Tuesday, November 8, 2011

November 6, 2011

Incident Date:
Sunday, November 6th, 2011


3:35pm       3300 Blk Mission                  Robbery
Officers Habib and Dilag responded to the theft of a dog.  They met with victim who was Spanish speaking and told the officers that her dog had been stolen by a known suspect.  Officer Archilla responded to the scene to assist in the translation.  The victim told him that three females had confronted her and her friend and challenged to fight her.  The victim left the restaurant and walked to her vehicle.  She opened the door to her vehicle with the remote control when the three suspects who had followed her out of the restaurant confronted her.  One of the suspects reached inside the vehicle and took her dog.  The victim stated that the dog was a very expensive dog and that the suspects were sitting a restaurant on Mission Street.  The officers entered the restaurant and detained the individuals who had been pointed out to them by the victim.  When they attempted to speak to the suspects they were uncooperative and stated they were intoxicated and they didn’t want to deal with the situation.  The victim told the officers that one of the suspects detained was not involved in the taking of her dog and that suspect was released at the scene.  At the instruction of Sgt. Inocencio both suspects were transported to Ingleside station for further investigation. 

While at Ingleside station the suspects advised the officers where the dog was and that an individual would be at the location with the dog and return it to the officers.  The officers responded to the address in search of the dog to no avail.  They returned to Ingleside station and the suspects were booked into custody for the robbery.  Shortly thereafter the victim was contacted by an individual who said she had the dog and would return it.  The officers responded to the location and found the dog by itself.  They returned to the dog to the victim at Ingleside station and provided her with follow up information.  The victim was not injured and refused medical assistance.  Report Number 110897375   **BEST ARREST OF THE DAY**

Other incidents:  

1:40am       900 Blk Ellsworth                  Assault
Officers Contreras and Hermosura were dispatched to the hospital regarding a walk-in victim who had been shot.  They spoke with the victim’s mother who advised her son came banging on her door in the early morning and said he had been shot.  The mother had a neighbor drive them to the hospital for medical assistance.  The officers interviewed the victim who was unable to provide an accurate location or suspect information.  He was only able to tell them that he was walking in the Alemany projects when a black vehicle drove by and he heard shots.  The officers took pictures of the victim’s injuries and booked them into evidence at Ingleside station.  They provided the victim with follow up information.  The officers asked dispatch to check of any shots fired calls in that area and the results were negative.  The officers provided the victim with follow up information and made the necessary notifications.  Inspector Garrity responded to the hospital and took over the investigation.  Report Number 110895896

3:00am       Geneva/Mission                    Robbery
Officers Anderson and Ferronato were dispatched to a robbery call.  They spoke with the victim who told them that he was waiting for the bus at Geneva and Mission Streets when four males approached him.  He said one of the males grabbed him from behind, put a knife to the left side of his throat and told him to give him everything he had.  The victim grabbed the suspect’s hand which was holding the knife and pulled it away from his throat area.  The other three males then threw the victim to the ground and repeatedly punched and kicked him.  The suspects then went through the victim’s pockets, removed several items and ran in the direction of Mission Street.  The victim said that he does not know the suspects but believes he could identify the one with the knife if he saw him again.  The victim had multiple injuries to his head and facial areas and the officers summoned an ambulance to medically assist him.  He was transported to the hospital for further evaluation.  The officers took pictures of his injuries which they booked into evidence at Ingleside station.  They provided the victim with follow up information and made the proper notifications.  Report Number 110898185

6:00pm       800 Blk Ellsworth                  Vandalism
Officers Hui and Trujillo were on patrol when they were flagged down by a victim who wanted to report that his vehicle had been vandalized.  The victim told the officers that he parked and secured his vehicle and when he returned found several windows smashed.  The victim was unable to provide any further information and told the officers he didn’t believe anything was missing.  The officers provided him with follow up information and did not process the vehicle for evidence as it had rained the night before and the interior and exterior of the vehicle was wet.  Report Number 110896031

  0:50am           5100 Blk Diamond Hts             H&R
  4:15am           200 Blk Rice                            Traffic Collision
12:00pm           Lisbon/Silver                            H&R
  4:37pm           Cross/Pope                             Traffic Collision
10:04pm           Lowell/Byron                           Traffic Collision