Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Incident Date:
Tuesday, November 8th, 2011


No Arrest to report

Other incidents:  
1:15pm       50 Phelan                 Theft
Officer Green was dispatched to a call regarding theft. The victim had placed various items in a locker, and locked them with a combination lock. Upon returning from a class, the victim realized her lock had been broken off and several items had been stolen. The victim told the officer that she did not know who could have broken into her locker, and she did not give anyone permission to take her belongings. Report number 110902219

4:00pm       900 Ellsworth            Assault
Officers Hopkins and Phillips responded to a report of an assault. The victim informed the officers that she had been in a verbal argument with a known suspect. During the altercation the suspect grabbed the victims arm. The victim broke free, hit the suspect in the head with her fist, and ran into her home. As the victim was running inside her home the suspect yelled “I got something for you! I’m going to shoot out your windows!”

The victim stated that later that evening she was walking home with her daughter, when she was approached by the suspect. The suspect struck the victim twice on the head with the butt end of his gun and yelled “(cuss) I’m gonna kill you! And that’s for hitting me!” The suspect then fled down the street and the victim ran inside her home and called the police. The victim positively identified the suspect who assaulted her. There were cameras noted on the same block of the incident that may have captured the assault. Report number 110902479

5:00pm       1800 blk Alemany        Theft
Civilian Police Service Aide Cato was on duty at Ingleside Station when two victims came in to file a report of theft. The victims’ stated they had parked their car and upon returning the next day, they realized the front passenger window had been shattered and several items had been stolen. There were no witnesses or suspects. Report number 110902275

9:56pm       1600 blk Cortland        Burglary
Officers Otaguro and Baldovino were dispatched to an alarm call. Upon the officers’ arrival officer Jimenez and the victim were already on the scene. The officers all searched the perimeter of the building with negative results. The victim stated the last time his building had been broken into the entry point was the roof window. The officers found a rope on the ground that did not belong to the victim. the rope was taken and booked as evidence at Ingleside Station. CSI was not called based on the lack of physical evidence. Report number 110903405


12:58am          San Jose/29th              Traffic Collision
  8:15am          Mission/Rolph              Traffic Collision
  8:56am          500 blk Ellington          Recovered Vehicle
11:00am          Monterey/Miramar      Traffic Collision
12:29pm          200 blk Monterey       Recovered Vehicle
  5:45pm          Ocean/Otsego            Traffic Collision
  8:30pm          100 blk College          Stolen Vehicle