Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November 1, 2011

Incident Date:
Tuesday, November 1st, 2011


12:00pm     Unit Blk Curtis              Fraud
Officers Bernard and Johnson and several other Ingleside units responded to a call of a person with a gun.  Dispatch advised that the reportee/victim was following a vehicle with two males suspects aboard who had broken into her vehicle and stolen several items.  The reportee gave a description of the vehicle, the male occupants and a license plate number.  She also advised that both suspects were armed with handguns.  Shortly thereafter, Officers LaRocca and Muro spotted the suspect vehicle matching the description and license plate number dispatched and affected a traffic stop.  Several other officers assisted in the traffic stop.  Due to the nature of the call and the potential for officers to be in danger the two male suspects were taken out of the vehicle at gunpoint and detained. 

Officer Bernard met with the victim at a location close to where the suspects were detained and she advised that she was inside a friend’s home which has video surveillance cameras when she spotted a black vehicle drive up alongside her vehicle.  A known male suspect exited the vehicle, broke into her vehicle, removed several items, and re-entered the black vehicle.  As the suspect entered the vehicle she could see him holding her Iphone in one hand and her computer in the other hand.  When she exited the home and went to get in her car both the suspect and the driver of the suspect vehicle pointed handguns at her and drove away.  She then called the police and followed the suspect vehicle until she observed the police pull the car over. 

The victim explained that she had ridden around with the suspects on prior occasions and that they keep guns insider the center console of the front of their vehicle.  Officers searched the vehicle and located two handguns with magazines, several bullet casings, a scale possibly used to weigh narcotics, a glass pipe which is normally used to smoke methamphetamine and a key ring with shaved car keys.  They also located a cellular phone which the victim identified to be hers and provided the officers with the code to unlock the phone.  The officers took all the items into evidence, took photos of the scene and booked it all into evidence at Ingleside station.  The victim wrote a statement regarding the incident which was also booked into evidence.

Both suspects were transported to Ingleside station.  A record check revealed them both to be on active parole.  San Francisco Police Department’s Gang Task Force unit responded and took over the investigation.  They located several other items in the vehicle which they took as evidence and provided the suspects with a property receipt form.  Officer Johnson contacted Parole Agent Hutchings who approved parole holds for both suspects and they were booked at Ingleside station for the theft, possession of handguns and their violation of parole.  Report Number 110881259   **BEST ARREST OF THE DAY**

5:13pm       4000 Blk Mission         Burglary
Officers Shugars and Paras responded to the call of a trespasser.  While en route to the location they spotted a male subject which matched the description of the trespasser and detained him.  The suspect attempted to look away from the officers as if trying to avoid them and the officers could see that he was short of breath as if he had been running.  They began speaking with him and the suspect told the officers he was on active parole.  A parole search of his person located dollars bills, coins and a green leafy vegetable matter which the officers believed to be marijuana.  The officers placed the subject under arrest.

Sgt. Rainsford and several other Ingleside units transported the witness/victims to the area where the suspect was detained and they positively identified him as the individual who had trespassed inside of the building where they work.  One of the witnesses stated that the individual also had a white t-shirt which he was not wearing at the time he observed him detained by the officers.

A warrant check revealed the subject to be on active parole as well as have an outstanding warrant.  Sgt. Rainsford searched the area where the subject exited the building and located a white t-shirt and several purses which the witnesses identified as belonging to their place of work.  The t-shirt was taken from the area and Officer Paras took photographs of the scene which he booked into evidence at Ingleside station.

Officers Paras interviewed the initial reportee who told him while working he noticed a black purse which belonged to a fellow co-worker was on a table near the rear door and her office door was closed.  The reportee advised that her office door is never closed when she is working so he became suspicious.  He entered the office and saw a male kneeling down in the corner of the office.  He asked the suspect what he was doing there and the suspect did not respond.  The reportee then advised another co-worker that there was an intruder inside the office.  The co-worker began yelling to advise the other workers that a trespasser was in the building and the male ran out of the building through the rear door, jump over a fence and run down Mission Street.  This reportee was one of those transported to the scene where the suspect was detained and he positively identified him as the trespasser who was hiding in the office and ran away.

The suspect was booked into custody at the county jail for the burglary, the active warrant and his violation of parole.  Report Number 110883211

10:31pm     Guerrero/26th St.         DUI
Officers Gabriel and Dominguez were dispatched to the area of Congo and Circular Avenue
regarding a drunk driver.  They met with a victim who stated his vehicle was almost hit by a black vehicle while he was driving down the street.  The vehicle then proceeded down the street at a high rate of speed almost hitting various parked cars.  The victim followed the vehicle until it came to a stop and called the police.  The victim said he observed the vehicle until the police arrived and saw noone else enter or exit the vehicle.  The victim refused to sign a citizen’s arrest against the driver of the vehicle. 

