Sunday, December 11, 2011


Incident Date:
Saturday, December 10th, 2011


11:11pm               Mission & 30th St                              D.U.I.
Officers McMilton and Morse were dispatched to a report of a domestic dispute that had occurred on a sidewalk.  The suspect reportedly got into a vehicle and fled.  The officers arrived on scene.  As they were speaking with witnesses, a vehicle drove by them at a high rate of speed.  The vehicle matched the description of the suspect’s vehicle.  Two other officers that were on scene got into their patrol car, caught up with the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop.  The driver of the vehicle was the suspect involved in the dispute.  The officers suspected that the driver was under the influence of alcohol.  After further investigation, the suspect was arrested on driving under the influence of alcohol.  Report 110989477

Other incidents:  

7:25am                 Prague &
Persia Ave
             Theft, Att.
PSA Flynn took a report regarding an attempted purse snatch.  The victim was walking while carrying her purse over her shoulder.  A suspect approached and tried to pull the victim’s purse from her shoulder.  The victim grabbed the straps of her purse and held on.  The suspect pulled for several feet down the street by her purse, but the victim held on.  A MUNI bus approached and the suspect let go of the purse and fled.  The victim was unharmed.  Report 110988946

2:21pm                 1700 Blk Sunnydale Ave        Vandalism
Officers Duffin and Obot were dispatched to a report of vandalism.  The victim parked her vehicle and went into her residence.  A short time later, she heard a loud crash and ran back outside.  The rear window of her vehicle had been smashed.  Report 110988388

4:00pm                 Fowler &
Portola St
CPSA’s Reynolds and Lee responded to a report of a theft.  The victim had been shopping.  He carried his wallet in his back pocket.  When he returned home, he realized his wallet was missing from his pocket.  Report 110987982

6:46pm                 200 Blk 27th St                        Vandalism
Officers Campos and Peregrinia responded to a report of vandalism of a vehicle.  The victim discovered a dent to his vehicle that had not been there before.  The victim named a possible suspect who he has had prior incidents with.  The victim did not see the suspect damage his vehicle.  Report 110988855

9:00pm                 500 Blk Madrid St                  Robbery
Officers Morse and McMilton were dispatched to a report of a robbery.  The victim had been walking through the park when he was approached by two suspects.  One of the suspects grabbed him in a bear-like hug and went through his pockets.  The suspect took his wallet.  Both suspects then fled.  The victim was unable to provide much further information because he was heavily intoxicated and uncooperative. Report 110989239

9:00pm                 Crocker Amazon Park           Theft
PSA Flynn took a report regarding theft.  The victims said that they parked and locked his vehicle before leaving it.  Upon their return, the victims discovered that one of the windows on the vehicle had been smashed.  Several items were taken from inside.  Report 110989176


  11:00am         Unit Blk Montezuma                 Stolen vehicle
  11:09am         100 Blk Bemis St                     Recovered vehicle
    2:00pm         1200 Blk Girard St                   Stolen vehicle
  11:50pm         Ocean & Phelan Ave                Vehicle accident