Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Monday, October 17, 2011

Incident Date:
Monday, October 17th, 2011


12:00pm              200 Blk Ellsworth                  Trespassing
Officers Morgante and Martinez were dispatched to investigate a trespass.  They spoke with reportee who advised that the roofing company working next door had placed a ladder on her property and were on her roof to gain access to the roof of the home they were renovating next door.  The reportee told the officers that this has happened in the past and the owner of the property next door had been asked not to trespass on their roof again.  The officers detained the roofers who were working on the property and advised them that the neighbors were complaining about them being on their roof.  The reportees signed citizen’s arrests against the roofers and they were cited for the trespass.  Because one of the workers was unable to provide proof of identification he was booked at Ingleside station for the trespass.  Report 110837199

4:23pm                1500 Blk Guerrero                Stolen Property
Officer Hurwitz was on patrol when she observed a vehicle on Ocean Avenue with no front license plate.  The vehicle had a rear license plate and a record check revealed the plate on the vehicle to be reported stolen.  Officer Hurwitz requested additional units and she performed a traffic stop.  She detained the driver who was unable to provide any proof of identification and the information he provided revealed he had no driver’s license in the State of California.  The record check also revealed various arrests had been made of the driver for driving without a license and in the same vehicle.  However, the prior arrests revealed the license plate number on the vehicle to be different from the numbers currently on the vehicle.  The driver was transported to Ingleside Station pending further investigation.  At Ingleside Station the driver was read his Miranda rights and stated he understood them.  Although he spoke some English the driver felt more comfortable speaking in his native Spanish so Officer Gonzalez assisted in the translation.  The driver of the vehicle denied any knowledge of  the license plate on the vehicle having been switched and told the officers he had purchased the vehicle and was waiting for the paperwork from the Department of Motor Vehicles.  A record check of the vehicle returned with incomplete paperwork and expired registration.  The officers determined that the driver had switched the license plates to escape detection of the expired registration on the vehicle.  The officers contacted the individual who had reported the license plates stolen who stated he did not know the driver of the vehicle.  The driver was booked for possession of stolen property and driving without a license.  The vehicle was towed to Auto Return.  Report 110837791    ***BEST ARREST OF THE DAY!!!***

6:39pm                200 Blk Elsie                           Narcotics
Officers Burke and Carrasco were on patrol on Cortland Avenue when they noticed a black vehicle with its lights off parked in a bus zone.  The officers turned around to confront of the driver of the vehicle and cite him when the vehicle sped off at a fast rate of speed down Cortland Avenue.  The officers affected a traffic stop and detained the driver.  They smelled a strong odor of Marijuana emanating from the vehicle and asked the driver if he had narcotics in the vehicle.  The driver stated that he did but he would be able to provide a Medical Marijuana Card.  The driver handed the officers a sandwich size bag of green leafy vegetable substance which the officers’ identified as Marijuana by their past training and experience.  The driver provide a Cannabis card which was illegible and expired.  A record check of the vehicle also showed the vehicle’s registration information was incomplete and he was unable to provide any proof of vehicle insurance.  He was cited at the scene for the narcotics violation and no current insurance.  At Ingleside Station the officers tested the green leafy substance which returned positive for Marijuana and hand carried the narcotics to the Hall of Justice.  Report 110838200
Other incidents:  

1:25am                200 Blk Red Rock Way          Burglary
Officer Brown was dispatched to a burglary.  He met with victim who stated that he noticed the front door to his apartment building was propped open as well as the door which leads into the garage area.  He entered the garage and found a male suspect inside who said a neighbor had let him into the premises.  The victim advised him he was not welcome there and the suspect fled the area.  He then advised his neighbor who responded to the garage area and told the officers his vehicle had been broken into and various items were missing.  He requested a police report and could not provide any further information.  Officer Brown attempted to contact other tenants in the building but was unsuccessful.  There were no video surveillance cameras on site.  Report 110838959

9:00am                Unit Blk Phelan Ave              Theft
SFCCPD Officer Quintana responded to the call of a theft.  The victim advised she was in the building when she set her belongings down and walked away for a few minutes.  When she returned she found some of her property missing.  She was unable to provide any further information on the suspect.  She was notified by her bank that a purchase had been made using her ATM card and she told the officer she did not authorize this transaction.  The officer provided her with follow up information and obtained a copy of the video surveillance tape which he booked into evidence.  Report 110837105

