Sunday, December 18, 2011


Incident Date:
Saturday, December 17th, 2011


3:12am                 1700 Blk Geneva Ave             Assault
Officers McMilton and Morse responded to an unknown emergency.  Dispatch advised the officers that the caller simply said, “send the police” before hanging up.  The officers contacted a victim who told the officers that the suspect was drunk and being aggressive.  The suspect followed the victim into a room and grabbed her by the neck and briefly strangled her.  The suspect let go of the victim’s neck and walked out of the room. As the officers spoke with the victim out in front of the residence, the suspect yelled profanities out of the window to the officers.  Additional police units arrived to assist on the scene.  The suspect surrendered to the officers without further incident, and he was arrested.  Report 111009533

12:05pm               5200 Blk Diamond Heights    Theft
Officer Coles responded to a report of theft.  The suspect had taken several packages of steak from the shelves and placed them in a shopping cart.  The suspect pushed the cart out of the store, making no attempt to pay for the items.  The suspect was detained by store loss prevention.  The suspect was cited for the theft.  Report 110004840

Unit Blk Blythdale Ave
Officers Huang and Hopkins were dispatched to a call of a suspect refusing to leave a premise.  Upon arrival, the victim told the officers that victim was gone.  As the officers turned to leave, they contacted the suspect who was walking back up to the premise.  The suspect gave the officers a name and told them that she didn’t have an ID on her.  The officers noticed a tattoo on the suspect’s neck that they recognized.  The suspect finally admitted to her real name.  A records check revealed that the suspect was wanted on several outstanding warrants and she was arrested.  Report 111008814

6:00pm                 300 Blk Surrey St                    Assault
Officers Chang and Park were dispatched to a report of a suspect with a knife.  The officers contacted a victim, who had some dried blood on his hand.  The victim told the officers that he and the suspect had been drinking at his house. The victim fell asleep until the suspect woke him up by yelling.  The victim realized that the suspect was holding a knife to his neck.  The suspect accused the victim of stealing his laptop.  The suspect cut the victims hand and then held the knife back to the victim’s neck for approximately 20 minutes.  Eventually, the victim managed to escape and fled from the premise.  The suspect remained in the residence.  The officers made entry into the premise and located the suspect on the second floor.  The suspect was arrested. Report 111008557

Other incidents:  

1:30am                 300 Blk BayShore Blvd           Theft
PSA Flynn took a report regarding theft from a vehicle.  The victim parked and secured her vehicle before leaving it unattended.  Upon her return, she discovered that the passenger window had been smashed and one the tail lights on the vehicle had been broken. Several items were taken from inside the vehicle.  Report 111008325

2:47am                 4900 Blk Mission St                Counterfeit
Officers Morse and McMilton were dispatched to a report of fraud.  A suspect attempted to pay for his items using three obviously counterfeit ten dollar bills.  The employee told the suspect that he was not going to accept the bills and went to call the police.  The suspect paid for the items with real money and fled the scene.  Report 111009486

7:00am                 Addison & Digby St                Vandalism
CPSA’s Navarro and Lee responded to a report of vandalism.  The suspect had damaged the Christmas decorations that had been put up by the apartment management.  Report 111007399

8:45am                 500 Blk Monterey Blvd          Burglary
Officer Pai was dispatched to a report of a burglary.  The victim had arrived at work in the morning and found that a suspect had forced entry into the store.  The suspect stole the cash register and safe.  Report 111007640   

12:45pm               Delta &
Wilde St
Officers Muro, Larocca and several other Ingleside units responded to a report of a robbery.  The victim was skateboarding when he saw a suspect approaching him.  The suspect suddenly ran at the victim, knocking him to the ground. The suspect demanded the victim’s personal belongs.  The suspect went through the victim’s pockets and stole several items.  The suspect fled the area with a second suspect who had been standing by.  Report 111007907

1:15pm                 5900 Blk Mission St               Robbery
Officer Sullivan responded to a report of a robbery with a gun.  The victim was sitting in his parked vehicle.  The victim was in the back seat, with the door open.  A suspect approached the victim and demanded the victim’s cell phone.  The suspect told the victim that he had a gun. The suspect lifted his shirt revealing a handgun tucked into his waistband.  The victim handed the suspect his cell phone.  The suspect fled.  Report 111008002

1:56pm                 5200 Blk Mission St               Robbery
Officer Sullivan was dispatched to a report of a theft.  The victim told the officer that a suspect had entered his store and taken a 18-pack of beer.  The suspect exited the store without making any attempt to pay for the item.  The victim chased after the suspect.  The victim grabbed the suspect’s jacket in an attempt to stop him from fleeing.  The suspect struck the victim in the shoulder forcefully enough to cause the victim to let go of the jacket.  Two more suspects got out of a vehicle that was parked in front of the business and squared off on the victim as if they wanted to fight him.  The victim grew fearful and backed away from the suspects.  The suspects got into the vehicle and fled.  Report 111008074

2:45pm                 Alemany & Geneva Ave         Theft
Officer Kerlegan took a report regarding theft from a vehicle.  The victim was at a gas station and went into her trunk to get some money from her bag.  She closed her trunk and went into the gas station.  The victim went back to her vehicle and drove home.  When the victim arrived home, she went to retrieve her bag from the trunk and realized that it was gone.  The victim believes she might not have closed the trunk all the way when she closed it at the gas station.  Report 111008400

5:32pm                 900 Blk Geneva Ave               Theft
Officer Archilla responded to a report of theft.  The victim was shopping, holding her purse under her arm.  Suddenly, the victim realized that her purse was gone from under her arm.  The victim insisted that she did not drop the purse anywhere and that a suspect must have taken it without her knowing.  Report 111008472

8:00pm                 Peru & Athens St                    Robbery
Officers Park and Chang were dispatched to a report of a robbery.  The victim was walking to her car with her purse on her shoulder.  A suspect approached the victim from the rear and pulled on her purse.  The victim fell to the ground while struggling to hold on to her purse.  The suspect was able to gain control of the purse and fled.  Report 111008745


  8:30am                       Lisbon & Avalon St                  Stolen vehicle
  9:15am                       Unit Blk Bemis St                     Stolen vehicle
10:30am                       100 Blk Teresita Blvd               Recovered plate
10:30am                       Foote & Alemany Blvd             Vehicle accident
11:38am                       Mission & Rolph                      Vehicle accident
  4:33pm                       1600 Blk Sanchez St                Recovered vehicle
  5:00pm                       1300 Blk Noe St                      Stolen vehicle
  5:35pm                       Cotter & Mission St                 Vehicle accident (H&R)
10:58pm                       Rolph & Mission St                  Vehicle accident