The officers arrived on scene and detained the driver of the black vehicle.  They located him face down inside the vehicle, lying on his stomach and appeared to be unconscious.  The officers opened the doors of the vehicle, woke up the individual sleeping and smelled a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from his breath and the inside of the vehicle.  Once the individual gained his composure the officers began asking him questions and he was responsive and understood their questions.  He was taken out of the vehicle, placed in handcuffs for the officers’ protection and placed in the rear of their patrol vehicle.  The key to the vehicle was still in the ignition and the officers determined he was the individual who had been driving the vehicle erratically due to the fact that the driver’s seat was set to someone of his stature, the vehicle was registered to him and the reportee/witness did not see anyone else enter or exit the vehicle until the officers arrived on scene. 

The suspect had a flushed face, bloodshot/water eyes, droopy eyelids and spoke with fast/rapid speech.  These are all symptoms known to the officers to be consistent with someone who is under the influence of alcohol.  The officers legally parked his vehicle and transported the suspect to the County Jail where they performed various field sobriety tests.  The officers transported him because the area where he was detained was not very well lit and on a downhill slope and they wanted to give the suspect his best chance at passing the field sobriety tests.  The suspect failed the three tests administered to him and the officers placed him under arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol.  The suspect was given the option of taking a blood or breath test and he chose the blood test.  A phlebotomist responded to the scene and obtained his blood sample which the officers took custody of and hand-carried it to the drop box at the Hall of Justice.  All forms were booked into evidence at Ingleside station, an administrative cite was prepared and the suspect was booked at the County Jail for driving under the influence of alcohol.  Report Number 110884178

Other incidents:  

0:03am       Jarboe/Benton             Carjacking
Officers Baldovino and Otaguro were dispatched to a carjacking.  They met with the victim who had a swollen right eye and some scratches to the facial area.  The officers immediately summoned an ambulance to the scene to medically evaluate him.  The victim told the officers that he and some acquaintances had driven into San Francisco and were hanging out.  When the victim entered his vehicle he noticed that his cellular phone was missing.  He continuously confronted the suspect who was driving the car with the victim’s consent and the suspect and several other males began punching him repeatedly.  The suspects then searched through the victim’s pockets and removed several items.  After they had taken his property they boarded the victim’s vehicle and drove off.  The officers took pictures of the victim’s injuries and booked them into evidence at Ingleside station.  They provided the victim with follow up information and searched the area with other Ingleside units for the vehicle and the suspects with negative results.  Report Number 110881099

0:30am       700 Blk Portola           Burglary
Officer Morgante responded to investigate a burglary call.  He met with the victim who told him that he locked and secured the building the night before.  The victim owns two adjoining businesses.  Officer Morgante observed the front door and door frame to the premises had been forced and broken.  He did a walk through with the owner who noticed various items were missing and they observed broken glass on the floor.  The office had been ransacked and was in complete disarray.  The security camera had also been pulled down and thrown on the floor.  It was unsure if the camera was still in working order.  Officer Morgante took several pictures of the scene which he booked into evidence at Ingleside station.  He provided the victim with follow up information.  He contacted San Francisco Police Department’s Crime Scene Investigation Team and advised the victim they would be responding to process the scene for evidence.  Report Number 110881237

6:30am       200 Blk Gambier         Vandalism
A victim responded to Ingleside station and told PSA Cato that she parked and secured her vehicle and later looked out her front window and saw her vehicle had been spraypainted along the entire passenger side.  She did not see anyone damage her vehicle but stated she had been having problems with some of the neighbors for some time.  She was provided with follow up information and an additional loss form.  Report Number 110883073

7:30am       Unit Blk Dunsmuir      Vandalism
A victim responded to Ingleside station and told CPSA Reynolds that she secured and locked her vehicle in front of her home.  A short time later she heard her husband arguing with a tenant who they have been trying to evict.  The tenant became very irate and threw a pumpkin at her husband which missed him but hit and damaged the vehicle’s mirror and trunk area.  The suspect then left the area and that is why they did not call the police to come to the scene.  The victim was provided with follow up information.  Report Number 110883506

4:30pm       100 Blk Prentiss           Burglary
Officers Leong and Kneuker were dispatched to a burglary.  The victim told them that he locked and secured a home he was doing construction on the night before.  He returned to the premises and found the rear door had been kicked in and various items had been taken.  The officers determined the rear door to be the point of entry and exit for the burglars and because construction had been done on the site prior to their arrival determined there was an apparent lack of physical evidence to process the scene.  The victim was provided with follow up information and an additional loss form.  Report Number 110883017

5:41pm       400 Blk Naples             Narcotics
Officers Hurwitz received a complaint from neighbors who believed the residents of a home nearby were growing marijuana inside the home.  Officer Hurwitz is familiar with the home because several arrests had been made prior regarding marijuana cultivation on the premises.  She arrived on scene and was assisted with Officers Rueca and Elton.  They could hear the constant roar of exhaust fans coming from the home and smell the odor of marijuana emanating as well.  They knocked on the door and the known suspects from prior police contacts opened the door.  They were asked to step outside of the home and complied.  Both suspects were detained outside of the home.  The officers entered the home and their walk through revealed there were no other individuals inside.  They located gallon size clear plastic bags containing a green leafy vegetable matter believed to be marijuana in clear view on a coffee table in the living room.  Near the kitchen area they located a grow room containing grow lights, power ballasts, a ventilation system and trays which are used to hold plants underneath the grow lights.  In the downstairs area of the home they located various marijuana plants.  Officer Elton took photographs of the home which he booked into evidence at Ingleside station. 

