. The suspect then cut the locks off the bike rack and removed two bikes. The damage and loss was over $2000. The victim told the officer that there is surveillance in the building and the video will be retrieved for evidence. Report number 1110276541

7:40am       4300 Blk Mission             Robbery
Officer Morrow was dispatched to a robbery case. The victim told the officer that she was seated at a Café near the window texting. The victim told the officer that suddenly a suspect grabbed the phone and there was a brief struggle. The victim told the officer that the suspect was too strong and was able to run off with the phone. The officers broadcast the information and suspect description. The area was searched for the suspect with negative results. Report number 111027171

1:00pm       600 Blk Portola               Burglary
Officer Najarro was sent to investigate a burglary incident. The officer arrived and found that a business had been broken into via a glass door. The dog unit was called and cleared the building. The officer notified CSI who said that they will respond to process the crime scene.  Report number 111029058


  2:00am        Cayuga/Ocean        Traffic Accident
  2:49am           Santa Rosa/Cayuga      Traffic Accident 
  2:50am           500 Blk Moscow         Traffic Accident
10:15am           Unit Blk Ottawa           Stolen Vehicle
10:30am           100 Blk Flournoy         Stolen Plates
  2:29pm           Ocean/Phelan               Traffic Accident
  5:00pm           Unit Blk Fairmont         Stolen Vehicle
  9:30pm           1500 Blk Florida          Stolen Vehicle 
10:00pm           Sussex/Mizpah             Stolen Vehicle
11:00pm           200 Blk Duncan           Stolen Vehicle