Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October 31, 2011

Incident Date:
Monday, October 31st, 2011


There were no arrests to report on today’s date.

Other incidents:  

12:00pm     Unit Blk Curtis              Fraud
Officer Frisk was contacted by the son of a deceased individual regarding a large amount of money withdrawn from the deceased individual’s bank account after she passed.  The known suspect had also forged various checks on the victim’s account and was attempting to change the title of the home into his name as well.  The reportee provided Officer Frisk with various documents confirming the above incidents and she booked them into evidence at Ingleside station.  Report Number 110106553

7:00pm       600 Blk London            Vandalism
A victim responded to Ingleside station and told PSA Zabarte that she locked and secured her vehicle and when she returned found one of the windows completely shattered.  The victim stated that no entry was made into the vehicle and there was nothing missing.  She could provide the PSA with no further information on the suspect and there were no witnesses to the incident.  Report Number 110877850

8:30pm       600 Blk San Jose          Theft
Officer Preston responded to the call of an auto boost.  He spoke with the victim who advised she had secured and locked her vehicle and a short time later was informed by her neighbor that she saw a male reach into her vehicle, remove some items and run down the street.  The victim said one of the windows had been shattered and that several items were missing.   Officer Preston provided her with follow up information and an additional loss form should she find anything else missing. 

Officer Preston then spoke with neighbor/witness who told him that she saw a male take the items from the vehicle but did not get a good look at him and could not identify him.  She said her son ran down the street after the suspect but was unable to locate him.  Officer Preston searched the area for the suspect to no avail.  Report Number 110880267

9:00pm       Unit Blk Tingley          Theft
A victim responded to Ingleside station and told PSA Cato that he locked and secured his vehicle and when he returned found several items missing.  The victim was unable to locate any sign of forced entry and had no idea how the suspect entered the vehicle.  He could provide no further information and told the PSA that he was unable to locate any witnesses.  The PSA provided him with follow up information.  Report Number 110879533

10:00pm     300 Blk Maynard        Theft
CPSAs Lee and Reynolds were dispatched to investigate an auto boost.  They spoke with the victim who stated she parked her vehicle but does not believe she secured it the evening before.  When she returned to her vehicle she found a speaker box missing from the trunk area.  She found no sign of forced entry to the vehicle and was unable to provide the CPSAs with any suspect information.  There was a suitcase next to the vehicle which the victim stated was not there the night before.  The CPSAs provided the victim with follow up information and a property receipt form for the suitcase.

At Ingleside station CPSA Reynolds searched through the suitcase and located various documents which bore the name of an individual who might also be a victim of a theft.  Their attempts to locate the owner of the suitcase were unsuccessful on yesterday’s date.  CPSA Reynolds booked the property receipt and the suitcase at Ingleside station. 

The CPSAs found no suitable surfaces for fingerprints in the vehicle or on the suitcase.  Report Number 110877747

10:30pm     Unit Blk Bronte          Theft
Officer Thompson was on station duty at Ingleside station when a victim responded to make a report regarding a theft from her vehicle.  She told him that she parked and secured her vehicle and when she returned found the doors to the vehicle open and several items missing.  She was unable to provide Officer Thompson with any further information and he found no latent prints on the vehicle to ascertain.  Report Number 110880085


 0:15am            Agnon/Justin                 Traffic Collision
 4:12pm            Mission/Ocean             Traffic Collision
 6:00pm            500 Blk 27th St.           Traffic Collision
 9:00pm            Leland/Bayshore           Stolen Auto
 9:00pm            Vienna/Amazon            Stolen Auto
10:18pm           Mission/Geneva            Traffic Collision