Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Incident Date:
Monday, November 7th, 2011


7:15am       1800 blk Sunnydale     Battery Arrest
Officers Muro and LaRocca were sent to investigate a battery incident. The victim told the officers that a known suspect snuck up from behind and punched the victim several times in the back of the head. The officers then responded to the location where the known suspect was known to hang out. The officers spotted a suspect that matched the description and were able to confirm that this was indeed the suspect and quickly detain and subsequently arrest him. The suspect was booked at ingleside station and the inspectors notified of the case. Report number 110898759

11:33am     Unit blk Arleta              Driving with Suspended License
Officers Ng and Tillan were on patrol when they observed a vehicle roll a stop sign. According to the California Vehicle code all vehicles must come to a Complete Stop, not slow down, at a posted arterial stop sign. As the officers positioned to stop the vehicle the driver parked and got out of the car. The officers recognized the driver from an incident where the same person ran away from the officers. This time the officers were quick in stopping the suspect so as he did not get away. The officers also knew that the driver had a suspended license. The suspect started to walk away from the officers and ignore them in another feeble attempt to evade capture.  The officers were able to physically stop the suspect, confirm that he was unlicensed in the state of California and place him under arrest. The car was towed and the officers admonished the suspect for trying to run from them again. Report number 110898947

Other incidents:  

8:20am       Chenery/Miguel            Aggravated Assault
Officer Giannini was sent to investigate an aggravated assault case that had just occurred. There were two victims. Victim #1 told the officer that he was crossing the street when a car that ran the Stop Sign almost hit him. The victim told the officers that he had to jump back to avoid getting hit. The second victim told the officer that he was in his car two cars away from the suspect vehicle that almost struck victim #1. When the V#2 saw what happened, he decided to get involved and followed the suspect vehicle. Once the opportunity presented itself, V#2 opened his window and pointed out to the suspect driver that he almost hit the pedestrian a few blocks back. The suspect became enraged and exited his vehicle. The suspect walked over to V#2s car and pulled his wiper blade off and then chased V#2 around his own car. The suspect struck V#2 with the wiper and put a dent and broke a window on V#2s car. This entire event was witnessed by a 3rd person who decided to get involved. The witness took a picture of the suspects’ car and license plate. All the parties involved told the officer that they could identify the suspect. The case was assigned to an Ingleside S.I.T. investigator for follow up. Report number 110898464

10:00am     Alemany/Seneca           Vandalism/BB Gun
Officers Chan and Campos were sent to investigate a vandalism incident. The officers arrived and spoke to the victim homeowner. The victim led the officers to his bedroom and showed a window with three new holes. The officers’ preliminary investigation revealed that the holes were from a BB Gun. The victim told the officers that he did not know why anyone would shoot at his windows like that. The officers took photos of the window and booked them at Ingleside Station. Report number 110897143

11:00am     100 blk Brookdale        Burglary/Apartment
Officers Hopkins and Phillips were sent to investigate a burglary incident. The victim told the officers that while away from his residence an unknown suspect made entry but he could not see that anything was removed. The victim told the officers that when he left he did not notice any suspicious persons in the area. The windows that had been broken were broken from the inside of the apartment. No suspects were observed in this incident. Report number 110897046

3:00pm       100 blk Ellert                Burglary/Apartment
Officers Abucay and Park were dispatched to respond to a burglary incident. The victim told the officers that someone had attempted to gain entry to her home. The victim showed the officers the window where an unknown suspect attempted to gain entry. The officers observed that the screen and screws had been removed from the window. The officers took photos and booked them as evidence. Report number 110899939

5:00pm       500 blk Alemany          Robbery/Force
Officers Phillips and Hopkins were sent to investigate a robbery case. The officers interviewed the victim that told them that she was walking home and saw the suspect, but paid no attention to him. When the victim was about to enter her home, the suspect came up from behind and pulled her hair and covered her mouth. The victim struggled with the suspect when she felt a hand strike from the suspect on her face. The suspect said at the same time to shut up. The suspect reached into the pocket and removed cash and a bank card then fled. Report number 110900285

5:30pm       Unit blk Watson           Theft /Building
Officers Padilla and Sullivan were sent to investigate a theft case. The victim told the officers   that an unknown suspect had stolen his bicycles from the garage area of his building. The victim told the officers  that there is a sur0vaillance camera in that area. Report number 110899810

6:00pm        300 blk Arleta               Burglary/Construction
Officer Lee and CPSA Navarro were sent to investigate a burglary case at a construction zone. The construction manager told the CPSA that before leaving the worksite an unknown suspect came into the property. The workers chased him off. They believe that the same suspect waited till everyone left, then returned and removed the tools. Report number 110898630

6:00pm        100 blk Moneta Way  Theft from Auto
CPSA Navarro prepared a report regarding a theft case. The victim told the CPSA that he parked and locked his car and that when he returned his property was missing and the driver side window of his car was broken. Report number 110899092


  7:00am     Mission/Onondaga         Traffic Accident
12:15pm     Congdon/Trumbull        Traffic Accident
12:48pm     Diamond Hgts/Portola   Traffic Accident
  5:55pm     San Jose/Randall           Traffic Accident
  6:04pm     Russia/Lisbon                Traffic Accident
  7:18pm     Harper/30th  St.              Traffic Accident