Officer Hurwitz read the occupant of the home her Miranda rights and she said she understood them.  She admitted that she and her friends decided to start a marijuana collective and that they had medical marijuana information which they had posted on the walls of the home.  She refused to provide the officers with any further information on her friends.  The other individual who was detained admitted he took care of the plants and told the officers he did not reside on the premises.  Both individuals were provided with certificate of release forms at the instruction of the Narcotics Division and advised regarding the dangers associated with their cultivation of marijuana.  Report Number 110883330

6:00pm       Unit Blk Phelan           Theft
SFCCPD Officer Bermudez responded to the call of a theft.  The victim advised that she placed her personal belongings inside of a locker and secured them with a combination lock.  When she returned she found her lock missing and the items inside the locker had been removed.  She was unable to provide the officer with any further information on the suspect and there were no witnesses.  Report Number 110883512

7:00pm       700 Blk Portola            Burglary
Officers Ma, McCall and Lozano responded to a burglary.  They arrived and notice the rear door to the business was open and the door frame damaged.  The owner of the business responded and stated she locked and secured the business and did not give anyone permission to enter the premises.  She stated that she did not believe anything was missing from the premises and that there are no surveillance cameras on site.  She was provided with follow up information and an additional loss form.  The officers were unable to locate any sign of physical evidence to have the scene processed.  Report Number 110881180

8:02pm       Holly Park/Murray     Robbery
Officers Kneuker and Leong were dispatched to the area regarding an assault.  The victim advised that she was walking down the street when someone came up from behind her and told her to give him her money.  He then sprayed her in the face with something she believed was pepper spray because her face was burning.  The suspect then boarded a vehicle and the vehicle headed down Highland Avenue.  The victim said the suspect did not take anything from her.  The officers dispatched an ambulance to the scene to medical clear the victim and provided her with follow up information.  They spoke to several witnesses in the area who provided information on the vehicle but said they could not identify the suspect.  The officers searched the area unsuccessfully for the suspects or the vehicle.  Report Number 110883603

9:10pm       700 Blk Portola            Forcible Entry
Officer Morgante was sent to investigate a burglary when he was approached by the victim. The victim stated he was about to start work, when he realized the door handle to his place of work had been broken. The officer checked the building for any suspects but came up negative. The officer took pictures of the lock and booked them as evidence at Ingleside Station. Report Number 110881334

9:58pm       Unit Blk Ocean             Robbery
Officer Hom responded to a call of strong arm robbery. Upon the officers arrival there were already multiple patrol units at the scene. Officer Burke had initially conversed with the victim. The victim stated he was walking down the street when an unknown suspect jumped in front if him and told the victim to empty his pockets. The victim said immediately after he was punched in the ear, fell to the ground and lost consciousness. The victim was given medical treatment. Sergeant Lozada was also at the scene and had received a description of the suspect from a witness. There were surveillance cameras of the area, and they may have captured the robbery.  Report Number 110883948

11:30pm     Crocker Park               Battery
Officers Morse and McMilton responded to a battery case. The officers met with the victim who stated he was walking with some friends when an unknown suspect approached them. The victim said the next thing he remembers was that he woke up in the middle of the park all alone and bleeding from his head. The officers transported the victim to the hospital for a medical evaluation. The Officers returned to the scene and searched for a suspect but came up negative. The officers did however come across a possible crime scene, and took pictures of a blood trail. The evidence was booked at Ingleside Station. Report Number 110884203

11:53pm     Unit Blk Moneta           Narcotics
Officers Habib and Campos were dispatched to a vehicle being broken into. Upon the Officers arrival Officers Hom and Palomares were already at the scene and speaking with the suspect. The suspect stated he was not breaking into the vehicle, and it belonged to a family member. The suspect had dilated pupils, dry chapped lips and fluttering eyelids. The officers asked the suspect when was the last time he had smoked any methamphetamine, he responded the night before. The officers searched the suspect and found a little baggie with what seemed to be meth inside. The officers took the suspect to Ingleside Station and booked him for possession. Report Number 110851995

 7:12am            Ocean/Cayuga              Traffic Collision
 9:00am            100 Blk Highland          Stolen Vehicle
 9:55am            500 Blk Ellington          Recovered Vehicle
10:29am           Unit Blk Athens            Recovered Vehicle
10:29am           100 Blk Del Monte       Recovered Vehicle
 8:00pm            Sawyer/Sunnydale        Traffic Collision
 9:24pm            400 Blk Gennessee       Recovered License Plate
 9:32pm            400 Blk Ellington          Recovered Vehicle
 9:50pm            Flood/Hazelwood         H&R