Saturday, October 22, 2011

October 20th, 2011

Incident Date:
Thursday, October 20th, 2011


7:12pm                3500 Blk Cesar Chavez                   Battery
Officers Campos and Abucay responded to a report of a shoplifter.  The suspect had been detained by store security but complained of stomach pain from being pregnant.  The suspect was transported to the hospital.  The officers responded to the hospital, where they were told by security that the suspect had disappeared from the waiting room.  The officers located the suspect at an exit door, who claimed to be looking for the bathroom.  The officers conducted a records check of the suspect and discovered she was wanted on an outstanding warrant.  When the officers attempted to handcuff the suspect, she began kicking at them and tried to pull away from them.  The suspect then spit directly into one of the officers face.  The officers finally got the suspect handcuffed, and she continued to kick at them.  The suspect was placed in the patrol vehicle where she continued to kick at doors of the patrol car.  Once booked into her cell at the jail, the suspect continued to scream and yell while she kicked at the cell door.  The suspect was booked on several charges including battery on a police officer, resisting arrest and her outstanding warrant.  Report 110845158

7:47pm                200 Blk Blythdale Ave                    Warrant
Officers Habib and Dilag were on patrol when they spotted a vehicle double parked.  The officers contacted the occupants of the vehicle.  A records check revealed that one of the passengers was wanted for an outstanding warrant.  The suspect was arrested.  Report 110848312

Other incidents:  

12:30am              Mission & Trumbull St                   Robbery
PSA Flynn took a report regarding a robbery.  The victim stated in September he was waiting at a MUNI bus stop.  Two suspects approached the victim, and one put a gun up to the victims head. The suspect told the victim to give him everything he had.  The victim handed over his wallet and other items.  The suspects fled.  Report 110847643

1:00pm                400 Blk Raymond Ave                    Threats
Officer Ocreto was approached by a victim who stated he was threatened.  The suspect threatened to hurt the victim and balled his fist as if to indicate he would punch him.  The victim was aware that this suspect has anger issues and backed away from him.  Report 110847110

2:30pm                400 Blk Alemany Blvd                    Theft
PSA Heckenberg-Tognozzi took a report regarding theft. The victim was at the Farmers Market, walking around with her wallet in her purse.  When the victim returned home, she realized her wallet was missing from her purse.  The victim then received a phone call stating that a large amount of money was withdrawn from her checking account.  Report 110846457

4:30pm                5000 Blk Mission St                        Theft
CPSA Lee took a report regarding theft. The victim placed her cell phone on her desk at work for a little over a half hour.  When the victim returned to the desk, the cell phone was gone. The victim searched the office to no avail.  A witness saw two possible suspects enter the officer, but did not see either one of them actually take the cell phone. Report 110846695

8:20pm                Diamond & Kern St                        Theft
Officers Duffin and Hart were flagged down regarding theft from a vehicle.  The victim discovered that a window on his vehicle had been smashed.  Several items were taken from inside.  Report 110848334


10:02am                      300 Blk Italy St                      Recovered vehicle
12:15pm                      500 Blk Sawyer St                 Stolen vehicle
12:21pm                     1100 Blk Athens St                 Recovered vehicle
12:51pm                     1100 Blk Munich St                Recovered vehicle
  4:00pm                      Bennington & Newman          Stolen vehicle
  4:35pm                      Still & Rousseau St                Stolen vehicle