Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Incident Date:
Sunday, October 16th, 2011


9:00pm                3300 Blk Mission St               Petty Theft
Officer Tam was dispatched to a petty theft.  He met with reportee who advised that he observed a male enter the store, grab some items and placed them under his coat.  The suspect then headed toward the store exit making no attempt to pay at any of the registers and left the store.  Reportee detained the suspect, escorted him back into the store and called the police.  Reportee signed a citizen’s arrest and the suspect was taken into custody.  A record check revealed various outstanding warrants and the suspect was booked for the theft and the warrants.  Report 110835660  ***BEST ARREST OF THE DAY!!!***

Other incidents:  

3:45am                200 Blk Red Rock Way         Burglary
Officer Morgante was dispatched to a burglary.  He met with victim who stated that he woke up and found his garage door open.  The building shares a common garage area with other tenants and victim thought the other residents had left it open.  He then discovered two of his vehicles had been broken into and various items taken.  He was unable to provide the officer with any further information.  Officer Morgante contact SFPD’s Crime Scene Investigations Unit who stated they would be responding to process the scene.  He gave the victim follow up information and advised that the crime scene would be responding to his home.  Report 110833880

3:55am                1000 Blk Duncan St               Att. Theft
Officers Baldovino and Otaguro responded to a possible auto boost in progress.  They met with reportee who advised that he was leaving the home of a relative when he noticed someone was sitting inside one of his relative’s vehicles.  He approached the vehicle and asked the suspect what he was doing inside that vehicle.  The suspect said he was “waiting for a friend.”  When the suspect realized reportee was calling the police he fled the vehicle with a bag containing what appeared to be possible burglary tools.  The suspect boarded a black vehicle which then sped off on Duncan Street.  Reportee said he would be able to recognize the suspect if he saw him again.  The officers met with the owner of the vehicle who stated he gave no one permission to enter the vehicle and noticed a purse inside the vehicle which did not belong to him.  The purse contained various items which had been removed from his glove compartment.  The officers offered to print the vehicle for any latent fingerprints and the victim refused.  The officers searched the area for the suspect and the suspect vehicle to no avail.  The items were returned to the victim and the purse was booked into evidence at Ingleside Station. 
Report 110833777

8:15am                400 Blk Edinburgh St            Fraud
A victim responded to Ingleside Station to report a fraud.  She told CPSA Reynolds that she received a copy of her credit report wherein she noticed various charges that did not belong to her.  She requested a police report so that she may dispute the charges.  She provided the CPSA with possible suspect information but she had no proof that this particular individual was the person responsible for the charges.  Report 110834258
11:00am              100 Blk Congo St                   Fraud
Officer Frisk was sent to investigate a fraud.  She met with the victim who advised that she had contracted a company to repair her piano and had paid a large amount of money to them by check.  The male employee continued to ask for more money and the reportee stated that she wanted to see how the repairs on the piano were going before she invested more money.  She was taken to a warehouse and was shown a piano that was possibly her that was in pieces.  The piano had been stripped for refinishing and she could not tell if this particular piano was hers.  The victim then contacted the owner of the company who stated that he had fired that employee because of similar occurrences in the past.  The owner of the company was somewhat uncooperative and asked that the victim join him in prosecuting the employee in court.  The victim was unsure if she wanted to continue further with an investigation and contacted her insurance company.  She filed a report with the insurance company who requested she file this police report.  Officer Frisk made copies of any pertinent documentation which she booked into evidence at Ingleside Station.  Report 110816949

1:00pm                200 Blk Evelyn Way              Fraud
Officers Morrow and Naval were dispatched to a fraud incident.  They me with the victim who told them she received mail from a clothing store congratulating her on opening an account.  She contacted the store and advised them she never opened an account with them.  The customer service representative with their fraud department advised her to file a police report and she would not be liable for any charges.  The officers gave the victim follow up information.  Report 110834731

5:25pm                Unit Blk Leland Ave              Agg. Assault
Officers Burke and Carrasco responded to a call of a fight where a victim was possibly unconscious on the ground.  They arrived and located victim who was bleeding from the head area.  The officers immediately summoned an ambulance to assist him as they rendered aid to stop the bleeding.  The victim was unable to speak with them and was transported to the hospital for further medical clearance.  The officers were advised by a witness who said he saw two men arguing and that the suspect punched the victim several times and he saw the victim fall on the ground and hit his head.  The male then ran off down the street.  The witness said he probably would be unable to identify the suspect if he saw him again.  Various other Ingleside units searched the area to no avail.  The officers responded to the hospital and were advised the victim was going to require several stitches and was highly intoxicated.  The officers left follow up information with the hospital to give to the victim.  Report 110835052

8:17pm                Coso/Precita                           Robbery
Officers Kneuker and Leong were dispatched to the call of a person who had been robbed at gunpoint.  The victim advised she was walking on Coso when a male suspect jumped from out of the bushes, pointed a silver revolver in her face and said, “All I want is you money.”  The suspect then ripped the victim’s bag from her person and ran off.  The victim was not injured and refused medical assistance.  She stated she did not know the suspect but would be able to identify him if she saw him again.  The officers then met with another victim who told them he witnessed the incident and that there was another suspect who stood by across the street when he saw the first suspect attack the female.  The witness ran across the street to help the victim and the male suspect pointed the gun at him and told him to “back off if he didn’t want to get hurt.”  The suspect then ran down the street, met up with the other suspect and they both ran away.  The witness was not injured and told the officers he could identify the suspect if he saw him again.  Various Ingleside units searched the area for both suspects but were unsuccessful in locating them.  Report 110835507

10:55pm              100 Blk Brookdale Ave          Vandalism
Officers Apodaca and Gabriel were sent to investigate a vandalism. They me with victim who told them two known suspects were at his door and demanded he let them in.  The victim refused to do so and the suspects kicked the front window of the residence until it broke.  The victim provided the officers with a description of the suspects and the officers searched the area to no avail.  The victim was not injured and was provided with follow up information.  Report 110835933

11:23pm              2100 Blk San Jose Ave           Robbery
Officers Habib and Archilla were on patrol when they were flagged down by a victim who said she had just been robbed.  The victim provided the officers with a description of the suspect and various units searched the area but were unable to locate him.  The victim advised that she was walking on San Jose Avenue when a male walked alongside her wearing a dark sweatshirt with the hood over his head.  The suspect yanked the victim’s back pack from her and ran toward Seneca Avenue.  The victim was not injured and told the officers she would not be able to identify the suspect if she saw him again.  Report 110835961


  1:36am          Paris/Persia                Traffic Collision
  3:00am          Unit Blk Oliver           Stolen Vehicle
  5:21pm          Portola/Teresita          Traffic Collision
  8:30pm          1000 Blk Folsom        Stolen Vehicle
11:11pm          Delano/Geneva           Traffic Collision