Monday, November 7, 2011

November 5, 2011

Incident Date:
Saturday, November 5th, 2011


4:16pm       Unit Blk Still                 Warrant
Officer Hurwitz and Sgt. Alvarez were on patrol when they observed a suspicious male looking into vehicles. They detained the suspect and who was extremely nervous and whose hands were shaking.  He told the officers he did not any identification on his person but provided them with his data.  A record check revealed an outstanding warrant and he was transported to Ingleside Police Station pending verification of his identification.  At the station he was identified and booked into custody for the warrant.  Report Number 110534260   **BEST ARREST OF THE DAY**

10:44pm     Unit Blk Juanita            Dist. The Peace
Officers Lundy responded to the call of a noise complaint.  He explained to the residents of the home that the neighbors had been complaining regarding the noise emanating from the home.  They agreed to keep the noise down.  A few minutes later Officer Lundy was again dispatched to the same home regarding the noise level.  The tenants again agreed to keep it down.  Officer Lundy was dispatched for the third time and several other Ingleside officers assisted him in breaking up the party.  The officers had the partygoers exit the home and detained the residents who had hosted the party.  They contacted dispatch and asked them if the anonymous complainant would sign a citizen’s arrest and the individual agreed.  One of the detainees began to resist Officer Hom and struggled with the officer.  He was extremely intoxicated and unable to care for himself.  The detained individuals were cited for the noise nuisance and the individual who had struggled with the officer was transported to Ingleside station.  At Ingleside station he complained of pain to his shoulder and was offered medical assistance which he refused.  He was booked at the station and the officers took pictures of his injuries which they booked into evidence.  Sgt. Anderson approved the charges and was advised that the individual at the station had been involved in an altercation with one of the officers.  Report Number 110893345

Other incidents:  

4:00pm       700 Blk Foerster           Burglary
Officer Benavidez was dispatched to a cold burglary.  The victim advised that he left his home and secured it and when he returned found several items missing.  He was unable to locate any sign of forced entry and said noone else had keys to the home.  The officer was unable to locate any sign of forced entry and contacted the San Francisco Police Department’s Crime Scene Investigations Unit who stated they would be responding to process the scene.  The officer advised the victim and provided him with follow up information.  Report Number 110895727

6:05pm       800 Blk Cortland          Theft
Sgt. Alvarez and Officer Hurwitz were on patrol when they were approached by a female victim who stated that her purse had been taken from a restaurant that she had been eating at.  She advised that her purse contained the keys to her vehicle and home and she was afraid the suspect might attempt to enter the home.  The officers transported the victim to her home to be sure it was secure.  The victim notified a locksmith to change the locks and contacted her bank.  Her bank advised her that several transactions had been made which she told them she had not authorized.  The officers provided her with a police report number and follow up information.  They returned to the restaurant to search for possible surveillance cameras but were unable to locate any. Report Number 110895125

7:00pm       3700 Blk Mission          Burglary
CPSAs Der and Navarro responded to the call of a burglary.  They spoke with the victim who stated that he locked and secured his bicycle in the communal garage area and when he returned found the chain the bicycle was secured with missing and his bicycle stolen.  He was unable to provide the CPSAs with any further information.  The CPSAs spoke with other individuals who also use the garage area and they stated they did not see or hear anything.  They were unable to locate any sign of forced entry to the garage.  They searched for any surveillance video cameras but were unsuccessful in locating any.  They provided the victim with follow up information and took pictures of the scene which they booked into evidence at Ingleside station.  Report Number 110894503

11:00pm     Unit Blk Byron             Fraud
CPSA Callaghan was working as station duty at Ingleside station when a victim came to report a fraud.  The victim advised that he was checking his account on his computer when he noticed an unauthorized transaction had been made to his account.  He advised the bank and they asked that he file a police report.  The CPSA provided the victim with follow up information.  He was unable to provide any further information on the suspect.  Report Number 110893150
 4:28am            Bernal Hts/Esmeralda               Traffic Collision
 4:00pm            San Jose/Ocean                        Traffic Collision
11:00pm           100 Blk Appleton                     Recovered Vehicle
11:28pm           Precita/Harrison                        Traffic Collision