10:30am              Unit Blk Phelan Ave              Theft
SFCCPD Officer Quintana responded to the call of a theft.  The victim advised she put her belongings down and walked away top purchase some food.  She returned and found several of her belongings missing.  She was unable to provide any further information to the officer.  Report 110837177

11:00am              100 Blk Britton Court            Burglary
Officers Rand and Turner were dispatched to investigate a burglary.  They met with victim who advised that he had secured his home and when he returned found items missing.  The officers were unable to find any sign of forced entry to the premises and provide the victim with follow up information.  They responded to the housing office where they were able to view the video surveillance tape but it did not cover the area where items had been removed in the victim’s residence.  Report 110836931
12:00pm              Unit Blk Gladstone St            Vandalism
Officers Dilag and Khan responded to a vandalism of a vehicle.  They met with victim who stated he locked and secured his vehicle and when he returned found one of his tires had been slashed.  Victim found a note on the vehicle stating someone had observed a male slash the tire but the person who wrote the note said he/she didn’t want to get involved.  The victim was unable to provide any further information.  The officers took custody of the note and booked it into evidence at Ingleside Station.  Report 110838244

2:00pm                Unit Blk Monterey Ave         Theft
PSA Zabarte spoke with a victim who responded to Ingleside Station regarding a theft.  The victim stated he returned home to find his garage door open and when he walked to the rear of the home found his bicycle missing.  There was no forced entry into the premise and the victim was unable to provide any further information.  Report 110837343

4:00pm                Unit Blk Phelan Ave              Theft
SFCCPD Officer Wong was dispatched to a theft.  He met with the victim who stated she locked and secured her items in a locker with a combination lock. She returned to find the lock damaged and items missing.  She was unable to provide the officer with any suspect information and there was no video surveillance available.  Report 110838169

7:00pm                Chenery/Surrey                     Theft
A victim came to Ingleside station and told PSA Zabarte that she had locked and secured her vehicle and when she returned found various items missing.  She was unable to locate any sign of forced entry into the vehicle and does not know how the suspect made entry.  She only wanted the incident documented for insurance purposes.  Report 110836953

10:00pm              400 Blk Lisbon St                   Fraud
A victim responded to Ingleside station and told PSA Cato that he was checking his credit report when he noticed an account which he had not authorized had been opened at a bank.  The victim could provide no further information and wanted the incident documented should anything further occur. Report 110838181

11:00pm              4200 Blk Mission St               Agg. Assault
Officers Gabriel and Apodaca were sent to the hospital to investigate a cold stabbing.  They spoke with the victim who stated he had been drinking at a bar and when he exited the bar was approached by two suspects who confronted him and told him they wanted his wallet.  One of the suspects was carrying a knife in his right hand and held it to victim’s hip area.  The victim then realized he had been stabbed, took out his wallet and threw a large amount of money onto the floor.  One of the suspects immediately grabbed the money and both suspects ran away.  The victim said he first went home and then went to the hospital.  The officers were informed the victim had been stabbed in the right abdomen and right armpit area.  He was being treated and was reported to be in stable condition.  The officers gave the victim follow up information and responded back to the area where the victim stated the incident occurred.  The officers located a crime scene with a small blood trail which they took pictures of and booked into evidence at Ingleside station. They also located a video camera and advised they would be advising the inspector assigned to the case should he or she want to request a copy of the tape.  The officers took custody of the victim’s clothing for evidence and provided him with a property receipt. They booked the clothing into evidence at Ingleside station. Report 110836260


 1:00am           29th/Church                             H&R 
 1:36am           Paris/Persia                              Traffic Collision
 5:45am           San Jose/St. Mary’s                 Traffic Collision
 6:30am           Bernal Hts/Esmeralda               Traffic Collision
 9:30am           300 Blk Orizaba                       Stolen License Plate
10:30am          100 Blk Lisbon                         Recovered Vehicle
11:18am          600 Blk Alemany                     Traffic Collision
11:20am          Mission/Acton                          Traffic Collision
 1:33pm           San Jose/Liebig                        Traffic Collision
 2:33pm           4600 Blk Mission                     Recovered Vehicle
 4:15pm           Monterey/Acadia                     Traffic Collision
 4:28pm           San Bruno/Harkness                 Recovered Truck
 9:45pm           Crescent/Peralta                       Stolen License Plate
 9:58pm           Ellsworth/Ogden                      Traffic Collision
11:11pm          Delano/Geneva                        Traffic Collision
11:56pm          Lisbon/France                         Traffic Collision
11:11pm          Delano/Geneva                        Traffic Collision