Saturday, December 3, 2011


Incident Date:
Thursday, December 1st, 2011


1:41am                Mission/Bosworth         D.U.I.
Officers Jones and Benavidez were on patrol, when a car passed them with the high-beams on. As the officers made a U-turn, they noticed the suspects’ registration was expired. When the Officers pulled the suspect over they could smell a strong odor of alcohol. The suspect informed the officer that he had not been drinking that evening, but the other people in the car have. A record check came back stating the suspect had a valid DUI probation until January 2012. The officers informed the suspect that they were aware of his DUI and asked him to step out of his vehicle. The Officers proceeded to administer several field sobriety tests as the suspect continued to fail each one. The Officers transported the suspect to the county jail and administered a blood test. The suspect was booked at the County Jail, and the blood samples were submitted to Southern Station. Report Number 110963023

1:00pm                3200 Blk Mission          Fraud
Officers Pedersen and Preston were sent to investigate a case of fraud. The officers met with the victim who pointed to another business and said “he’s in there”. The Officers were given a matching description from both dispatch and the victim. The Officers walked in to the place of business and asked the suspect to speak with them outside. The officers asked the suspect how he paid for the food, and he replied “with my money”. The officers retrieved the bill used to pay for the food, and came to the conclusion that it was counterfeit. The Officers located and removed another bill from the suspects’ pocket. The suspect was then transported to Ingleside Station by officers LaRocca and Muro. A record check revealed the suspect had two active warrants. The suspect was booked at County Jail and the counterfeit currency was booked into evidence at Ingleside Station. Report Number 110963948

7:39pm                600 Blk Excelsior         D.U.I.
Officers Burke and Carrasco responded to a call regarding a hit and run. Numerous units responded to the incident. Officer Habib had checked on the well being of the victims and called an ambulance for assistance. Officer Periera searched the area for the suspect with negative results. Dispatch then advised the officers that Daly City Police had just detained a suspect matching the description from the incident. Officer Klier informed the other Officers that he had heard the description over the radio and observed a matching description traveling down the street and heard what sounded like something being dragged. Officer Klier had the suspect sitting on the curb in handcuffs. The officers attempted to stand the suspect up, he became unsteady and needed assistance. Officers Burke and Carrasco could smell a strong odor of alcohol and asked the suspect to participate in a field sobriety test. When the suspect declined and was transported and booked at Ingleside Station. Since the suspect continued to decline and tests to be taken officers were than forced to administer a blood test. Multiple pictures and several misc items were booked into evidence at Ingleside Station. Report Number 110924833

Other incidents:  

2:00am                100 Blk Brookdale       Burglary
Officers Ma and Padilla were sent to investigate an attempted burglary. The victim informed the officers that she was sleeping when she heard a loud banging coming from her bathroom. The victim went to another bedroom and proceeded to wake up another individual and informed them of what she just heard. The two victims walked to the bathroom when they saw the suspect begin to step in through the bathroom window. When the victim yelled “what are you doing?” the suspect got startled and ran off. Both victims said they did not get a good look at the suspect. The officers requested CSI to process the scene. Report Number 110965609

10:00am              5800 Blk Mission          Theft
Police Service Aide Flynn was on duty at Ingleside Station when a victim came to file a report of theft. The victim stated that he had a known suspect house sit for a few days. Upon the victims return he noticed there were two laptops missing. The victim stated that he had spoken with the suspect who admitted to stealing the laptops. The victim informed the PSA that he has not had direct contact since. Report Number 110964968

10:15am              400 Blk Los Palmos      Burglary
Officer Hui responded to a call regarding a trespasser. The victims informed the police that they had left their home in the morning and upon their return in the afternoon, they noticed the garage door was open. Upon entering the house they also noticed there were several items missing including a TV and jewelry. The officer did a search throughout the house and did not see any suspect. Police Service Aides Callaghan and Lee were requested to respond and dust for fingerprints. Several pictures were taken of the house and booked into evidence at Ingleside Station. Report Number 110963982

12:40pm              400 Blk Madrid            Burglary
Officer Bernard and numerous other units responded to a report of a person inside a callers’ home.  The victim arrived home and saw a suspect fleeing her residence.  She believed a second suspect was still inside the home.  Officers searched the premise and did not locate any suspects.  The suspects ransacked the victim’s residence and stole several items.  Report 110963766

9:30pm                3300 Blk Mission St      Vandalism
Officers Tam and Abucay were dispatched to a report of a fight.  The witness saw a suspect enter the store and then leave multiple times in a short period time period.  The last time the suspect entered the store, he headed for the alcohol aisle.  The witness approached the suspect and asked him to leave the premise.  The suspect grew angry and started kicking boxes of firewood near the exit of the store.  The witness attempted to grab the suspect, but he was able to free himself from the witness.  The suspect fled, however, he left behind several personal items, including his backpack with identification.  Report 110965148 


10:07am          Stoneman/Bonview                 Recovered Auto
11:00am          Alemany/Huron                      Traffic Collision
  1:37pm          200 Blk Hazelwood                Recovered Auto
  4:00pm          Unit Blk Addison                   Stolen Auto
  7:39pm          Excelsior/Naples                     Traffic Collision
  9:00pm          100 Blk Farnum                      Stolen Auto