Sunday, December 4, 2011


Incident Date:
Friday, December 2nd, 2011


Unit Blk Tucker St
Officers Hurwitz, Elton and Rueca responded to a residence to attempt to make contact with a suspect who was on active probation.  The officers made contact with the suspect, and two other suspects.  Two of the suspects had a search condition as a part of their probation.  The officers retrieved narcotics, narcotics paraphernalia and other items indicating narcotic sales.  All three suspects were subsequently arrested.  Report 110966334  ***BEST ARREST OF THE DAY!***

Unit Blk Farallones Ave
Officers Hauscarriague and Hom were on patrol and responded to an address to look for a suspect wanted on two outstanding warrants.  The officers located the suspect standing out in front of the residence.  The suspect was arrested without further incident.  Report 110980224

1800 Blk Sunnydale Ave
Officers Padilla and Ma were dispatched to a report of a physical altercation.  The officers spotted a possible suspect in the area where the altercation was reported to have happened.  The officers called out to the suspect and identified themselves as police officers.  The suspect began to walk away from them at a fast pace.  The officers ordered the suspect to stop and again identified themselves as police officers. The suspect suddenly began running from the officers.  The officers fled after the suspect for several minutes.  One of the officers caught up with the suspect, who continued to disobey his commands.  The suspect was apprehended and placed into handcuffs.  Through further investigation, the officers found no evidence of a physical altercation.  The suspect was cited for resisting or obstructing police officers duties and released at the scene.  Report 110968136 

Other incidents:  

Unit Blk Bronte St
Officers Coles and Martinez responded to a report of a dispute.  The officers made contact with two involved parties.  The suspect stated that he stayed the night at the victim’s house.  In the morning, the suspect attempted to leave, but the victim refused to allow him to leave.  The victim believed that the suspect had stolen from him.  The suspect did not have the ring in his possession.  The victim wanted the incident documented.  Report 110965734

Unit Blk Howth St
CPSA’s Reynolds and Lee were dispatched to a report of graffiti.  The reporting party told the PSA’s that he was reporting the incident on behalf of the neighborhood.  The reporting party showed the PSA’s a fence that had graffiti spray painted on it.  The reporting party was concerned because the fence had been repeatedly spray painted with graffiti and was in close proximity to City College.  Report 110966124

1:20pm                 4400 Blk Mission St                Robbery
Officer Goldsborough responded to a report of a robbery.  The victim was working in her place of business when she heard a window open that separates the lobby from the receptionist area.  The victim went to see what was going on and was confronted by two suspects.  One of the suspect’s was holding her iPhone, iPad and some cash.  The victim confronted the suspects, and they told her they had an appointment.  The victim is familiar with all of the patients that frequent the business and did not recognize either suspect.  The victim tried to grab her property from the suspect.  After a violent struggle, she was able to get her cash back from the suspect.  The suspect then pushed the victim into a chair.  The victim stood up and tried to get the rest of her property back from the suspect.  The suspect shoved her into a bathroom that was adjacent to the lobby.  The suspects both fled.  The victim was not injured in this incident.  Report 110966726

3:06pm                 600 Blk San Jose Ave              Narcotics
Sgt. Miller was dispatched to a report of a person acting strangely.  The Sgt. made contact with the suspect who told him that she had been digging in a planted area, searching for the urn that contained her grandfather’s ashes.  The suspect’s behavior indicated that she was under the influence of some kind of stimulant.  A pipe fell out of the suspect’s purse as the Sgt. searched for the suspect’s identification.  The pipe was consistent with a pipe that would be used to ingest narcotics.  The suspect admitted to using the pipe that day.  The suspect did not have any identification and the Sgt. was unable to positively identify her at the scene.  The Sgt. seized the pipe as evidence and wrote a citation for possession of narcotics paraphernalia.  The citation is being held pending positive identification of the suspect.  Report 110964184

1800 Blk Ocean Ave
PSA Flynn took a report regarding theft from a vehicle.  The victim parked and locked his vehicle.  When he returned, he found the passenger window smashed and several items taken from inside.  Report 110967326

100 Blk Sussex St
Officers Archilla and Pereira responded to a report of a battery.  The victim refused to give the suspect a ride home.  The suspect became angry and grabbed the victim by her neck.  The suspect put the victim into a headlock for about a minute before she was able to break free.  The suspect fled.  Report 110967451

6:04pm                 4800 Blk Mission St                 Burglary
Officers Hom and Hauscarriague were dispatched to a report of a burglary.  The victims advised the officers that when they left their apartment, they had secured it by locking the front door.  There were no signs of forced entry and it appeared that the suspect may have entered by using a key.  Several items were stolen from the apartment.  Report 110967730

Unit Blk Ocean Ave
Officers Pereira and Archilla responded to a report of a burglary.  The officers made contact with the victim.  The victim had secured his residence upon leaving it earlier in the day.  Upon his return, the victim realized the key hold on his door had been damaged.  The victim went into his residence and discovered several items were stolen.  Report 110967768

7:27pm                 200 Blk Rey St                         Vandalism
Officers Burke and Carrasco responded to a call of a dispute.  The victim and the suspect got into a verbal argument.  The suspect left and the victim closed the door.  A short time later, the victim heard a loud bang.  The victim went to her front door and found the door frame damaged as if someone had kicked the front door.  She believed the suspect kicked the door.  The suspect was not on scene upon the officer’s arrival.  Report 110967683

10:50pm               100 Blk Gold Mine Dr             Burglary
Officers Almaguer and Tam were dispatched to a report of a burglary.  The victim arrived back home to find that a suspect had forced entry into her home.  It did not appear that any items were taken from the residence.  Report 110968346


10:26am           Monterey & Edna St                Vehicle accident
10:30am           500 Blk Arlington St                 Stolen vehicle
12:49pm           1100 Blk Naples St                  Recovered stolen vehicle
  6:25pm           Crescent & Prentiss St             Vehicle accident