Friday, October 21, 2011


Incident Date:
Wednesday, October 19th, 2011


8:10am       400 blk Teddy     Aggravated Assault
Officer Ocreto was sent to investigate an assault case. The victim told the officer that a known suspect had shot him in the neck with a BB gun. The victim told the officer that he was walking when he felt the sharp pain. The officer was able to locate the suspect and detained him. The suspect told the officer that he had brought the BB gun from home and that all of the sudden he decided to use it. The suspect told the officer that he pulled the BB gun out and shot the person in front of hm. After he shot the BB gun at the victim he hid the gun. The officer located the gun and seized as evidence. The suspect was arrested and booked. The victim suffered a small welt on the neck and refused medical attention. Report number 110842853

 Other incidents: 

02:30am              700 blk London            Theft
Police Service Aides Heckenberg-Tognozzi was at Ingleside Station when a victim came in to report a car theft. The victim stated he stepped away from his car for a few hours and when he returned, he saw that his window had been broken and several miscellaneous items were stolen from his car. There were no witnesses and the car did not have any fingerprints. Report number 110842546

09:47am              400 blk Monterey         Battery
Officer Najarro quickly responded to a battery call. The officer met with the victim who stated she was walking to her car with a friend, when a known suspect came up and started yelling at her. The victim said the suspect started hitting her, so she defended herself. The victim stated she quickly walked to her car and drove home. The victim gave police the suspects’ license number and name. Report number 110843033

12:00pm               300 blk Park                Theft
 Officers Jones and Benavidez were called to a report of theft. The Officers spoke with the victim whom stated he was visiting with a known suspect. When the suspect left, the victim noticed that his phone and bicycle were missing. The victim said he assumed the suspect stole these items because of the suspects past. Report number 110845669

12:00pm              Unit blk Seminole        Theft
Police Service Aides Callaghan and Navarro were dispatched to a burglary case. The PSAs met with the victim who stated his bicycle and cable box were taken from his residence. Moments later the landlord informed the victim that his bicycle was in the corner of the garage. Nobody is aware of the whereabouts of the cable box. Report number 110839543

1:00pm                50 Phelan                     Theft
SFCCPD Officer McGlaston was on duty when a victim reported a theft case. The victim stated she left her phone charging in a classroom, stepped away and forgot to take the phone with her. The victim said she rushed back to the room after realizing she did not have her phone, but there was no phone and no charger to be found. There were no witnesses and no known suspects, Report number 110843986

2:00pm                1800 blk Sunnydale     Burglary
Police Service Aide Der was assigned to process evidence left behind by a victim. The victim stated his home was burglarized, and he believed a backpack left behind must have belonged to the unknown suspect. The evidence was booked at Ingleside Station. Report number 110813161

2:15pm                200 blk Harvard           Robbery
Officers Fung and Suguitan were dispatched to a call of robbery. The Officers met with the suspect who stated she was walking down the street and noticed a suspicious car driving towards her. The victim stated the car passed her and turned the corner. The victim said she continued walking and saw an unknown suspect following her on foot. The suspect then grabbed the victims’ purse knocking the victim to the ground. The victim ran after the suspect and saw him get into the same car that she had seen moments earlier. The victim gave the Officers a description of the suspect, who in turn informed additional Ingleside units. Report number 110843710

2:16pm                100 blk Harvard           Robbery
Officers Hornstein and Najarro responded to a robbery call. Officer Najarro spoke with the victim who stated she was walking down the street when an unknown suspect came up behind her and stole her purse. The victim said she could possibly identify the suspect if she saw him again. Officer Hornstein informed numerous units of the suspects’ description, and searched the area for the suspect with negative results. Report number 110843782

2:30pm                Mission/Sickles             Robbery
Police Service Aide Cato was on duty when a victim came to Ingleside Station to make a robbery report. The victim stated he was waiting for the bus when two unknown suspects approached him. The victim said one of the suspects ripped the gold chain from his neck, and the second suspect stood and watched. The victim said the suspects then ran on foot from the scene. Report number 110843867

2:45pm                600 blk Miramar          Obscene Phone Calls
Police Service Aide Heckenburg-Tognozzi was dispatched to a report of obscene phone calls. PSA met with the victim who stated she received a phone call from an unknown suspect asking her perverted questions. The victim said she did not recognize the suspects’ voice. Report number 110843679

3:00pm                700 blk Cortland          Theft
Officers Lim and Chew were called to a call of theft. The Officers spoke with the suspect who stated he was setting up for a function at a church. The victim stated he placed a tin cash box full of money outside the restroom, and an unknown suspect grabbed it and ran away. The victim said he can probably identify the suspect if he gets the opportunity. Report number 110843992

5:30pm                Unit blk Niagara          Restraining Order
Officers Abucay and Campos were called to investigate a report of a restraining order violation. The Officers spoke with the victim who stated she was at her home and a known suspect knocked on her front door. When the victims’ relative opened the door, the victim told the suspect she was going to call the police. The suspect walked away from her house. The Officers made a Criminal Records check and revealed that the suspect does have an active restraining order. The Officers made a search for the suspect, but had negative results. Report number 110845089

6:00pm                400 blk Munich            Theft
Police Service Aide Zabarte was on duty at Ingleside Station when a victim came in to make a report of theft. The victim stated she was moving items from her house to her car, and realized her purse had been removed from her unlocked car. The victim said she was unaware of any suspects, but she believes it must have been taken while she was in her home. Report number 110843704

10:00pm              1100 blk Bosworth       False Personation
Police Service Aide Heckenburg-Tognozzi was on duty when a victim came into Ingleside Station and filled a report of fraud. The victim told the PSA that she received a phone call from a company saying an unknown suspect had attempted to open a credit card account using the victims name, social security and date of birth. The victim informed the company she did not try to open an account, who in turn told the victim to file a police report. Report number 110842881

Vehicle Incidents:

  8:45am          4100 blk Mission         Stolen Vehicle
11:45am          Unit blk Drake             Recovered Vehicle
12:00pm          Unit blk Teresita          Stolen Vehicle
  2:47pm          Jarobe/Banks               Recovered Vehicle
  3:35pm          4th/Folsom                  Traffic Collision
  6:30pm          100 blk Cotter             Stolen Vehicle
  7:01pm          Esquina/Geneva           Hit and Run
  7:29pm          100 blk Hahn               Recovered Vehicle